Greg Stone Releases ‘Amazing’ Debut Comedy Album

On February 15th, Greg Stone will release his debut comedy album entitled The Amazing Greg Stone. On the record, which Stone recorded at the Creek and the Cave in Long Island last August, the comedian discusses being a sensitive funny man in a hospital emergency room, assembling Ikea furniture, consuming pot for the first time, and confronting the absurd notion that being gay is a choice.

Stone, who comes across as strikingly honest yet warm, automatically endears himself to his audience with his hilarious observations. Based in New York City, Stone is known for his enthusiastic storytelling style. He has appeared on AXS TV's Gotham Comedy Live, TruTV and SiriusXM Radio, and has participated in The Bennington Show, Comedy Central’s The Bonfire and Snap Judgement. He has also been featured on Fox’s Red Eye with Tom Shillue and NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

Audiences may also be indirectly aware of Stone’s work since he has written for other comedians such as Michelle Wolf with whom he collaborated on Netflix’s The Break with Michelle Wolf and the 2018 White House Correspondents Dinner, which shocked many due to its straightforward, no-holds-barred style. Greg is currently co-host of The Rad Dudecast with Anthony Devito and Brendan Eyre.

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The comedian grew up in New Jersey, where he was into rollerblading and hardcore music. He became friends with Devito, who ultimately encouraged him to pursue a career in comedy, in high school. When he first started out, it was rough. A series of bad performances led him to quit comedy for two years. After moving to New York, he gave it another try, ultimately finding his true voice.

Stone believes that the challenge in comedy is not knowing what is funny, since that can be obvious, but knowing how to make the audience see the story as you see it. An uninhibited comic, he will easily regale the audience with stories that might make others blush. An unapologetic enthusiast, he admits to spending a lot of time posing action figures in his bedroom. He also has a sidesplitting story about the time he got drunk and jumped on stage with 90's soul singer Michael Bolton. Ask him and he'll tell you all about it.

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