From Hannah Montana To Mrs. Hemsworth: Miley's Transformation (In Pictures)

When Hannah Montana premiered in March 2006, we immediately connected to Miley Cyrus and her character, Miley Stewart. She was a totally normal girl... except for the fact that she was also a singer named Hannah Montana.

After four seasons, Miley Cyrus said goodbye to the series that had made her a star, and since then has released six albums, starting with Meet Miley Cyrus in 2007. We love her sound and can't help but be curious to see what she's going to debut next since she has a tendency to be innovative with her music and her look.

Of course, Miley is now married to Liam Hemsworth, and we're always happy to see more about the celebrity couple. From Hannah Montana to Mrs. Hemsworth: here are 20 pictures of Miley's transformation.

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20 Here's Hannah: Miley Got Her Start With This Beloved 2000s Series

via Pinterest

This is a great photo of Miley Cyrus back in the mid-2000s when she starred on Hannah Montana. She definitely looks really young here, especially since she's wearing a pink outfit.

We don't see Miley wearing pink all that often these days. Her hairstyle is also very youthful since it's really long.

19 Back In The Day, Miley Had Gorgeous Brown Wavy Hair, Like In This Snapshot

via The Cut

We've seen Miley Cyrus with various hair colors over the years, from blonde to white blonde to green to a reddish brown. In this photo from back in the day, Miley has really long wavy brown hair.

The fact that she's got two clips in her hair reminds us that she was really young here. Remember when we all loved wearing hair clips?!

18 And Here's A Sweet Pic Of Miley And Her Dad, Billy Ray Cyrus

via AOL.com

Miley comes from a famous family and her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, is well-known in the country music scene. This is a really sweet picture of Miley and Billy, and this reminds us that he also starred on Hannah Montana as Miley's father.

It must have been so much fun to be on the show together.

17 In 2006, Miley Was Adorable In This White Dress (Which Had A Bit Of A Bohemian Bent)

via Billboard

For a while, Miley definitely went through a bohemian phase and that's how most people would describe her fashion. Although this photo was taken in 2006 and at least a decade before she started embodying a really boho style, we have to say that this dress looks pretty boho to us.

Her adorable hand gesture and the detailing on the dress are awesome.

16 Here Miley Is Looking Pretty Prim And Proper, Which Definitely Isn't Her Style Today

via Billboard

Miley looks really cute in this photo with her big smile, wavy hair, and light blue cardigan. She also looks prim and proper... two words that we wouldn't use to describe the celeb today.

It seems like she wouldn't want to be described that way, either, since she seems to embrace having a unique personality and fashion sense.

15 Back In 2008, Miley Sang With Pete Wentz In A Chic And Cute Red Plaid Blazer

via Popsugar

We love this photo from 2008 of Miley Cyrus performing with Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz. She looks great in a red plaid blazer.

As Popsugar says, "Miley and Pete rocked matching plaid outfits in November 2008 when they filmed MTV's FNMTV Christmas Special in Hollywood." It's so cool to see this photo from over a decade ago.

14 By 2011, The Star Was Moving Away From Her 'Hannah Montana' Days (But Still Had Amazing Long Hair)

via Zimbio and Tumblr

When we see a celebrity's transformation from a youthful TV show or project like Hannah Montana, it often takes a little while before they start dressing differently. That was the case with Miley Cyrus.

As we can see from these two photos of the star from 2011, she was moving away from that part of her life, but she still had really amazing long hair.

13 Once Miley Cut Her Hair, She Had Full-On Rock Star Vibes

via InStyle And Styles Weekly

Can you say "rock star"?! Miley Cyrus made the big decision to cut her hair back in 2012 and she has worn the short style a few different ways.

In the photo on the left, it's blonde with brown roots showing through, and in the photo on the right, it's a little longer, straighter, and more elegant. She looks so mature, especially with her red lipstick.

12 And Then, In 2017, She Started Wearing Weird (But Creative) Outfits

via Cheat Sheet

This is definitely when Miley's transformation started to happen... and we could say that it sped up here, too, since she really started changing up her style. Miley has been a coach on a few seasons of The Voice, and this photo is from one of the episodes.

Some of us might love the flowers on her outfit, and the rest of us might think that it's a little much.

