Happily Ever After (Reality TV): 15 Couples Who Met On Reality TV And Actually Made It Work

Reality TV shows are known for giving us lots of drama. We tune in every week to hear sassy lines, gorgeous outfits, and GIF-worthy clapbacks. Or we tune in to cheer on our favorites and watch people totally melt down. But at the end of the day, we know the "reality" in reality TV is rarely actually reality. Many of the shows are scripted or at least highly edited; meaning most of the things we see on those shows is most likely fake. But sometimes, our favorite stars surprise us. They take all that drama and all those tears and turn it into something that changes their life: a real romance!

It's always fun to see two people fall in love on a show when they didn't intend to fall in love. As you'll see, most of the below couples didn't meet on a dating show. So it's even more impressive that they not only met each other and fell in love (while having a camera in their face), but that they managed to sustain that love once the cameras were gone.

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15 Nicole 'Snooki' & Jionni ('The Jersey Shore')


When Nicole, who was known as Snooki at the time, first debuted on The Jersey Shore, she was the definition of a hot mess. Her hair was huge and her drunken antics were even bigger. No one thought the pint-sized partier would end up finding her true love on the show — but she did! Nicole and Jionni met back in 2010 during season three of The Jersey Shore. The couple met on the dance floor during Snooki's self-proclaimed "summer of hook-ups." They headed back to the house and when Jionni asked Nicole if she remembered his name, she answered, "I'll call you Bernard." So not the best start! But that didn't stop the duo from dating, getting engaged, getting married, and welcoming two little kids into their lives.

Nicole proved you can find your happily ever after at a night club!

14 Boston Rob & Amber ('Survivor')


Boston Rob and Amber met on Survivor All-Stars way back in 2003. They developed a relationship on the island and went to the final two together. Amber ended up winning the million (though many argued Rob deserved the win), but Rob was the bigger winner.

At the live finale, he proposed to Amber and she said yes! They then went on to have an extravagant televised wedding, and following the wedding, Rob went back on Survivor two more times, finally winning on his fourth attempt. He and Amber also got started on expanding their family. They are now proud parents to four little girls: Lucia, Carina, Isabetta, and Adelina. The couple also participated in two seasons of The Amazing Race and in a 10-episode show called Rob and Amber: Against the Odds that followed Rob as he attempted to become a professional poker player.

13 Jess & Cody ('Big Brother')


Jess and Cody are one of the newest reality TV couples to find each other and find love in the real world. (Though, there's some debate as to how much time these two have actually spent in the real world.)

The two competed on Big Brother, season 19, in the summer of 2017. Sadly, neither went home with the big prize. But they consider themselves winners for having found one another. They then went on to win the most recent season of The Amazing Race. The couple literally went from the Big Brother house to almost immediately filming The Amazing Race. So the majority of their relationship has been on camera.

Just before The Amazing Race finale aired, news broke that Cody and Jessica had gotten engaged. The two are planning a fall wedding and want to start expanding their family (Cody already has a 5-year-old daughter from a previous relationship) as soon as possible.

12 Trista & Ryan ('The Bachelorette')


Trista and Ryan are one of the OG Bachelor couples and are also one of the few who have managed to make their relationship last.

Trista was the first ever Bachelorette in 2002 and fell for Ryan hard and fast. After getting engaged at the end of the season, the two had a televised wedding in 2003. In 2007, Trista and Ryan welcomed their first child, a son named Max. Two years later, Trista gave birth to the couple's daughter, Blakesley.

Over the years, the couple has appeared (together and separately) on Dancing With The Stars, Fear Factor, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and Marriage Boot Camp. The family lives in Colorado where Ryan works as a firefighter. While they haven't been on TV in a while, they still keep up to date with the latest season of the Bachelor or Bachelorette.

11 Rachel & Brendon ('Big Brother')


Rachel and Brendon were another success story from the Big Brother house. The couple, known as "Brenchel," met on season 12 of Big Brother and returned for season 13 where Rachel went home the big winner.

