20 Ridiculous GTA Mods That Make No Sense

One of the best parts of the Grand Theft Auto franchise for many people is the ability to vastly mod virtually every aspect of the game. There are some pretty incredible mods out there, things that make the game incredibly fun. There are also some pretty outrageous mods, things that make the game incredibly funny. One of the best ways to mod the game is with car mods, and people have done some pretty hysterical things in-game.

From donks, to low-riders, to monster trucks, to flying cars, the sky really is the limit with this open world game, and people have taken advantage of the possibilities in some of the best ways imaginable. Let's take a look at some of these over the top creations with 20 GTA mods that went too far.

20 The Infamous Potato Car

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The potato car is a bit of legend in the modding community, and here it is in all of its glory. It doesn't seem possible, mostly because it isn't, but in the game it drives like a car and works like a car. Even with its little potato wheels. What a crazy world.

19 Banana Cars Everywhere

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There's nothing unfunny about a car that's been entirely transformed into a rolling banana, and a rolling banana with four seats, at that. Seeing it drive through the square is funny enough as is, let alone that there's another one in the background, driving around like all is perfectly normal.

18 Bowl Of Soup Car

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When it comes to the absurd, this is about as absurd as it gets, really, although there are quite a number of these preposterous mods out there. Why would someone make a mod that turns a car into a bowl of soup? The better question is this: Why wouldn't you want to drive a bowl of soup around?

17 Doesn't Even Make Sense

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Now this is called taking things too far, if there ever is such a thing in a video game like Grand Theft Auto. The Liberator here has been modded out to be completely unrecognizable, a strange square shaped abomination with four wheels. If you look closely, there's actually a car on top. It's just confusing.

16 Driving A Bed To Work

via gta5-mods.com

This guy is driving a bed to work. In other words, he's living the dream. Imagine how relaxed you'd be if you were to drive a bed to work every day. It'd be incredible. In fact, as soon as driverless cars are a thing, we'll all be sleeping in until we're five minutes away from work.

15 Driving While Tired

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Driving while tired is never a good idea, studies have shown that it's comparable to driving while intoxicated, which is also a terrible idea. This mod, though, is being quite a bit more literal about it, making driving an actual tire around possible. It's all terrain, too, which means it can go anywhere.

14 Bro Dozer To The Max

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Bro dozers are preposterous in real life, always taken way too far, way past the max, and super over the top. It wouldn't be a bro dozer if it wasn't all these things. But there's no limits to the craziness you can deck your truck out with in a video game, and this person has added massive tires to a bright orange dually.

13 Custom Monster Truck

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This is a pretty popular mod for most Grand Theft Auto games, the classic monster truck conversion mod. With it, it becomes possible to turn any car into a massive monster truck, complete with a huge chassis to support those massive BF Goodrich wheels. Talk about way over the top.

12 Equipped With Jet Wings

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The jet wings on this sports car are pretty amazing to be honest, and about as over the top and unrealistic as it could ever get in real life. In a game, though, the sky really is the limit, and that includes flying through the sky in a sports car with jet wings. Cool.

11 Here Comes The Toilet Bowl Car

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This little toilet bowl go cart is one of the more popular and well known comedy mods in Grand Theft Auto, and with good reason as it's hilarious to drive a toilet bowl around the city as a daily driver. There's nothing like the ability to modify a game into whatever you want.

10 Lettuce Burger, Anyone?

via gtagaming.com

This burger looks absolutely hysterical driving down the road, being tailed by a taxi (of course). It's even got a windshield just to be safe, and that to me is really the funniest part of the whole thing. That and the fact there's two pieces of lettuce. That's just too much lettuce.

9 Life's A Roller Coaster Ride

via 9gta.net

One of the many Grand Theft Auto mods that have gone too far, the roller coaster car can be spotted driving around the streets of L.A. for those who have PCs able to input these kinds of insane mods. Without a track this thing must handle horribly, but it's all about the novelty factor.

8 Literal Shopping Cart

via gta5-mods.com

This is no normal shopping cart, folks, this is what should be called a shopping car, as it's got invisible pedals and a steering wheel that, once activated, allow you to drive this cart around as if it were a street car, steering it and accelerating with an invisible engine. The future is now.

7 Redefining The Muscle Car

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This muscle car has some serious muscle, that's obvious. So much muscle, in fact, that it's a literal tank, with tracks for wheels and everything. Indeed, there really is no limit to the amount of over the top you can get with these kinds of mods for Grand Theft Auto.

6 Sports Car Monster Truck

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This sports car in real life would have had to be completely overhauled to accommodate this kind of modification, to the point that really just the shell of the car would be the only thing the same. Of course, in a video game, this thing probably still drives like a sports car. How fun.

5 That's A Lot Of Chrome

via gta5-mods.com

It's pretty hard to comprehend just what in the world is going on with this crazy over the top modification. There's a bus that's been fused to a glitzed out monster truck of some kind with massive chrome rims, and the entire bus is made of chrome. Someone must like chrome. Or every depiction of the future from the 20th century.

4 The Golden Arches Gone Wild

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These kinds of cars can actually be spotted in real life, too, so they aren't the most outrageous mods in the world, but they are still just as preposterous whether they're digital or real. The massive rims on this thing make it about as donk as it gets, and the golden arches are a nice, albeit tacky, touch.

3 Go The Absolute Max

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With the ability to completely mod out a car without worrying about expenses or practicality of any kind, this is the kind of creation that can be made: a massively rimmed, vibrant orange donk tricked out to the max with scissor doors, Forgiato rims, and a truly insane engine. It's a modder's dream come true.

2 Tricked Out Beyond Belief

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Adding massive rims to a pickup truck is something that has never really made all that much sense to me, but at times it can be cool to look at, and people put a lot of expression into them, so I can respect it. Even in GTA, it's possible to trick a car out beyond belief.

1 Actually Floating Around

via pcgamesn.com

This is one of the more ridiculous and also impressive mods in GTA, as this is literally the DeLorean from Back To The Future, and it's also a hover car, floating around the streets of LA. This would be a fun one to mess around with. Too bad it can't travel back in time.

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