What Gordon Ramsay Insult Are You, Based On Your MBTI?

If there's ever a time when we're feeling a bit down, chances are that one episode of any Gordon Ramsay show will do the trick and cheer us right up. His food is godly and his insults are second to none, which has gained him an interesting media presence. Not everyone appreciates his wild sarcasm and unrestrained wit, but there's no denying one thing: It's hilarious for those of us who aren't on the receiving end of it.

In reality, he's an amazing father, a loving husband, and a passionate chef. On TV, he's the kind of all things culinary and one-liner extraordinaire. We decided to combine this nearly inhuman level of divine insult-flinging with the Meyer-Briggs personality types and, well, what we ended up with was slightly offensive poetry.

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10 Idiot Sandwich As An ISTP

An ISTP can either be very helpful in the kitchen or nothing but problems when it comes to following a recipe. They're creatives but have a tendency to become bored easily, which means breaking the mold is normal behavior. Unfortunately, habits that are normal to them are a forbidden trait when it comes to working in the kitchen.

Unless you are the chef these liberties simply aren't something you have a right to... Hence why you will quickly become the infamous 'idiot sandwich'. It's an honor that's not bestowed on many but with some insensitive actions, you might very well find yourself on the other end of it.

9 Move It, Grandpa As An INTJ

While not the worst insult in the world of Gordon Ramsay, calling someone a 'grandpa' isn't exactly something worthy of bragging rights. The personality type most likely to be inflicted with this one is an INTJ, known for needing to think each and every move-out. When it comes to cooking -- especially in a restaurant setting -- there's no time for the logical thought process.

A chef is expected to know what they're doing and, unfortunately for INTJs, there's no time for their well-thought-out plans and structure. It's autopilot or nothing, and this is likely where INTJ will take far too long to move the fish out of broil and into the hot window.

8 Zero Confidence In An ESFP

All those bearing the ESFP personality type are known for being purely entertainers and good at what they do. The problem with this, in Ramsay terms, is that entertainment is not needed in the kitchen. Entertainment is what we get when we watch Ramsay eviscerate a chef, not what is expected of one.

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So rather than filling plates with delicious food, an ESFP is more likely to attempt spinning the plates on their heads. An entertainer would in no way be trusted in the back of the house but hey, Ramsay might send them off to the front to sing some opera.

7 I Wouldn't Trust You Running A Bath Let Alone A Restaurant, Brought To You By ISFP

The adventurer, ISFP, is known for striking out on their own and blazing their own path. This means that while they're great when it comes to having fun and finding happiness, they're not great at responsibility or handling the mountains of stress that are often associated with the kitchen.

Their unpredictability is something that Ramsay would likely catch onto almost immediately, which spells out trouble for the unsuspecting adventurer. While running a restaurant might feel like something akin to a worthy venture, it requires a lot more than a hip-hoppy skip and heel-clicking.

6 How About A Thank You, ENFJ

The role of an ENFJ could go very well or very bad when it comes to being a restaurant chef. Prone to being a natural-born leader and not taking 'no' (or anything, for that matter) as an answer, an ENFJ is headstrong and stern.

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Their tendency to lead the pack might work great when it comes to a restaurant of their own but when following a bigger leader such as Ramsay, they do not take direction well. This could lead to a scuffle and, likely, the inability to thank the source of the help they're receiving... But as an ENFJ, who says they need any help, anyway?

5 Panini Head, The INFP

The personality type who is likely the most deserving of the coveted 'panini head' crown is the INFP. Known as natural mediators, this personality type is more likely to be found hugging the crying competitors rather than using said competitor's weakness to their advantage.

It's their dislike for logistics and strict reasoning that will lead them astray in the kitchen and the assembly line, allowing them to be distracted and uncomfortable. Thus, the panini head was coined. While they're great at wiping away tears, they're not great at the pressure that comes with being a cold-hearted witch with a B.

4 She Stares At Me Like Something Out Of The Shining, The INFJ

This insult was so perfectly-fitting, we'd be surprised if the original person of said Shining insult wasn't an INFJ. Known as advocators, anyone with a personality matching that of an INFJ is likely observing everything... hence the staredown.

They're usually more in-tune with those around them, bordering on empaths, and this allows them to stay ahead of the game. While it's a cool trick, it's not always the best thing to make others comfortable, which is why we're not hesitant when accusing them of a stare akin to that of those creepy twins. Poor INFJ, all they want is to know what's going on without communicating.

3 This Roll Is So Horrible, Even Nicolas Cage Wouldn't Accept It, Thanks, ENFP

ENFPs are highly creative humans who need to feel as though they're always coming up with something new and exciting. Their constant upbeat nature allows them to bring others' spirits up effortlessly which is great when comforting those on the receiving end of Ramsay's insults.

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However, this also means that they're slightly aloft and a little bit too free-spirited. An ENFP is the one likely to be assigned the role of the breadmaker, but who will inevitably present a loaf of bread that's been tie-dyed and miniaturized because they thought it was artistic and fun.

2 Forecast For Tomorrow? 100% Chance Of Tears For ESFJ

All ESFJs want to do is help others, and they're usually known for their counselor and mentor-like abilities. They're usually the ones to provide guidance but might not have anyone's shoulder readily available for them to lay their heads on, post-Ramsay insult. So why would they be insulted in the first place?

Their sensitive nature lends itself well to being connected with others but also leaves them vulnerable and open to one of the 90 insults that Ramsay has at his disposal. Their caring nature makes them personal and approachable, but also a little dead inside post-insult.

1 My Gran Could Do Better, And She's Dead, ENTP

Known as debtors, ENTPs aren't just bound to pick a fight with the all-knowing Ramsay but are also likely to be kicked off first. The interesting thing is that they actually enjoy the thrill of the debate which is why this insult is perfect for them -- because it won't anger them; rather, it will only fuel their argumentative nature.

This insult provides them the proper in for formulating a heckle-worthy response, something that ENTPs thoroughly enjoy. Ramsay might not get such a kick out of it, but his ENTP chef will more than likely have a great time with the tet-on-tet.

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