After BB, the couple took on The Amazing Race and competed in two seasons. They finished both seasons in third place. Even though they entered the race with a huge fanbase from Big Brother, Rachel's winning and Brendon's short fuse turned them into a controversial team. But it's also what got them asked back for an All Stars season.

In 2012, the couple got married and aired their nuptials on TV. Three years later, the couple announced during a live taping of Big Brother that they were pregnant. Rachel gave birth to the couple's daughter, Adora. She's the first baby to be born from the Big Brother franchise.

10 Amber & Ethan ('Are You The One?')


Amber and Ethan met during MTV's first season of Are You The One? in 2013. The duo were a perfect match and found each other pretty quickly. Their season managed to all find their perfect matches, meaning these two also walked away with their share of the million dollar prize. But that's not all they won! As one of the only couples from AYTO? to stay together, Ethan proposed to Amber during the reunion special. Shortly afterwards, the duo announced their pregnancy and got married in a small ceremony.

In December 2014, they welcomed their first daughter named Scarlett. The duo renewed their vows in early 2017 and announced that they were expecting again at Christmas. Their second baby, which they recently revealed was another girl, is due this June.

9 Jordan & Jeff ('Big Brother')


Jordan and Jeff are another Big Brother success story! At this rate, the Big Brother house is doing much better than the Bachelor franchise, despite the fact that the point of Big Brother isn't to fall in love... Like their fellow contestants, these two met on Big Brother and then went on to appear on The Amazing Race.

Jeff and Jordan met in 2009 on season 11 of Big Brother, where Jordan took home the grand prize. They then came back for season 13 as a pair. But that's not all, the couple also appeared in season 16 of The Amazing Race and came in seventh place.

Jeff and Jordan got engaged in 2014 when Jeff proposed to her in the backyard of the Big Brother house. They had a quiet wedding in March 2016 and welcomed their son, Lawson, in October of that same year.

8 Peta & Maksim ('Dancing With The Stars')


Peta and Maksim are two incredibly talented and incredibly good looking professional dancers on Dancing With The Stars. It wasn't exactly love at first sight for this couple, though.

When they first met, Maks was engaged to another DWTS castmate, Karina Smirnoff, and Peta was dating a future DWTS cast member, Damian Whitewood. They began to date in 2012 when they were both single, but Maks broke things off a year later. They reunited by fall 2014, and in 2015 Maks proposed on stage during a performance in Miami. Just a year later the couple announced they were expecting a baby and wedding planning was put on hold. And in January, 2017, they welcomed their son, Shai, into the world.

Finally, in the summer of 2017, the two got married and made things official.

7 Twitch & Allison ('So You Think You Can Dance')


Twitch and Allison are one of the most talented and most gorgeous reality TV couples. Like Peta and Maks, they found their love on the dance floor. The duo met on season seven of So You Think You Can Dance, but didn't start to get to know one another until the All Stars season years later. They began dating shortly thereafter.

In 2013, the couple married at Villa San-Juliette Winery in Paso Robles, California — which is owned by SYTYCD judge and producer, Nigel Lythgoe. In 2016, the couple welcomed their first child, a son named Maddox. He joins older sister, Weslie, from Allison's previous relationship.

The couple has continued to appear on TV and do dance performances together. Allison has appeared as a pro on a few seasons of DWTS. And Twitch is the resident DJ on Ellen.

6 Sam & Stephanie ('The Biggest Loser')


Sam and Stephanie were contestants in 2010 on season nine of The Biggest Loser. The two lost the weight and gained each other. The couple has been through a lot, as they both went through massive transformations on The Biggest Loser, losing almost 250lbs combined.

