Kit Harington Plans To Use A Jon Snow Statue As A Scarecrow

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Apparently, the King in the North has a green thumb—Kit Harington has revealed that he has a knack for growing vegetables and keeping them healthy and he is now enlisting the help of a Jon Snow scarecrow to keep it that way.

Remember the statues discovered by the stark siblings down in the family crypt in the HBO Game of Thrones first teaser for the season? Well, Kit Harington has decided to use his statue in his vegetable garden to scare off birds who might want to enjoy vegetables and fruits grown by the famous actor.

In fact, not only is he an amazing gardener but Harington lives off of the produce he grows in the English countryside—he revealed on an episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

The 32-years-old actor was born in London and rose to international fame as a star of the hit HBO series, whose eighth and final season will premiere this Sunday, April 14. Harington, who is married to fellow co-star Rose Leslie, now lives in the countryside, and he uses all the open space to his advantage.

Harington told Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest in the interview that he has gotten “really into growing vegetables,” commenting on a photo of his remarkable collection of homegrown fruits and veggies—squash, carrots, tomatoes, red onion, beans, four different types of potatoes, grapes and even a crop of asparagus in the works.

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“Where do you live, do you live in Eden?!” Ripa joked when she looked at the crop. Laughing, Harington replied, “I do sometimes feel like that, I feel very lucky…we wanted to get to a place where we could literally live off what we were growing, and now we can do that.”

“It looks exactly like me,” he added. (We beg to differ!)

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“That’s going to go in the vegetable patch and it’s just going to say Game of Thrones lines,” he said. “'I’m going to attach a little speaker to it….’Winter is coming!’”

Well, aside from being a stellar gardener, the King in the North has a great sense of humour!

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