GoT x Harry Potter: 15 'Game Of Thrones' Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

The major power players in Westeros are Slytherins; since in order to rule the Iron Throne, one must have a high degree of ambition and cunning to play the game. But even though the Slytherins are the ones who take the lead in this Game of Thrones, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other Hogwarts Houses that are well-represented in the Seven Kingdoms!

While it doesn’t seem likely that a Hufflepuff would survive in a world as cutthroat as the one created by George R.R. Martin, we can prove that some Hufflepuffs have shown themselves to be the fiercest warriors. Where brains are just as important as brawn, Ravenclaws have been able to make it through King’s Landing and come out clean on the other side by using their intellect and adaptability to make it so. And while bravery is often struck down in the face of unrelenting ambition, some of the best leaders in Game of Thrones belong in Gryffindor. There are tons of characters in the HBO show–these are just 15 of them that we’ve sorted into Hogwarts Houses!

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15 Brienne of Tarth: HUFFLEPUFF

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Brienne is so loyal, she even named her sword “Oathkeeper”! She is a big believer in doing what’s right, and will often put herself in harm’s way to do so. Despite the death of Catelyn Stark, Brienne still worked to find Arya and Sansa, because she had made a promise to Catelyn and intended to keep it. She is also extremely loyal to Renly Baratheon, and even developed a strange sort of friendship with Jamie Lannister that was strong despite the extenuating circumstances. A good friend and loyal warrior, Brienne has always tried to do the right thing and she is tireless in her efforts to serve those to whom she has pledged her allegiance. An extremely hard worker, Brienne has had to combat people’s prejudices who don’t think that a woman can fight, and so her determination, loyalty, and sense of justice all put her in Hufflepuff.

14 Samwell Tarly: HUFFLEPUFF

Samwell Tarly could certainly find a nice spot in Ravenclaw since he isn’t shy about his love of learning, and even dreamed of becoming a Maester as a boy. But his overarching personality traits put him in the House of the badger. His loyalty to Jon Snow is an example of one of the strongest friendships on the show, and he acts as Jon’s right hand man. He also wants to do right by Gilly and her son, and protects her in a way that any Hufflepuff would be proud of. Plus, Sam is incredibly passionate about what’s right—like sticking up for Jon when others disagreed with him, because Jon was his good friend from the start and had the most experience on the Night’s Watch. The kind of guy we’d want by our side always, Sam is a true friend and a loyal Hufflepuff.

13 Ned Stark: HUFFLEPUFF

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Okay, we might be inclined to put Ned Stark in Gryffindor because he is brave, but his brave acts don’t come from a need to prove himself as brave or for the love of glory. Instead, his actions come from a sense of what is right and just. In fact, his Hufflepuff commitment to justice is what causes him to lose his head in the end! Even when his sister was dying, and she begged him to protect her son (who we now know is Jon Snow), Ned came through, because he was loyal to her and knew it was the right thing to do (despite the fact that it hurt his relationship with Catelyn). His loyalty to his friend, Robert, is also what drove him to question Joffrey’s legitimacy as heir, and even though it cost him his life in the end, Ned was as stalwart and true as a Hufflepuff gets!

12 Tyrion Lannister: RAVENCLAW

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With his quick wit and sharp tongue, Tyrion Lannister would feel right at home among the cleverest students in Ravenclaw at Hogwarts. Despite being born into the Lannister family, Tyrion was always the outsider and had to rely on his intelligence to get ahead (since he could not be a soldier or the son his father wanted). In fact, we know that Tyrion considered reading books and having knowledge to be necessary because “a mind needs a book like a sword needs a whetstone.” His sense of strategy makes him an excellent advisor for the headstrong and sometimes reckless Daenerys Targaryen. And his ability to think quickly on his feet has kept him alive throughout his journeys in the Seven Kingdoms - especially when most of the people around him are Slytherins vying for the crown.