In 2011, Sam fell off a five-story building and spent five months in the hospital and 31 days in a coma. In 2012, once Sam was fully recovered, the couple tied the knot in San Francisco at the same church where Stephanie's parents had gotten married. Unfortunately, this couple doesn't have a happy ending. In 2013, the couple split when Stephanie was seven months pregnant with their son, Dillon. The reason? Sam admitted to cheating on her multiple times throughout their courtship and marriage. Ouch! These days, the two remain friendly and co-parent their son.

5 Gwen & Blake ('The Voice')


Yes, even Hollywood celebrities aren't immune from falling in love on a reality TV show. Country crooner Blake Shelton and pop-punk princess Gwen Stefani are proof of that. The duo met while both working as judges on The Voice. They were both also going through heart-wrenching divorces. Blake Shelton split from fellow country star Miranda Lambert, after four years of marriage. And Gwen split from her husband, Gavin Rossdale, of 14 years and the father to her three children.

Blake and Gwen officially admitted they were dating in the fall of 2015 and made their first red carpet appearance together in 2016. Since then, the couple has been going strong. They love posting snaps together on social media and recently celebrated a Scooby-Doo themed birthday for Gwen's son Apolo's birthday. Will we be hearing wedding bells for these two soon? Maybe!

4 Ashley & JP ('The Bachelorette')


Ashley and JP are another one of the Bachelor franchise's success stories. The two met on Ashley's season of The Bachelorette in 2011, and a year later, had a televised wedding in December of 2012.

In 2014, the couple welcomed their first child, a son named Fordham Rhys. Two years later, they welcomed a daughter, Essex Reese, and became a family of four. The two also appeared on Marriage Boot Camp in 2017. While they aired their issues, it seems the two were able to reconnect and find a happy place in their relationship once again. They actually conceived baby Essex while filming Marriage Boot Camp. And Ashley says that's it for them! When asked if they were planning to have more kids, Ashley said, "No! [We have] a boy and girl, healthy and happy, we’re done! It’s perfect."

3 CT & Diem ('The Duel')


CT and Diem are one of the original couples of reality TV. Sadly, this couple doesn't have a happy ending, but they did have a great romance. The two met on MTV's The Duel way back in 2006. They went through a lot of drama both on and off the show. They broke up and got back together a number of times over the years. There were tears, fights, and even cheating scandals. But throughout it all, you knew this couple had deep love for one another.

Sadly, Diem got diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and fought the disease in 2006, 2012, and again in 2014. Just a few days before she passed away in 2014, CT rushed into Diem's hospital room and proposed to her with a ruby ring. She joked that she didn't like rubies. So CT came back the next day with a new ring. Again, Diem turned him down knowing she didn't have time left. She passed away a few days later. CT posted a tribute video to his Instagram account and said, "You have always been my angel." Pass the tissues!

2 Jamie & Doug ('Married At First Sight')


In 2016, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child. Sadly, only a few months later they shared that their pregnancy had ended in miscarriage — but it all turned around. On what would have been their first child's due date, the couple found out they were expecting again. They shared the news with the caption, "Hand-picked on Earth by my brother in heaven." On August 22, 2017, the couple welcomed their daughter, Henley Grace. Their new spinoff, Doug and Jamie Plus One, is airing now.

1 Jade & Tanner ('Bachelor In Paradise')


Jade and Tanner are another Bachelor Nation couple that managed to make things work once the cameras stopped rolling. Jade and Tanner met on the Bachelor spinoff, Bachelor in Paradise, in 2015. They were both former contestants on seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

On the season finale of BIP, the two said "I love you" and Tanner got down on one knee. They married in a televised wedding on Valentine's Day 2016, only eight months after they began dating.

Right away, the duo wanted to start a family. In March 2017, they announced that they were pregnant. And in August, they welcomed their baby girl, Emerson Avery. The couple was elated to be growing their family. Jade shared on Instagram, "Precious little girl, there are no words to describe the feeling of holding you in our arms for this first time and looking into your beautiful eyes. We love you so much. #bestdayever #ilovemyfamily"

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