A Goose Took Out A High School Golfer

What's good for the goose isn't necessarily good for the golfer. Just ask one member of the Blissfield Golfing Team of Michigan.  Sources say that during a recent mini-tournament against a team in nearby Madison, a Blissfield team member was hunted down and attacked by a goose.

The photos don't lie! It seems that other members of his team and the opposing team bore witness (as did their cell phones) to the goose-spicious incident. Experts say that sometimes animals who live on or near golf courses can perceive golfers as threats to themselves and/or their offspring, especially when the golfers are swinging clubs.


It kind of makes sense, right? Imagine how you would feel if you kept seeing strange tall creatures coming into your house swinging big pieces of steel. At first, you would be frightened and maybe also confused, and eventually you would probably have enough and want to retaliate to protect your home and family.

Even though onlookers say that this young golfer didn't antagonize this golf-hating goose, it seems that the big bird had just had enough of strangers invading his or her home and decided to teach these crazy humans a lesson.


The good news is that the golfer is reported as being just fine though he probably will feel panicked when he hears a goose honk for the rest of the year. Even though the photos look as though the golfer was seriously injured, he will live to swing the clubs again.

Some say that this is another example of why we need to make sure that humans and animals can peacefully co-exist. Some say that indoor golf courses are the way to go to avoid any unfortunate outdoor incidents such as animal attacks or being struck by lightning. We say that the next reality show should be on a golf course! We could go for a real life "Caddyshack" type of show, and it's obvious that golfing is a seriously underrated sport when it comes to shocking situations. As everyone knows, shocking situations are reality TV gold. Now we just need a name for the show. Fore Score? The Sand Trap?

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