The Hardest Disney Princess Trivia Questions Even Die Hard Fans Get Wrong

If there is one thing that the internet loves more than cats it is Disney Princesses and trivia. So, why not combine the two? Everyone has a favorite Disney Princess, the princess that reflects who they are, the traits they value, and who they strive to be, and everyone also loves to prove their knowledge and fandom prowess through specialized trivia challenged tailored to their specific interests and areas of expertise. This article contains detailed, obscure, and numerically specific facts about a mix of classic and modern Disney Princesses that is sure to have even the most dedicated fans stumped at least once before its conclusion.

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8 What Color Is Cinderella's Dress?

Every doll, poster, piece of merchandise, and live action adaptation which includes the beloved and classic ball gown that Cinderella is gifted with by the fairy godmother features a honey blonde Cinderella with a lovely blue dress. However, these were not the colors used in the original film.

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The original/true colors of both her hair and dress were strawberry blonde (a relatively ginger shade) and white, respectively. The hair and dress only appeared yellow and blue due to the shading used to create a dark/nighttime scene during the ball sequence, and is merely a trick of the eye. However, the misinterpretation stuck and all official versions of Cinderella products include the incorrect colors.

7 What Is Snow White's First Line?

The title character of the film is one that one would assume is quite vital to the story being told, so one would only assume that their first lines are incredibly important to know. Disney’s Snow White follows the tale of a young girl who is hunted down repeatedly by her evil stepmother until the former receives her well deserved happily ever after and the latter finds herself at the bottom of a cliff. Snow White is the first princess in the Disney oeuvre so her first spoken line in the film would technically be considered the first line ever spoken by a Disney princess; which is an incredibly fascinating thing to consider. Snow White’s first line was “Want to Know a Secret? Promise Not to tell?”

6 How Many Lines Does Aurora Have?

Though she is the title character of the film, Aurora does not have that many lines in Sleeping Beauty. The princess spends the majority of the film either below speaking age or in a magically induced coma, which makes speaking a little difficult on her part.


One must also consider the fact that a large portion of Aurora’s conscious and adult screen time is spent singing songs or giving her guardians the silent treatment because of her anger at not being allowed to run off with a relative stranger that she met while dancing through the woods. It turns out that, throughout the entire film, Aurora was only given eighteen lines.

5 What Transformed Merida's Mother Into A Bear?

After following the wisps, Merida finds herself in a witch’s cottage and becomes the owner of an edible object that will (hopefully) end the discord between her and her mother. The magical edible object is a special cake that she presents to her mother - which has the unintended side effect of turning her into a literal bear. The half-eaten cake is left unattended in the kitchen and Merida’s three younger brothers do what every child does when they find an unattended treat with no one around to catch them: they eat it and become bears themselves.

4 What Wrong Names Did Eric Guess?

While trying to solve the secret of the mute redheaded girl's identity, Prince Eric decides to play guessing game of sorts in order to figure out her name. The names in which he guesses before Sebastian reveals her true name are Mildred, Diana, and Rachel.


Some fans wonder why Ariel did not simply write her name down; however, some believe that Mermaids did not write in a language that Eric would recognize and the contract she signed showed her name for the benefit of the audience. Similar to how Tarzan can speak with the gorillas in a language recognizable to the audience but cannot speak with the humans at first even though, to the audience, they are speaking the same language.

3 What Holiday Item Does Forte Use To Lure Belle Into The Woods?

In the must-watch, straight to VHS sequel to the classic film, Beauty and The Beast: Enchanted Christmas follows Belle and her attempts to bring a little holiday cheer to the dim and grim castle after the Beast had banished all Yuletide joy. Forte (the piano voiced by Tim Curry) worries that Belle will succeed in her goal and that doing so would pull the Beast away from him, so he does everything in his power to defeat her. Including taking advantage of her kind nature and convincing her to travel into the dark forest in order to get the best tree possible. Claiming that the entire celebration would be ruined without it.

2 What Does Jasmine Object To Be Treated As?

Jasmine has always existed as a strikingly feminist character who advocates for her right to be seen as a person and not a “prize to be won.” Her main issue with the suitors pursuing her is that they seem to see her as a token of their wealth.


As if she is something that can be bought with lavish gifts and the promise of more riches than she could acquire on her own rather than a human being with her own rights, wants, and desires. This is why she was hesitant to interact with Aladdin, at first, as his attempts to woo her ended up aligning him with those men who had failed before.

1 What Is Needed To Make Rapunzel's Favourite Paint?

While trying to buy the time needed to see the lanterns on her own and deal with the strange man in her closet, Rapunzel requests a special birthday gift from Mother Gothel. She asks her to gather the white shells needed to make her favorite special paint as the journey needed to procure these items will require Gothel to go on a very long trip. This trip will give Rapunzel enough time to venture out into the world and see the lanterns for herself. Unfortunately, Gothel runs into figures from the palace on her way and abandons her mission in order to check on her flower back in the tower.


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