Which Gordon Ramsay Scream Face Are You Based on Your MBTI®?

Chef Gordon Ramsay isn't known for his understanding nature when mistakes are made in his kitchen. Instead, he jumps from ground zero to nuclear in seconds, his kitchen not for the faint of heart. These publicly aired meltdowns give us a multitude of pictures and memes showing Ramsay's dark side, but we are thankful to not be on the receiving end of his conversations.


What I bet you might not know is how you can be matched with a screaming face of Gordon Ramsay based on your MBTI®. They may look similar, but the extent of the scream and contortion of his face speak of particular features associated with a specific personality. Keep reading to find out which Gordon Ramsay screaming face matches your MBTI®!


This first image of Chef Ramsay is as inflexible as any ESFJ, unrelenting in his task to create perfect chefs and dishes. He is reluctant to allow them to improvise, knowing what he wants and expects, accepting nothing less.

Ramsay's sense of duty to only produce excellent food speaks to the ESFJ as they strive to go above and beyond what is expected of them. They both have loyalty and his lies in only creating food fit for kings, his screaming methods consistently producing the desired results.


This image of Chef Ramsay explaining the rules of his kitchen is something any ISTJ would appreciate, the structure of the system a welcome relief to a world filled with what-ifs. Ramsay is stubborn as he points at a chef and the dish he deems unacceptable, judging them in a way only ISTJs can.

When he goes home at the end of the day he may blame himself for their failure, wondering what other pitch of screams may have gotten the point across to the imbeciles beneath him, but ISTJs understand this and offer him their support.


This Gordon Ramsay is a bit more subdued, and possibly even a bit caring, like an INFP. You can tell that he is passionate about cooking and creating dishes to wow the critics, but in this photo, he seeks to find harmony with his subordinates amidst his screaming.

INFPs seek to give their employees the things they need to succeed, which is what Ramsay strives to accomplish in his kitchen as he barks orders to help them understand. You can catch the hint of emotion lining his features as he releases the criticizing comment, acting like a true INFP at work.


ENTJs are arrogant like Ramsay is in this picture, screaming at the other chefs because they will never be as good as he is. His demeanor is cold and unforgiving as he tells the others how it is, refusing to back down as the chef across from him breaks into sobbing pieces.


He is dominant like an ENTJ, as he yells his points and refuses to back down no matter the situation. Ramsay is intolerant of failure and anything less than the best, which any ENTJ can appreciate.


ISFPs and Gordon Ramsay in this picture are creative souls at heart. Ramsay comes up with the idea to use two pieces of bread to insult someone, calling them an "idiot sandwich" for their perilous mistake. This scenario was entirely unpredictable, impressing ISFPs everywhere with its ingenuity.

ISFPs pride themselves on being great listeners and Chef Ramsay tried to instill this facet of their personality on this other chef, helping her understand how important it is for her to use her ears to listen to instructions.


Chef Ramsay in this picture is being direct as he screams his opinions at his subordinates, as any ESTJ might do. He strives to create a sense of order in an environment of chaos, organizing the chefs into a cohesive unit.

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ESTJs connect with him over this, particularly admiring his strong will and defensive nature, refusing to back down from a fight a subordinate chef might have picked with him. They both have a hard time relaxing, but it's understandable as perfection comes at a price.


ENFJs and Chef Ramsay in this image are both born leaders, inspiring teams of individuals to take their skills to the next level. Ramsay looks softer in this picture, a manipulation tactic to push the chefs, so everyone can leave satisfied at the end of the day.

ENFJs connect with this side of Ramsay, as they both strive to achieve goodness in the world. Ramsay would be doing a disservice if he allowed chefs to leave his workplace still creating food unfit for kings.


ESTPs and Chef Ramsay are bold, as his hand motions indicate in this image. He is showing the chefs a mold with his hands and wants his chefs to break it, to push the boundary of food and create dishes the world has never tasted before.

Ramsay encourages originality, within reason, but ESTPs appreciate this side of him. Ramsay wants his chefs to leave with the knowledge that they are the pioneers of the food industry, uncovering secrets and recipes no one before them has uncovered.


INTPs are easily frustrated when their employees fail to meet their high standards, like Gordon Ramsay in this image. A chef made a huge mistake, ruining an entire dish with no time to fix it and all Ramsay could see was the color red.

INTPs, like Ramsay, are quick to criticize and cut down anything less than perfect, unrelenting in their mission to produce the best. They refuse to acknowledge the feelings of others, as Ramsay verbally cuts into the chef who disobeyed him, reducing him to nothing more than a pile of slop not even fit for swine.


ENTPs can relate to this image of Gordon Ramsay as he argues with the chef in front of him, throwing proven facts in his face. The chef doesn't stand a chance, his attempt futile against the quick-thinking Chef Ramsay, losing more and more of his pride with every second he spends arguing the master.

ENTPs cheer on screaming Ramsay as he refuses to tolerate the other chef's stupidity, tearing him down piece by piece until he bends to Ramsay's iron will.

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