Guinea Pig Ice-Cream Is Now A Thing In Ecuador

Would you try this unique ice-cream flavour?

There exist countless flavours of ice-cream, including some strange yet real ones like Horse Flesh, Pear and Blue Cheese, and Corn on the Cob. And now, there’s another odd flavour to add to the list- guinea pig!

Maria del Carmen Pilapana is the genius behind this bizarre creation. She runs an ice-cream stand next to the highway linking Ecuador’s capital of Quito with the neighbouring city of Sangolqui. According to Unilad, Maria prepares up to 150 servings of this cold treat each week and charges only a dollar per cone.

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So how does she get the unique flavour? Well, it’s quite the process. Maria begins by cooking the animal and then creating a pate from its meat. Then she adds milk or cream before refrigerating the concoction until it’s a desirable ice-cream consistency. Maria says she thinks it tastes like chicken more than anything else.

While this sweet treat might sound bizarre and even unappetizing, guinea pigs are actually a delicacy in some Latin American countries, such as Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia. They’re often cooked with salt, drizzled with a peanut sauce, and served with potatoes on the side. So far, customers have only had a positive reaction to Marie’s guinea pig ice cream. “I was suspicious, but it was tasty,” 78-year old customer Marlene Franco told the media after giving it a try.

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Guinea pig isn’t the only unique flavour you can try out at Maria’s ice-cream stand. In fact, the shopkeeper has become known in Ecuador for her unbelievable creations. Some of her weirdest flavours include beetle ice cream and mushroom ice cream. Maria makes smaller portions- usually around 40 servings per week- of these unusual tastes.

Maria said she and her family weren’t sure how successful her unique ice cream stand would be. When she started out, Maria was out of a job and had three children to support. She began taking free business training courses in order to get started, and now years later, her little stand is an international success. “My family and my husband thought I was crazy,” Maria explained. “They didn’t think anyone would like these ice creams, but now they’re our main product.”

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