Captain Marvel’s Goose the Cat Sparks Amazing Photoshop Meme

Captain Marvel's Goose The Cat Meme Started In Korea, Now Is Hitting The World

Goose the cat is starring in a hilarious meme that started in South Korea and is now moving to the rest of the world.

If you haven’t seen Captain Marvel, you probably should drop everything and go see it since she’s going to be a very important character in the final Avengers movie. Also, there’s a cat.

His name is Goose, a reference to Captain Marvel’s fighter pilot origins and the movie Top Gun. Technically, he’s not really a cat -he’s an alien called a Flerken that can sprout tentacles from his mouth and beat the snot out of bad guys. Or worse. But most of the time he’s just a cat.

That is, an adorable cat that gets on the good side of Nick Fury and literally everyone else. In fact, Goose was expected to become a very popular character, which is why Marvel marketers made Goose his own movie poster for his upcoming starring role.

It’s the usual superhero pose with Captain Marvel’s livery at the bottom, but instead of Brie Larson in her bombshell outfit, it’s Goose. This poster became an instant hit online, but it got especially popular in South Korea where people started turning it into a photoshop meme.

The meme is simple: replace Goose with your own cat and post the subsequent image to Twitter under the hashtag ##캡틴마블_우리집구스, which Google translates to "Captain Marvel _ My Home Goose.” We’re guessing “My house Goose” might be a slightly better interpretation, but no matter.

Things get pretty funny pretty quickly, with people not just editing in their own cats, but also taking the liberty to jazz them up a bit. With fire breath, or cool leather jackets and sunglasses.

And once the meme left Korea’s borders it even started to mix with other memes such as the screaming cowboy.

And of course, the meme quickly stopped limiting itself to cats. Other pets started getting in on the action and channeled their inner Goose. After all, Goose isn’t really a cat, so why should his meme be?

Y’know what’s totally ironic about the whole Goose thing? Brie Larson, the actress who plays Captain Marvel, is deathly allergic to cats. Every scene where she and Goose are together, she has to be extremely careful not to touch him or allow Goose to rub up against her costume.

Pretty funny, right?


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