Salt & Straw's Ice Cream Creation Is Perfect For Halloween And Made From Real Blood (Try It If You Dare)

There are a lot of products being released in time for the upcoming Halloween season, and some odd ice creams flavors are part of just that. Ice cream company, Salt & Straw, is giving their customers a very unique Halloween special, but we’re not sure how we feel about it just yet.

The Oregon based ice cream shop, which has various locations all throughout the West Coast of the U.S., is serving something a little bit more than just ice cream in time for the spooky season ahead. The shop is serving pints of Halloween inspired ice cream that includes real blood. Yes, you read that right! Salt & Straw has come up with a Dracula version of ice cream, made with real blood.

This isn’t the first time the ice cream company has released odd flavors, they’ve had unusual pairings such as bone marrow and smoked cherries, but this new line of blood ice cream is definitely taking things to the next level. The ice cream shop is releasing 5 special Halloween-themed flavors, one of which is the Dracula's Blood Pudding made with real blood. The shop has been visited by countless celebs including Charlize Theron, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Janice Dickinson, but we’re not sure if we’ll be seeing any familiar faces lining up for some bloody ice cream.

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The Draculas Blood Pudding flavor is not made with human blood, but get’s its red coloring from pig’s blood. Grossed out yet? The flavor was ultimately inspired by a classic Southern Italian dessert, known as “sanguinaccio dolce”, which literally translates to “sweet blood sausage”. Salt & Straw are creating this ice cream flavor using the pig’s blood in addition to cinnamon, coriander, cubeb pepper, and brandy. Again, we’re not too sure how to feel about this just yet.

The Salt & Straw head of research and development, Kat Whitehead, described what it's like trying the Dracula's Blood Pudding, and she mentioned it wasn’t all that bad! “The idea is not for the blood to be in your face – when I eat the flavor, I get spiced chocolate to start, but as the ice cream melts, you can start picking up on the presence of the pig’s blood”, she said to Today Food. “There's a distinct salinity and minerality”, Whitehead continued.

But, we think we'll still just stick to some good old fashioned vanilla or chocolate, please!


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