10 Hacks To Make Cleaning Easier

There are all kinds of different products that are sold specifically for cleaning every single inch of your house until it’s finally spotless. And that’s something that makes choosing the right product a bit more time-consuming. On one hand, you could just stick to the stuff you know, but on the other hand, what if that new stain remover that just came out does a better job, right? And then there’s also the tough decision of whether or not you’re paying too much for the product.

But we’re here today to tell you that you can actually make your entire home spotless with things that you probably already have around the house! And if you don’t believe us, then just try out one or two of these cleaning hacks, and you’ll be amazed by how well they work. So not only will you stop debating whether you should get the newest brand of furniture cleaner, it’s also going to cost you a lot less. It’s a win-win, all you have to do is try!

10 Unclogging The Sink

If you have a sink that keeps causing trouble because it clogs up every month, then this is a great solution that wastes little time and effort. For this hack, all you’ll need is a cup of baking soda, a cup of white vinegar, a drain plug and some boiling hot water. First, you’ll need to add the vinegar, and then you’ll sprinkle the baking soda in the drain. Then just plug the drain and hold it until it stops fizzing. Let it rest for about 30 minutes, remove the plug and flush it with the hot water.

9 Clogged Up Showerhead

If your home has very hard water, all of those deposits can accumulate on your showerhead, resulting in either slowing the flow of the water or even blocking it completely in some parts. Thankfully, vinegar has plenty of uses around the home, so you can easily fix this problem with it! All you need to do is remove the showerhead and put it in a bag full of vinegar. Leave it in there to soak overnight, and when it’s done, all you have to do is scrub it with a sponge and all the grime will vanish!

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8 Easy Grill Clean Up

If you’ve been looking for a way to stop the food from sticking to the grill, then congratulations, you’ve finally found it! All you need to do is get either non-stick tinfoil or some heavy-duty foil. And then, the next time you want to prepare something on the grill, all you’ll have to do is put down the foil first, and put whatever you’re cooking over it! Then, when you’re done, you won’t have to scrub the grill for hours so you can get it cleaned up. Just remove the foil, and it’s as good as new!

7 Spotless Microwave

Maybe you find that you spend too much time looking for the right product that will finally clean the inside of your microwave. Or that you’ve been trying different products and none of them seem to really do their job very well. Well, there’s a solution to your trouble and it’s very similar to the ones we previously mentioned. All you need to do it heat up a mix of water and vinegar in your microwave and scrub away all the leftover mess.

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6 Clean Cabinets

You could go two ways about this cleaning hack. The first way is to mix a solution of warm water and vinegar in a spray bottle and mist all of your cupboards and cabinets. Leave it on for a few minutes and then you can wipe everything away with a soft cloth. The other way is to use a soap dispensing dish scrubber and scrub away any leftover buildup. After that, you can once again wipe the entire thing with a soft cloth.

5 Wash More Than Just The Dishes

The next time you’re loading up the dishwasher, while hand-washing the toothbrush holder, any plastic toys from your kids, hairbrushes or even the sponge, stop. Load up all of those items in the dishwasher as well, and then you can set everything to wash while you sip on some iced tea and look out the window thanks to your newfound extra free time. And you can fill up the silverware holder with the smaller items, while the medium-sized things will go on the top rack.

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4 Fresh Blinds

There are several ways that you can clean all of the blinds in your home. We’re guessing that the technique that you’ve been using so far has been taking up too much of your time. One of the ways you can make this process easier is to just run the vacuum cleaner all over each and every blind. If you find that they aren’t completely clean after that, you can use our next hack, which involves a sock. Just mix some water and vinegar, and dip the sock in the mixture. Wipe everything away and they’ll be as good as new!

3 No More Water Spots

If you have someone in your home that keeps forgetting to use the coasters before setting their drink on the table and thus, leaves a bunch of water stains behind, then all you need is a hairdryer. Just set the hair dryer on high and hold it near the stain. Close enough so that it will get blasted from the hot air, but not close enough that everything will start smelling of smoke. After a while, the stain will slowly start vanishing, and in about 30 minutes, it will completely disappear!

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2 Self-Cleaning Blender

You can finally stop scrubbing away at the bottom of the blender, worrying that you’ll end up accidentally losing a finger in the process. Now you can tell everyone that you have a futuristic blender that cleans itself, and amaze them. All you need to do after using the blender is fill it up with some warm water halfway and add a few drops of dish soap. Then put it back and turn it on. After a few minutes, stop the blender, rinse it out and let it air dry.

1 Custom Vacuum Hose

If there’s a tight or a small spot in your home that you can’t get all the dust out of, then this is a great cleaning hack for that problem. All you’ll need is your vacuum and an old cardboard toilet paper tube. Then, you can just bend or fold the tube to fit into the exact spot that you have trouble cleaning, and it will do its magic. Don’t forget that you need to attach the tube to your vacuum hose, otherwise it won’t work as well. Especially if you can’t hold the tube with your hand!

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