11 Bran Stark: RAVENCLAW

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Bran Stark is an interesting one, because he began his life as a Gryffindor with his reckless climbing of the walls and towers at Winterfell. And let's not forget his desire to learn the athletic and soldierly skills of his older brothers. However, since being pushed out of the window by Jamie Lannister, Bran has had to resort to a life of the mind - making him lean more in the direction of Ravenclaw. Now, he spends his time in the pursuit of knowledge as to what is happening beyond the Wall, and his prophecies as the new Three-Eyed Raven will probably be a big player in the upcoming season. Entirely reliant on his mind, Bran has had to become a Ravenclaw to survive, and he may prove to be the strongest Ravenclaw of all–and perhaps the most dangerous.

10 Missandei: RAVENCLAW

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Um, the woman can speak 19 languages, so that sounds an awful lot like the brain of a Ravenclaw to us! Her knowledge and understanding of the customs and cultures of the areas that she and Daenerys travel to is an exceptional asset. Not to mention her poise and intelligence are what drew the Khaleesi to her in the first place. Despite being kept as a slave for many years, Missandei was able to educate herself in order to become Daenerys’ right hand woman, and an important link to the people of Slaver’s Bay for the Targaryen heir. Clever and thoughtful, Missandei has been able to hold her own in the most impossible of circumstances, thanks to her knowledge and ability to communicate with those around her, no matter where they are.

9 Sansa Stark: RAVENCLAW

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Sansa Stark is another GoT character who is initially a bit difficult to place, but we finally decided that she belonged in Ravenclaw. Despite having a bit of a Slytherin streak–especially in her younger years when she wanted to marry Joffrey Baratheon and become his queen–Sansa has had to rely on her intellect to survive in King’s Landing, the Eyrie, and Winterfell. Her understanding of when to speak, what to say, and when to keep quiet are part of what has allowed her to live as long as she has. As well as her talent for reading people and their silent intentions. Even though Sansa certainly has a degree of Slytherin ambition, her primary traits of cleverness and adaptation eclipse that to put her right at the Ravenclaw table.

8 Petyr Baelish: SLYTHERIN

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When Littlefinger said that his greatest wish was to be on the Iron Throne with Sansa by his side, he erased any potential that anyone could think he belonged anywhere other than in Slytherin House. The man is the apex of ambition; possibly more so than the Baratheon/Lannister clan. A lot of comparisons have been drawn between Littlefinger and Severus Snape; in that they both are still obsessed with their unrequited (and dead) loves, and they both belong in Slytherin. But Littlefinger is definitely more on the evil side of the House (not that Snape is totally faultless). He is willing to play both sides in order to get what he wants and achieve his ambitions, even if it means sacrificing others to do it. Slippery and sly, Petyr Baelish is definitely a snaky Slytherin.

7 Joffrey Baratheon: SLYTHERIN

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It probably doesn’t surprise many people that most of those in the Baratheon and Lannister families find themselves firmly in Slytherin - and Joffrey is no exception. A spoiled brat with a sadistic streak, Joffrey is Malfoy turned up to eleven. Since he has never been told the word “No” by an authority figure, Joffrey is used to getting what he wants, no matter what he’s asking for. He also takes a great degree of pleasure in the suffering of others, and even approaches it with sick glee. Representing all that is evil in Slytherin, Joffrey’s desire for absolute control and his tyrannical behavior made him one of the most hated characters on the show; ultimately, having us cheering for his demise (much in the way we relished the eventual death of Lord Voldemort!).

6 Margaery Tyrell: SLYTHERIN

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Like Petyr Baelish, Margaery Tyrell had us all realize that she belonged in Slytherin when she stated, “I don’t want to be A queen. I want to be THE queen.” That’s a whole lot of Slytherin ambition right there! Margaery’s cunning allowed her to play Joffrey, play Cersei (to an extent), and enchant Totem, all without revealing her hand right away. She was even able to trick the High Sparrow into believing that she had fallen in line.