11 By May 2017, Miley Had Adopted A Hippie Style

via Loop Barbados

We can see that Miley Cyrus had adopted a hippie style by 2017, and this is only one photo of her dressing in a more free-spirited fashion. Her hat and white jean jacket are really cool.

2017 was also the year that Miley came out with her song "Malibu" which had a bohemian feel to it, too.

10 And Here's Miley Grabbing Some Food With Then Boyfriend Liam (And Looking More Casual)

via GotCeleb

Miley is wearing a pretty regular outfit in this candid photo, eating outside of a restaurant with her then-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. She's wearing a tank top tucked into a skirt, a pretty demure look overall.

It just looks like she's hanging out with the person that she loves (even if that person is just as famous as she is, of course).

9 As One Half Of A Beloved Hollywood Couple, Miley Is Comfortable Taking Style Risks (Like Two-Toned Hair And A Busy Patterned Skirt)

via FemaleFirst

Not every celebrity would wear a skirt with such a crazy pattern or walk around with two-toned hair. They would be worried about their roots showing and they might be too shy to express themselves through such bold fashion.

Miley, of course, is totally cool being herself, and her fans admire that about her. This is an incredible look, that's for sure.

8 Smelling The Roses: Miley Looked Super Glam At The 2018 Grammys

via Pinterest

We've seen Miley during her girly Hannah Montana days, her creative phase with short hair and interesting outfit choices, and now during her more glamorous phase. In this photo that was taken at the 2018 Grammy Awards, she looks beautiful and glam.

Her waves, black dress, and the fact that she's holding a rose? It's all amazing.

7 Talk About Sophisticated: Miley's Got Her Grown-Up Style Down, No Problem

via Twitter and Celebrity Style Guide

In both of these pictures, we can see that Miley Cyrus is dressing in a much more grown-up style these days. She's got it down, no problem.

Whether she's wearing a sleek top tucked into high-waisted black pants or a black turtleneck tucked into, well, high-waisted black pants, she looks amazing. It seems like she has found one of her style staples.

6 Miley's Transformation Was Complete With This Cool December 2018 Look That's Between Movie Star And Chill Girl

via Pinterest

After seeing the various looks that Miley has adopted over the years, from hippie outfits to much more creative and colorful ones, this pic seems like her transformation is complete.

With her slicked back hair, stylish jeans, patterned sweater, and flawless accessories, Miley looks like a movie star but also like one of the coolest girls in the music biz, which is totally what she is.

5 Mrs. Hemsworth: Miley Looked Beautiful On Her Big Day

via W Magazine

A girl's got to have at least one family photo on her wedding day. Luckily for us, we get to see this snapshot of Miley with her parents, Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus.

Miley looks so confident and her parents look so proud. We're also pretty jealous of Miley's amazing bouquet. Talk about #weddinggoals.

4 December 2018: Miley And Liam Embraced During Their Wedding

via News.com.au

It's always fun to see photos of a celebrity couple's wedding. It makes us feel like we were guests... Hey, we can pretend, right?!

This is a really sweet photo from Miley and Liam's wedding. Seeing them embrace like this really brings on #allthefeels. They seem so happy to be together, and the black and white photo makes the moment even more beautiful and special.

3 Miley And Liam Look Totally Adorable In This Candid Pic After They Got Married

via Popsugar

Seeing celebrity couples going out to get groceries or doing other errands is always adorable, and this photo of Miley and Liam doesn't disappoint.

This picture was taken after they got married, and it's exciting to see them walking around as happy newlyweds. Miley looks super casual and laidback in her black outfit and baseball cap.

2 In March 2019, Miley Made Her Hair Resemble Hannah's, And People Freaked Out

via YouTube

This past March, Miley Cyrus shared that she had made her hair look just like Hannah Montana's. Needless to say, fans freaked out and were so excited to see this.

Not everyone can wear bangs (and there are tons of bangs joking about that), but it's safe to say that Miley Cyrus can rock them like no one else.

1 Met Gala Miley: The Star Looked As Cool As Ever With Her Beau For The 2019 Event

via au.lifestyle.yahoo.com

The 2019 Met Gala had us loving Miley's green and black dress, not only for the bold color combo but also because of its unique structure and shape.

Miley has left Hannah Montana behind, and while we'll always love that sweet show, we definitely like the direction that her fashion sense has taken.

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