Happily Ever Laughter: 20 Hilarious Disney Memes

The Disney universe takes a serious part in our lives. We all watched Disney movies and cartoons when we were children. And I must admit that most of us still watch them — some of us still have Disney characters as our role models of courage and benevolence. But, even though it's such a significant part of our lives, we also like to make fun of Disney movies from time to time. And that's exactly why all Disney fans love Disney memes!

These memes make us take a look at our favorite animated movies from other viewpoints. They also make us ask the questions we've never asked before (who knew memes would make us think so deeply?). And, most importantly, they make us laugh.

Now prepare to laugh out loud again, as we're about to see 20 hilarious new Disney memes!

20 The Biggest Lie Disney Told Us

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There's at least one thing in common between Disney movies and sitcoms. They always show heroines sleeping with full makeup on and well-combed hair. But does anyone in real life look like Show White or Sleeping Beauty upon waking up?

In fact, no one can look like that. When we wake up, our hair is usually disheveled, we resemble pandas due to the remaining pieces of mascara, and sometimes, if we slept especially soundly, we have a little bit of saliva near our mouths. The way we look is nowhere near this serene pose of a Sleeping Beauty. Why did they lie to us? Did they want us to feel worse about ourselves?

It's good to know that at least one Disney Princess dared to show a little bit of reality. In Frozen, Anna slept like pretty much any one of us would. She looked much more realistic, and it's partly because she was so relatable!

19 This Song's In Our Heads Now

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I have a couple of questions for you, and you have to be honest when you answer them. First, do you remember the song we heard in the beginning of Lion King? Most likely, you do. And do you remember if you were trying to sing along to this song? If you were, you should know that it wasn't easy because of the song's language. Probably, what you heard in this song was something very weird. I don't know about you, but it had me thinking they were singing about Topanga. (I mean, I didn't really put Topanga together with a bag of peaches, but you get my point.) Before understanding the meaning of this introductory song, it makes no sense; but now that we see this meme, maybe it can make it easy to sing along to? I highly doubt people will even know what we're saying because they're also trying to put together the words.

18 Alice Is So Relatable

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Have you ever felt like Alice from Alice in Wonderland? I'm not even gonna ask if you ever met talking rabbits, Mad Hatters, or Cheshire Cats. I mean, have you ever eaten or drunk something you weren't supposed to eat or drink? Like, you were on a diet or decided that you shouldn't eat too much sugary foods, and couldn't have any cake, but this finger-licking skunk just seemed to be screaming, "Eat me!" And you were, like, "Okay..."

How can you resist a cake that's personally asking you to eat it?

In this way, most of us can relate to Alice. At the moment of eating something we want, we don't think about how it can make us bigger or smaller. We just want to eat it, because, who knows — maybe it'll solve some of our problems.

17 What Else Can We Do?

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Every time a Disney Princess faces problems she doesn't know how to solve, the first thing she does is throw herself on the nearest object and sob dramatically. Since almost all princesses did this (and we want(ed) to resemble Disney Princesses so much), we thought that this is exactly what we should do when we face problems ourselves. However, if we ever did this around our parents, for example, we could see that it didn't resolve anything. It probably only made things worse, because our parents probably thought we were acting out or trying to be dramatic.

But for Disney Princesses, this method seemed to be working very well. Soon after their throwing and sobbing, a solution would come to them in a decision to find a way and do something their parents or other people forbade them to do. Well, because it's Disney.

16 She Should Just Let It Go

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We see so many strange people in the world today (especially online). The last person we expect to see at an ATM is a Disney Princess, of all people. I don't know about you, but I don't see them often anywhere, except for my TV.

The person who took the photo you see above was luckier than me, because they got to meet Elsa near an ATM. I don't know what she was doing there — probably trying to withdraw money from her account to build her frozen castle or buy new clothes? Because, even if she's a Disney Princess with extraordinary abilities, she still needs money to live and buy food. And, even if her castle is created out of ice somewhere in the middle of nowhere, she still needs to pay the bills, doesn't she? Let's just hope that her account wasn't frozen.

15 New Profile Picture?

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The Internet if flooded with the photos that, according to the people in them, were taken "accidentally." They say that their phone fell down or that their child was playing with it and suddenly took a picture... But we know that it's impossible to look awesome in an accidental shot. When a photo is taken accidentally, most people tend to look just like Ursula from Little Mermaid.

The horrible thing is that everyone (I mean, everyone) looks like her when they accidentally hit the front-facing camera. I don't know why it happens or why we always look so awful when we think no one's looking at us. But, somehow, it seems to happen way too often.