While she has a degree of adaptability and intelligence that would fit in Ravenclaw, Margaery’s commitment to becoming the queen is an example of unparalleled Slytherin ambition. She hitched her star to the person most likely to rise to the top, and jumped to someone else when that star plummeted. Resourceful and charming, Margaery is definitely a Slytherin.

5 Cersei Lannister: SLYTHERIN

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We said that Margaery attempted to play Cersei, but it’s hard to play such a tried-and-true Slytherin like Cersei. She will stop at nothing to achieve her ambitions, and is hell-bent on ensuring that her family continues to rule–her Lannister family, that is. She refuses to be under the control of others, and attempts to sabotage the arranged marriage she’s to have with Loras Tyrell. Her commitment to her children may seem like a shred of her humanity, but it is also a Slytherin trait, since this House prefers to protect its own. She is power-hungry and is willing to sacrifice anything to get her way; even committing the act that her lover and twin brother Jamie had attempted to prevent so many years ago. Just like she burned the Sept with wildfire, Cersei belongs right in the green flames of Slytherin.

4 Ramsay Bolton: SLYTHERIN

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Ambition and cruelty are just the name of the game for Ramsay Bolton! He’s ruthless in the pursuit of his father’s favor and his claim to a name that finally makes him legitimate. However, he’s also willing to kill his father and infant stepbrother once the former no longer proves useful to Bolton, and the latter becomes a threat to his inheritance. Like Joffrey, Ramsay has a cruel, murderous streak that puts him in the same company as the House that churns out the most dark wizards. But it’s his willingness to do whatever he needs to do in order to achieve what he wants makes him a Slytherin. A true villain, Ramsay Bolton got his desserts when Sansa fed him to his own dogs!

3 Arya Stark: GRYFFINDOR

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Arya Stark is hella brave, and her ability to survive essentially all on her own for the entire series thus far is impressive enough to earn her a spot in the House of Gryffindor. She’s hot-headed and reckless, which can be the downfall of many Gryffindors (and was so for Arya. Remember that annoyingly long period when she was blind in Braavos?). Her desire to play with the boys instead of being the proper lady she was supposed to be is definitely a Gryffindor trait. And she’s had the lion’s thirst for adventure since we were first introduced to this fiery Stark daughter. She’s brave and full of nerve, putting herself in danger in order to cross another name off of her list. So we know she’d be right at home in the House of red and gold (and not black and white).

2 Daenerys Targaryen: GRYFFINDOR

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While we can definitely say that Daenerys Targaryen has the ambition of a Slytherin, she’s not willing to do whatever it takes to reach her rightful spot on the Iron Throne (although she is willing to do an awful lot). Instead, she makes difficult decisions, but still wants to be seen as a hero. Like when she liberated the slaves from the surrounding territories - although she had the same fault of lack of foresight that so many Gryffindors suffer from, and ended up leaving communities in disarray after she left. She’s been able to hold her own despite being surrounded by strong, accomplished men, and has had to prove herself against them. Plus, since Gryffindor’s element is fire, and she’s known as the Unburnt, how could Dany not end up in Gryffindor House?


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Who belongs to a home where he doesn’t feel quite accepted, goes away to find his place in the world, and gives himself up numerous times in brave–almost foolhardy–acts? Sounds like Jon Snow to us, and he is an awful lot like Harry Potter! He’s courageous and doesn’t back down in the face of a fight, and will even protect those who cannot defend themselves (like when he stood up for Sam when he was being taken advantage of by other men of the Night’s Watch). Jon’s bravery, courage, and honor are the mark of a true Gryffindor, as is his tendency to have a quick temper. He is in a position of leadership, just like Harry, even though others aren’t too happy he’s there. Snow is a Gryffindor through and through. Perhaps it will be Jon Snow who saves Westeros from the Slytherins that surround it.

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