Gritty, The Flyers' Maniacal New Mascot: 9 Best Reactions On The Internet

A couple of weeks ago, the famous NHL team Philadephia Flyers showed off their brand new costumed mascot. The mascot is a 7-foot-tall, ridiculously orange creature that goes by the name of Gritty. The creature has googly eyes with a maniacal grin and is fuzzy all over, and then after setting their eyes on him, the internet collectively lost their minds. The immediate reaction from practically anyone that saw the mascot was that the character was awful.

The entire idea behind the mascot began when the Philadelphia Flyers had been watching a hockey game where all of the players were strictly mascots from various teams, and the team decided that they also needed one. They hired Brian Allen from FlyLand Designs to create the image of the mascot and started out with 20 different sketches that had various animals. However, according to Allen, the team ended up choosing a big monster, that he had actually drawn as a starting point for the mascot. The team also later decided on giving Gritty some googly eyes and having him be able to blow smoke out of the ears on the fly, which gave him a lot more character.

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9 Breaking The Internet

The very first image that popped up from the mascot, was tweeted out by Gritty’s own Twitter account, where he’s decided to pose in a very Kim Kardashian type of way. We all remember the time that the famous Kardashian herself took a photo for Paper Magazine, holding an opened bottle of champagne with a delicately-positioned glass, that took over the internet three years ago, right? Well, here is an NFL’s mascot’s attempt at recreating that same iconic picture, complete with a glass that’s half-full.

8 Pennywise Or Gritty?

In this horrifying edition of a reaction image that has made a lot of people uncomfortable, we have Gritty posing as the insidious clown Pennywise, from Stephen King’s famous It. Before we saw this image, we were sure that the Pennywise itself was as scary as sewer monsters get. But seeing Gritty looking up from the drain actually is a whole new level of scary, and we think that this particular Stephen King novel would be much scarier if it featured the mascot.

7 Dancing Gritty

Another likeness to Pennywise, however, this time there’s dancing involved. We’re not really sure how many people are going to be joining therapy after seeing this gif, but it’s clear that the numbers are going to be high. At this point, we’re thinking that the NHL should issue a warning before any game where there’s a possibility that anyone will see Gritty so that the audience will be prepared for the horrors beforehand.

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6 T-Shirt Cannon Gritty

If things weren’t bad enough already, the scary-looking mascot managed to attack some staff members of the arena where the Philadephia Flyers were playing with a T-shirt gun. The last thing anyone wants is to go down in history as the first victim that Gritty managed to attack, before going on a mad rampage through the fans sitting in the audience. There’s going to be a lot of crying kids in the audience at each game whenever the children lay eyes on him from now on.

5 Family Relations

When Gritty was first announced and revealed, no one knew much about his background. What kind of family he came from, what type of school he attended--no backstory was provided. Naturally, people’s curiosity led this man to do some research and found some startling information. It seems that Bob here is an excellent investigative reporter, because in practically no time at all, he managed to find that the mascot was related to both Chucky and the Leprechaun, which could potentially mean that he has a violent nature due to genetics.

4 Overall Fear

Then, we also have the people who downright refused to make fun or even make any comments about Gritty or his appearance, because, as they stated, he has the face of a murderer who’s not afraid to strike again. And again, if necessary. And honestly, we agree. We’re not even sure what’s going to happen to us if Gritty ends up stumbling upon our article and seeing all of these comments, but we’re still hoping for the best.

3 How He Was Made

Now, we already mentioned the story of how exactly Gritty came to be, but here, we have another fan theory. So according to this formula, if you take one part of Game of Thrones’ Tormund, one part of the Phillie Phanatic, and a pinch of cocaine, you’ll successfully make your very own Gritty. This is an experiment like the one Doctor Frankenstein did, except with Gritty, we don’t attach different body parts together, yet we still end up with something horrifying.

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2 Gorey Gritty

via The Chive

We hope you’ll enjoy this image being burned into your brain, as Gritty proudly stands there, after having successfully beheaded Elmo, Oscar, and even Big Bird, and is now coming for whoever seems nice enough next. That empty stare in his eyes and the plasma that’s sprayed all over the jersey are good enough for a Halloween costume, but sadly, we don’t think he’s just going to be trick-or-treating this year.

1 Here’s Gritty!

Last, but not least, we have Gritty recreating another popular movie scene, as well as a meme, right out of the psychological horror genre, where he really belongs. We’re sure that by now, everyone has seen the movie, and whether you think it’s scary or not isn't important at the moment. The important thing here is that if the movie was remade, but instead of Jack Nicholson they cast Gritty, the film would be an even bigger hit than before! Hope you all sleep well tonight. We’re sure that we won’t.

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