So, if anyone who ever took "accidental" photos and posted them online is reading this article, please stop doing it. Everyone knows you're lying.

14 It'd Be Easier To Find Her

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In today's era of social media, it's becoming easier and easier to find the people you meet. Even if you see someone for the first time, you most likely have some mutual friends or can easily find this person of Facebook or Twitter. Or, if you know their name, you can just type it in and find the person in the list. If Prince Charming had this opportunity back in the day when he met Cinderella, the whole thing would've been much easier. He wouldn't have to go all over the country with her shoe and force all girls to try it on. He'd just find her on Facebook, message her, and ask her out.

The only problem is Charming's forgetfulness. I mean, he danced with this girl all night long, fell in love with her, and the next day, for some reason, forgot her face. Wouldn't he fail to recognize Cinderella on her profile picture, as well?

13 No Sneezing

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Most of us know the feeling when we've just finished doing some exquisite work and we suddenly have to do something that can ruin it all. A bright example is doing your mascara and wanting to sneeze right after it. Until the mascara dries on your eyelashes, sneezing or any other abrupt movement can cause irreparable damage to the entire makeup you've been doing for far too long.

What can you do in this case? The best thing is to suppress the desire to sneeze; and when we try our best to ignore our urge, we end up looking like the Evil Queen from Snow White. Otherwise, if we surrender ourselves to the irresistible desire to sneeze, we'll end up being far from "the fairest of them all" and we're going to have to redo all the makeup.

12 Come On, Ariel...

Ariel was the daughter of King Triton, the ruler of the undersea kingdom of Atlantica. Her father wielded a huge magical trident that helped him defeat any enemy that'd go against his will. The trident alone made him very intimidating. But basically, this thing resembled an enormous fork.

When Ariel saw a fork after she got her legs and a chance to live on land, she was so amazed by this object. It looked funny, but when you think about the fact that she actually saw a similar thing (but bigger) every day in her father's hands, her reaction seems to mismatch everything. But we don't know what Ariel was thinking (she was mute at that time, remember?). Maybe she saw that the fork resembled the trident—only much smaller—and thought, "Gosh, what if my father was that small, too?"

11 Emo Is Not A Phase!

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Everyone in their teenage years went through some weird stages. Some of us were emos, goths, listened to heavy metal, maybe some pop rock. And some of us still do. Our parents usually told us that all these things were just a phase, and that our "phase" will finish as soon as we grow into adulthood, but it doesn't always happen. And whether it happens or not, during this "phase," we face a lot of misunderstanding from our parents — just like this little emo fish.

Just imagine, what kind of movie it would be, if it really was about an emo fish that had issues with his dad. I don't think that it'd be so funny, but it would certainly be more relatable to most of us.

10 Disney Taught Us Many Things

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Some Disney Princesses were more creative than others. Ariel used a fork to comb her red hair (it leaves us questioning whether she noticed that it resembled her father's trident), and Rapunzel could defeat a whole army with a skillet and then tie them up with her hair.

If you noticed creative things like this one while you were watching Disney cartoons as a child, it could serve you a much better purpose than only looking on the surface and getting unrealistic expectations about love and romance.

In fact, their creativeness must have been part of the reason why Disney Princesses ended up finding their happiness. Should we try to be as creative as them and take matters into our own hands, instead of just singing along with the birds and waiting for Prince Charming to come to us?

9 You Fool!

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What's it about the word "fool" in Disney movies? For some reason, all villains use it at least once in a film. It seems to be the only swear word in the entire Disney universe. On one hand, it seems random, but on the other hand, why not? I mean, if a villain can come up with a number of ways to actually do something bad with the protagonist, why would they waste their time inventing words to say something bad?

But in the real world, we can't just give a poisoned apple to someone we don't like or curse them somehow. We usually talk behind their backs or say negative things to them in an argument. But who knows, maybe saying "fool" is more effective than I thought.

In fact, I don't remember anyone swearing in Harry Potter, do you? Is it for the same purpose?

8 Such A Cutie!

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An evil person who takes care of their pet doesn't seem to that evil, am I right? Just think about it: Jafar in Aladdin was caring enough to think about his parrot and allow him to wear his own hat when he became the sultan. I mean, not just any pet owner would do that! It kind of makes me think more of Jafar and forget all the bad things he did to Aladdin and Princess Jasmine.

Just imagine this was Jafar's attitude to pets when he reached his goal and became the ruler of the universe. Would he take care of all the animals in this case? Or did he only love Iago? I guess, we'll never know because Aladdin and his friends defeated him so many times, no matter how hard he tried.

I wonder if Iago lost his hat after Jafar was overthrown... It'd be cruel to take it away from him, wouldn't it?

