10 Gothic Home Decor Tips That Are Creepy Cute, Not Creepy Cheesy

If you want a gothic home but are scared of going too cheesy, check out these tips for the perfect balance of creepy and cute!

When a home is designed in a gothic style, there is a line that must not be crossed. In order to execute this design trend in a way that is creepy cute and not creepy cheesy, make sure to keep the following 10 tips in mind.

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From the colors and the pieces that are shown off to the tiny details that can make or break a room, these are the tricks that can help anyone pull off gothic decor. It can, at times, be tough to not go too far into the spooky realm - which can make a place end up looking like a Hot Topic store. When this design is done the right way, though, it will pay off in a bold and a dramatic way.

10 Find The Right Colors

A big part of making a place feel gothic is the colors. Of course, black will probably come into play, but other dark colors - such as deep purples and reds - can be used as well. After the primary color is picked out, a complimentary color or two can be thrown in, too, in order to add some pops. In this image, for instance, black was brightened up with a soft pink couch and hot pink bookshelves. Whatever shade is chosen and however many are used in a room or house, just make to the space is a reflection of personal style and taste.

9 Go For Dramatic Elegance

After the colors are selected, dramatic touches needed to be added in to make this trend come out in a great way. As we mentioned up above, a gothic room does not need to look like a Hot Topic store. Instead, elegant design elements need to be utilized, in order to create a cute and/or romantic vibe. Just look at this bedroom: The light fixture, the different shades of red and pink, the soft materials and the curves of the furniture all come together to make a really bold statement. But this is not creepy cheesy at all, so it is a true success!

8 Use The Perfect Lighting

Lighting and color go hand in hand when decorating a space - especially when it comes to gothic. Many people think of candles within this design trend, and they can, indeed, play a big role; they have that old-world vibe, and they can cast creepy cool shadows on the walls!

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If anyone wants a safer and/or more modern way to light a room, though, we suggest fixtures and lamps with gothic details, such as flourishes and spikes. A candle holder like this one is the best of both worlds and looks extra neat with black candles in it.

7 Show Off Themed Artwork

Okay, we have covered the overall vibes of rooms and homes decorated in this style, but don’t forget about the tiny details, too. Artwork on the walls is one of the easiest ways to add in personal touches and one of the best ways to keep a theme going. Some suggestions within this realm - that are cute and cool instead of cheesy - are mirrors with lots of details on the frames, pieces inspired by nature (such as skulls or a cool piece of corral) and vintage portraits in black and white. Have fun here, and make it really shine!

6 Lean Into Elaborate Details

On the other hand, the elaborate details can help make or break a gothic-inspired room, as well. Let's use this room, in this accompanying photo, for inspiration...

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Obviously, the homeowner(s) wanted to use just purple and black, so that is all that is seen. It does not look monochromatic, though. There are different materials, like the leather couches and patterned wallpaper. There are different types of decorations, such as the pictures on the wall and the figurines on the shelves. But it is all very gothic, with deep colors and that bold wallpaper - and it works.

5 Remember Gothic Architecture

This design trend comes from gothic architecture, a style that flourished in Europe during the High and Late Middle Ages. It was inspired by the Romanesque architecture before it and led into Renaissance architecture - but it is something all on its own, something that is quite distinctive and beautiful, in a sort of creepy way. The best example of this architectural style is seen in cathedrals and churches, with their spikes and turrets that reach into the sky. Furniture in a gothic-inspired room can echo this, and this bed is the perfect way to do that.

4 Echo It All In Small Ways, Too

Most of the rooms that have been shown in the images on this list have screamed gothic, but some people may just want to celebrate this style in a small way. That being said, have one piece of furniture with gothic detailing. Paint one wall a deep, dark and dramatic color. Make one bookshelf all filled up with skulls, bones, thrilling books and black candles. There are many ways to utilize this style without it taking over an entire home, so play around by starting with one specific area or just one room. After that, let it go or run with it!

3 Utilize Luxurious Fabrics

People who are decorating their homes in this way also need to utilize luxurious fabrics, which can add to the lighting and the colors, in order to create more ambiance. There are a couple of ways to do this… Cover a bed or a dining room table in layers of silk materials. Have every window covered in thick and heavy drapes. Create a canopy in a bedroom out of textured fabrics. Make a wall treatment with gothic-inspired pieces that look like wallpaper. As usual, the space needs to be however the owner wants it to be - but fabrics are really going to help here!

2 Add In Creepy Details

Alright, we have covered how to pick an overall vibe, how to light the space and how to decorate, so it is now time to add in creepy details! This is definitely a time to keep creepy cute in mind and not creepy cheesy! There are so many pieces out there that can add to a gothic room or house. Personally, we love those inspired by apothecaries, such as glass jars and globes that show off bones, bottles, candles and Victorian clocks. And, yes, a skull or two or five will really help in sealing the deal here - just don’t go overboard.

1 And Know When Halloween Is Over

...which brings us to the last tip: Know when Halloween starts and know when it ends. To elaborate on this point, there are some items that can come from a holiday store and that can help make a room feel gothic. But leaving an animatronic monster out all year may not be smart. Having red paint splatters on the wall may not be cool. Putting a skull and a stuffed crow on every surface may be a bit much. So keep these tricks in mind, make it personal, edit it down a bit, then enjoy a gothic-designed space!

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