'Halloween' Movie Villain Got Advice From Real Life Hitman


The actor who plays Michael in the new Halloween sequel once got advice on how to be a bloodthirsty killer from a real hitman.

Everyone’s favorite dead-faced killer is set to return in yet another Halloween movie. The third movie to bear the same name, Halloween continues crazed killer Michael Myers’ quest to finally kill Laurie Strode. He’s got ten movies filled with mass-murdering under his belt, so maybe this time he’ll finally be able to beat a 60-year-old woman.

At this point, the franchise is starting to look a little bit like an extended cut of a Road Runner cartoon.

However, this time the franchise is going to take a different spin on Michael, according to the actor who portrays him.

James Jude Courtney recently did an interview with Variety where he described his inspiration for the character of Michael. It turns out, Courtney actually learned some tips from a real-life hitman.

Courtney doesn’t name names (a smart move when dealing with hitmen) but he did say that he roomed with a former contract killer who recently got out of prison sometime in the 2010s. The hitman previously stayed in a safe house after being released from prison somewhere in the Northwest and moved down south to have his life’s story written.

The two sparked a friendship of sorts, and on one night Courtney took the former hitman to see one of his movies where Courtney played a contract killer himself. The movie, called The Hit List, is best described as a ‘90s action film that never made it far enough to be immortalized in Wikipedia.

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After the movie, the former hitman turned to Courtney and said: “Jimmy, it’s a really nice movie, but that’s not how you kill people.” And afterward, the hitman showed Courtney just how it was really done.

"There’s a stealth efficiency to the way an actual trained killer works,” Courtney said during the interview. He pointed out how most films have long pauses for dialog or to build suspense, whereas "a true predator would never waste time.”

Courtney says he wanted that efficiency to come out in the new Michael, and hopes that he got it right. Halloween is in theatres now, so you can go see for yourself.


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