Happily Ever Potter: 15 Things That Happened In The Potterverse (After The Series Ended)

Has anyone ever wondered what happened after the end of Harry Potter series? How did the characters continue living their lives and what did they accomplish after the Second Wizarding War? And what kind of punishment awaited for those who supported the Dark Lord and committed a number of evil acts?

Fortunately for fans of the series, J.K. Rowling is here to answer all the questions we have about what was happening in the Wizarding World after Harry finally defeated Voldemort. Knowing all these things, of course, makes us so much closer to the characters.

Now, get a good cup of pumpkin juice and prepare to learn everything there is  to know about the events following the end of the war against the Dark Lord.

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15 Harry And Ron Became Aurors

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Harry and Ron continued to see each other regularly after studying at Hogwarts — not only as friends, but also as colleagues. Both of them served as Aurors in the Ministry of Magic. It's worth mentioning that Harry soon became the youngest Head of the Auror the department ever had (he was 26 at the point) and helped make important changes in the department and in the entire ministry.

Ron also went to serve as an Auror right after the Battle of Hogwarts. However, in a few years, apparently being tired of all the fighting, he left his service and decided to work with George at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. Together they turned this small shop into a huge business and made a lot of money. Due to their efforts, the Weasleys never were a poor family again. It's interesting that, despite his numerous accomplishments, Ron thought that his finest hour was when he saw himself on a Chocolate Frog card.

14 Hermione Returned To Hogwarts

Hermione wouldn't be herself if she didn't decide to come back to Hogwarts and finish her seventh year after the end of Second Wizarding War.

J.K. Rowling said: "She went with Ron and Harry because she has a really good heart. That's not about brain. Ultimately, she had a bigger heart than she had a brain and that's saying something for Hermione. But did she- Was she naturally drawn to battle? No, she wasn't. She's not a Bellatrix. She's not a woman who actually wants to be hurting, fighting, killing. Not at all. She would be glad to go back to school, be glad to get back to study, and then would join [Harry and Ron] at the Ministry."

Thus, Hermione came back to school and passed her N.E.W.T.S. with excellence. To be honest, I'd be surprised if she did otherwise.

13 Malfoy Didn't Become Good... But Became Better

I understand that all of the Draco Malfoy fans wanted him to become a better character and show his true self from his good, humane side. After all, the kind of person he had been in his childhood was due to his upbringing and due to having his strict, unforgiving father. While reading or watching the series, many of us had been waiting for Draco to do something good and show us that he's actually not that bad.

But... we never really saw that.

It's sad to say, but even after the end of the series Draco didn't become the good person we'd like him to be. However, he definitely got better and realized his mistakes. Both Draco and his wife Astoria abandoned the hateful mindset of their pure-blood parents and raised their son Scorpius Hyperion in a completely different manner.

12 Ginny Remained Involved In Quidditch

Being a great Quidditch player at school, Ginny pursued a sports career after graduation and joined a team to play professionally. And it wasn't just some random team — it was Holyhead Harpies, a freakingly strong all-female squad. I bet she rocked it and helped the team win quite a few games!

Even after retiring from professional Quidditch, Ginny didn't abandon the sport. She became a Senior Quidditch correspondent at the Daily Prophet. It's interesting to mention that Ginny had to work alongside the infamous Rita Skeeter, who never left her attempts to write scandalous materials about Harry. Since, at that point, Harry wasn't only Ginny's friend, but also her husband and the father of her children, our daring redhead confronted Skeeter a few times to protect the honor of her family.

11 Harry And Dudley Communicated On Christmas Card Basis

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Dudley Dursley was one of the reasons why Harry's childhood wasn't happy. He constantly bullied him, even after he learnt that Harry was a wizard. Only when Dudley met a Dementor, and Harry saved his soul from being eaten by this gross creature, did he change his mind for the better.

Of course, after everything that happened in their childhood, Harry and Dudley couldn't become real brothers and friends. However, they still managed to come to terms and didn't stop seeing each other after Harry moved out from the Dursleys. The two cousins agreed on seeing each other on holidays to let their kids interact with each other. Meanwhile, Harry and Dudley wouldn't really talk to each other — they'd just sit together silently, while their kids played together.

10 Neville And His Parents

Neville had quite a career after studying and making an enormous contribution into defeating the Dark Lord. At first, he served as an Auror for the Ministry of Magic. But later his passion for Herbology prevailed over the desire to fight evil. He later became the Professor of Herbology at Hogwarts. I'm sure that Neville knew how important it was for a professor to be kind to his students and did his best to help them study magical plants.

All fans of the series wanted to learn about the happy ending for Frank and Alice Longbottom, who were tortured into madness by Bellatrix Lestrange. But, unfortunately, they never recovered. "I know people really wanted some hope for that, and I can quite see why because, in a way, what happens to Neville's parents is even worse than what happened to Harry's parents," J.K. Rowling said. "The damage that is done, in some cases with very dark magic, is done permanently."

9 Luna Married Newt Scamander's Grandson

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Many of us thought that Neville and Luna got together in the end of the series and thought that they could make a good couple. However, even though they did get together, their relationship didn't last. According to J.K. Rowling, Luna ended up marrying Rolf Scamander, the grandson of Newt Scamander, the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. They met when Luna was taking a trip around the world, intending to see exotic magical animals. The couple had twin sons, named Lorcan and Lysander. It'd be fun to know how Luna raised her kids and if they became as unusual as she was in school.

According to J.K. Rowling, Luna also became a famous wizarding naturalist. Remembering that Luna always had a passion for magical creatures, it was certainly the best life choice for her.

