Hamster Trapped In Tiny Pipe Is Rescued By An Ingenious Homemade Ladder

Hamsters may not be the most common animals involved in cute pet rescue stories, but this little rodent is hitting the headlines with his complicated rescue mission. Jamie, a beige and white hamster, caused quite the stir when he got stuck inside a pipe for six days and only resurfaced when an Animal Welfare Officer invented a bespoke ladder for his escape.

As reported by the Express, the furry adventurer was being looked after by a friend of his owner when he decided to venture into a ten-centimeter-wide pipe. As small and flexible as hamsters are, this pipe proved too much of a squeeze for Jamie, who got trapped inside for almost a week.

To make matters worse, the pipe was one meter deep and was part of a larger system that housed the water pipes. The mischievous rodent had also forced himself through a four-centimeter wide gap between the water pipes, meaning that Jamie’s temporary sitter and rescuer couldn’t get a clear glimpse of his position.

After several days of unsuccessful attempts to lure the stubborn rodent out of hiding, Jamie’s “foster” dad called for reinforcement from the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

That is when Alison Spares, an Animal Welfare Officer, came and saved the day. First, she had to assess the situation and check on Jamie’s condition. Thankfully, all was well. “We knew he was okay as they had been dropping food down and could hear him eating,” she said.

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The pet sitter had previously dropped a thin piece of rope down the tube in the hope that Jamie would latch on and be hoisted to safety, but the hamster did not comply with that plan, even after six days. Sparkes could see that the situation required some clever lateral thinking, and she stepped up to the challenge.

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She knew that hamsters are known to clamber up the sides of their cages and run endlessly in their wheels, and that is what inspired her to invent a robust structure that would encourage Jamie to climb on up to freedom.

Sparkes returned home to gather some materials and tools for her makeshift rescue device. “I […] cut a one-meter long ladder from some old wire mesh,” she said, adding “I then went back, fitted the ladder into the pipe and that evening he emerged.”

Jamie was understandably very thirsty but appeared unharmed otherwise. We’re not sure who was in more trouble with the owner though: the mischievous hamster or the distracted sitter. Either way, Jamie probably won’t be visiting any more of his owner’s friends any time soon.

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