7 Expectation Vs. Reality

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It happens to most of us. When we sing, we think that we look fabulous and have the voice of an angel, but if someone recorded our "performance," the harsh reality hurts us very much. We eventually see that we don't look or sound as good as we thought. Most likely, we resemble some silly bird instead of a Disney Princess, and our voice is also not as angelic as it seemed to be.

Does anyone know why it happens? Like, why do we think we're so much better at things than we actually are? Is this just due to being overly confident? Is it some kind of psychological trick our mind plays with us? It'd so much better if we could hear ourselves exactly the way we sound to others. So many unrealistic dreams and expectations wouldn't exist, and, as a result, there would be so much fewer disappointments.

6 Really, What Happened To Them?

In the end of Beauty and the Beast, when the servants finally returned to their human form, we were happy to see Mrs. Potts and Chip turning from a teapot and a cup, into a woman and a boy. But few of us thought about the other cups in the Beast's cupboard. There were a lot of them in there! However, we didn't see many children around Mrs. Potts in the end of the film.

You might think that it was just an ordinary tea set, and not enchanted people. But wait a minute... can you see that all these cups also have eyes and mouths? It means that they weren't simple cups — they were children, just like Chip! Did they turn into children, as well? Or did they keep on living as cups? What if Chip was the only one to become a child again because he was Mrs. Potts' favorite son? It deserves an explanation!

5 Poor Gaston...

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For most of us (or probably for all of us), Gaston was the most unpleasant character in Beauty and the Beast. He was arrogant, selfish, rude, violent, and extremely shallow. He wanted to marry Belle and he never cared if she wanted to marry him back. He didn't even understand her personality and only wanted her because she was the prettiest girl in the village. As soon as he learned that Belle liked another man, he started doing everything possible to get rid of him. He was the kind of person no one could ever like. Even his "good looks" didn't save him from disdain.

And for all of the "merits" Gaston gathered during the movie, he became the ultimate winner in one category: he received the "No Belle" prize. He didn't really want it, but he certainly deserved it.

4 Isn't It The Best?

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Crossover jokes are the funniest! And this joke is a crossover not only with Frozen (which is obvious), but also with all other Disney cartoons, where the main characters solve their problems by singing songs about them. Somehow, right after they sing a song, their dreams magically come true. In real life, it never happens, and Chief Bogo from Zootopia is there to remind us of this simple fact.

He was right — Judy Hopps didn't become a policeman because she sang a song about it. She realized the dream of her life and worked hard to get it. She kept this dream in mind all the time and when she finally found a chance to prove to everyone that she was a good cop, she immediately took advantage of it. That's the Disney character we should take as a role model, not some princess who only wants a prince!

3 I'd Love To See This Movie!

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When most objects in the Beast's castle turned back into humans, a question remained. Was there any real furniture in there? Because it seemed like all the cups, sofas, chairs, clocks, and even chandeliers were enchanted servants. If I'm right, the next thing Belle and the Beast-turned-Prince had to do wasn't to get married... but to furniture shop instead. I mean, otherwise their wedding guests wouldn't even have anything to sit on!

If there was an IKEA office somewhere near the village, the two of them would need to go there. They have good-quality housing items in IKEA and Belle and the Prince Adam would have enough money to afford everything they sold there. I wish we could see them shopping around. It'd be the first time for both of them!

2 Oh, Anna...

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The way Frozen mocked Disney's habitual plot-lines was hilarious. For example, when Anna met Hans and talked to him for, like, five minutes, she immediately decided that he was the love of her life. Obviously, she didn't know this man well enough to marry him. Such things never bothered Disney characters before, but this time around, everyone freaked out when Anna talked about wanting to marry Hans.

Fortunately, the girl was smart and eventually understood that Hans wasn't the man she needed to marry, it was—and always had been—Kristof; the nice guy who helped her all along. So, after two days of knowing him (which is, of course, more than five minutes this time around), she got engaged to him.

Truthfully, two days is still not long enough to be making such a big decision, but that's Anna for you.

1 Sure, Touching It Is A Great Idea

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There's a whole bunch of things that are similar in most Disney movies, and one of them is the irresistible desire of the main character to touch some unknown glowing object. Why would someone want to reach out to something like it? This tendency is really strange.

To understand this point better, imagine that you're walking on the street and suddenly see something weird standing on the ground. It looks very creepy and emits a bright light. What would you do? Would you go ahead and touch it or would you run away from it? If you're a Disney Princess, you might want to touch it for whatever reason, but if you're a sensible human being, you'd certainly want to get away from it in good time.

Trust me, it isn't the situation when you should behave like a Disney Princess.

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