8 Hermione Kept On Fighting For Equal Rights

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Hermione was the one who couldn't watch the sufferings of house elves and decided to make a difference. I mean, there had to be a lot of wizards before her who'd known about this issue, but no one else stepped up to actually help. On her fourth year at Hogwarts, Hermione created S.P.E.W., Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare, and when she finished her studies, she didn't give up on her fight for the equal rights of all magical creatures. She went to work at the Ministry of Magic and remained a civil rights activist.

"Hermione began her post-Hogwarts career at the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures where she was instrumental in greatly improving life for house-elves and their ilk," J.K. Rowling said. "She then moved to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement where she was a progressive voice who ensured the eradication of oppressive, pro-pureblood laws."

7 Professor Umbridge Was Imprisoned

Fans of the series vehemently hated this woman, and many of us even hated her more than Voldemort. Dolores Umbridge did so many horrible things to so many people and magical creatures that you're going to be happy to know that she got what was coming to her. She got life imprisonment for all the crimes she committed, especially those against muggle-borns. Let me remind you that this nasty witch put a number of muggle-born wizards into Azkaban and many of them died there.

The only bad thing about knowing that Umbridge was sent to Azkaban herself was the fact that Dementors were no longer used as the guardians of this prison (we'll talk about that later). If you ask me, I'd put a personal Dementor into her cell. Wouldn't it be fair, if she realized on her own experience what she did to the innocent people she imprisoned?

6 Hagrid Remained At Hogwarts

All fans were extremely happy that Hagrid survived the series, despite all the tortures he had to endure. I can't even imagine how hard it was for him to carry Harry's body to Hogwarts, thinking that the boy he loved so much had died. And just think about how happy he was to see that Harry didn't actually die!

What we know about Hagrid's destiny following the defeat of Voldemort is that the gamekeeper of Hogwarts returned to the school that became his home and continued working there. The sad part is that Hagrid never married the woman he loved, Madame Maxime. Apparently, she didn't agree to become his wife, because he wasn't sophisticated enough to her French taste. Brokenhearted, Hagrid remained alone till the rest of his days.

5 Teddy Lupin Was A Metamorphmagus

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The deaths of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks were one of the saddest deaths in the series. What made their demise so heartbreaking was the fact that they had a little son. J.K. Rowling said that it wasn't easy for her to kill off Lupin and Tonks, but she did it because she had to. She pointed; "As happened in the first war when Harry's left behind, I wanted us to see another child left behind. And it made it very poignant that it was their newborn son."

Whether it was poignant or heartbreaking to see Teddy Lupin remain an orphan, we're still interested to learn about the boy's destiny.

What we know is that Teddy inherited his mother's magical abilities and that he was raised by his grandmother. It makes him similar to Neville, but his situation was actually different. Neville only had his grandmother, while Teddy also had Harry and all other members of the Order of Phoenix to take care of him.

4 The Destiny Voldemort Deserved

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When Voldemort finally lost all his Horcruxes and was killed in the end of The Deathly Hallows, we all felt relieved that the Dark Lord was gone forever. But his demise wasn't a usual one. After all the things he had done to himself and to his own soul, he couldn't just die as a typical human being. He couldn't move into the afterlife or return to the world of living as a ghost.

Instead, Voldemort's mutilated soul got stuck in Limbo; the state of being between life and death. There was no way for him to escape the eternity of agony and no one could do anything to take him out of there. While in Limbo, Voldemort was left completely powerless and looked like a stunted child with flayed skin.

None of us can even imagine the kind of suffering Voldemort had to endure in Limbo. But after all the atrocities he had done, he deserved it.

3 Viktor Krum Brought The World Cup To Bulgaria

Viktor Krum was an extremely skillful Quidditch player, who played as a seeker for a Bulgarian team. In the 1994 Quidditch World Cup, his team didn't win, even though Viktor caught the snitch. Later, in 2002, a similar thing happened, but back then, the defeat of his team was even more disastrous. So he made a promise to himself to deliver the victory to his homeland one day. And he managed to do it in 2014 after defeating Brazil.

It's interesting to mention that at first Viktor was too young to be a professional Quidditch player, but in the end of his career, when he finally won the cup, he became the oldest seeker. We also know that Krum married a woman from his native land and kept in touch with Hermione, who became his good friend.

2 Dementors No Longer Worked For The Ministry Of Magic

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The fact that the Ministry of Magic made a deal with such horrific creatures as Dementors has always surprised fans of the series. I mean, why would one agree to work with someone that can suck anyone's soul out of their body at any moment? The new Ministry of Magic—that was completely reformed after the end of the Second Wizarding War—and the new ethical laws didn't allow Dementors to remain in Azkaban. Besides, their support of Voldemort wasn't something that could speak in their favor.

Thus, Dementors no longer worked as guards at Azkaban and were replaced by Aurors. We don't know what exactly happened to them and where they continued their existence after losing their only application in the Wizarding World. We just hope they left somewhere far away.

1 Snape's Portrait Was Placed In The Headmaster's Office

The headmaster's office in Hogwarts always held the portraits of former headmasters hanging on the wall. According to the rules, Severus Snape couldn't be one of them, since he abandoned the post in the end of The Deathly Hallows. However, due to all his merits and contributions into defeating the Dark Lord, Harry made sure that Snape's portrait was placed there, too.

J.K. Rowling revealed to the fans: "I like to think that Harry would be instrumental in ensuring that Snape's portrait would appear there in due course... Harry would ensure that Snape's heroism was known."

I'm sure it was important for Harry to do everything in his power for people to appreciate the man who loved his mother so much, that he agreed to risk his life during so many years.

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