Harley-Davidson: 20 Photos We Can't Stop Staring At

Since 1903, Harley-Davidson has been pumping out some of the most iconic, memorable motorcycles in the world. There’s a reason why the name is synonymous with riding and motorcycle gangs and anything having to do with bikes. Along with Indian, it was one of the two major motorcycle manufacturing companies to survive the Great Depression.

116 years later, the company is still kicking and doing better than ever. Yes, recent tariffs and export problems have arisen, but the bikes are still lauded as some of the best, and every motorcycle buff wants to own one.

But a picture is only as good as its background, and here we have some of the most beautiful Harley-Davidson shots we’ve ever seen. They combine the aggressive, powerful bikes with stunning imagery, and each picture makes us feel and think in a different way.

Here are 20 pictures of Harleys that we can’t take our eyes off of.

20 This V-Rod In Front Of The Eiffel Tower

via Pinterest

The Harley-Davidson VRSC, or V-Rod, was the first Harley street bike to feature a modern engine with DOHC and liquid cooling. It was manufactured from 2001 to 2017, and still stands as one of the coolest looking models they’ve ever made.

It doesn’t get much better than this chromed out, sleek V-Rod sitting gloriously in front of the Eiffel Tower, either. Talk about romantic!

19 This Custom Fat Bob On The Race Track

via Harley Heaven

Shane Daniels of HarleyHeaven.com believes this particular Milwaukee-Eight-powered bike is the best Harley ever, and we find it tough to disagree when it’s pictured and posed so beautifully.

Daniels goes into a long spiel about this custom made bike built in Western Sydney from a 2018 Harley 114ci Fat Bob base, with barrels and pistons made from Mahle, and all sorts of other modifications (SE-515 M8 camshaft, SE inner cam bearing, SE high capacity lifters, SE adjustable M8 pushrods, etc).

18 This 1948 Panhead On Gravel

via Washington Times

The Harley-Davidson “Panhead” is not actually a bike, but an engine. It’s really an OHV engine nicknamed “panhead” because the rocker covers resemble cooking pans. It’s a two-cylinder, two-valve-per-cylinder, pushrod V-twin that's made in 61ci and 74ci displacements.

The distinctive shape of the engine makes this Harley stick out for sure, as does the paint job – even when it’s just sitting on some loose gravel like it is here.

17 This New Breakout In Front Of Brick

via Badass Helmet Store

The Breakout is one of Harley’s newest additions to its line-up that has everyone talking. It’s a beautiful bike that takes an aggressive, muscled look that Harley is known for, and gives it a modern edge.

It sits with a Milwaukee-Eight 107 or 114 engine, and looks absolutely pristine in front of this brick wall. Somehow, the stark simplicity of the photo makes it even better and more relevant to our interests.

16 This Beautiful Harley Sunset

via Son of Arthritis

This is one of the more beautiful pictures you’ll see featuring a Harley-Davidson and its loving owner. We have a glorious sunset, the beautiful silhouette of a bike, and a shadowed man sitting down staring off into the distance.

Harley is all about adventure and riding, and this guy seems to be living his best life while he’s on his own personal journey. It doesn’t even matter what kind of Harley it is – it looks stunning.

15 This FXR In The Scenic Countryside

via Reddit

This Harley-Davidson Super Glide FXR is propped up perfectly in this picture, giving it a serene quality that gives the sunset picture above a run for its money.

The Super Glide originated as one of the company’s first factory motorcycles, part of the FX series that mated Sportster components with the chassis of its larger big twin motorcycles. But the background countryside scenery really steals the picture and makes it hard to look away.

14 This Road King On The Lake

via Masmotonet

There’s nothing like riding in the sun with the wind in your hair. Harley-Davidson is all about that aesthetic, and this picture perfectly paints that awesome quality. Pictures are worth a thousand words, as they say, and what can we say about this pristine Road King?

It comes with a powerful Milwaukee-Eight V-Twin engine, and has a “soul-satisfying rumble,” according to Cycle Trader, and that’s exactly the attitude that this photo conveys.

13 This Softail Heritage Classic In The Woods

via HD Village

Harley-Davidson recently came out with their 2020 Heritage Classic motorcycle, and this is one beautiful bike.

This photo is actually taken from the Harley website, so you better believe they’re going to showcase a beautiful setting, while also making the bike stand out in the foreground. It’s almost like a desert forest situation here, with the wispy wind blowing the leaves all around. It’s quite lovely, and stands in perfect contrast to this epic, aggressive bike.

12 This Heritage Classic In The City

via Harley-Davidson

To juxtapose the Heritage Classic above in the woods, we have this picture of a similar bike but in a city setting. It stands out just as well, if not better, when it’s surrounded by buildings and streetlights and lampposts. In fact, this almost looks like an old western village, thanks to the old architecture, which gives this Heritage Classic a sense of legitimacy that it might not otherwise have in other settings.

11 This 2020 Restyled Heritage Classic On The Road

via Ultimate Motorcycling

This is a picture of a 2020 Heritage Classic that’s been restyled, revealed with plenty of chrome (rather than the traditional blacked-out look of the other Heritage Classics), and reflective parts that make driving it on the road a pleasure.

The restyled components, according to Harley-Davidson, “include a bright powertrain with chrome air cleaner and covers, chrome steel-laced wheels, chrome headlamp bucket and auxiliary light buckets,” and more.

10 Alessandra Ambrosio On A Harley

via My Hot Posters

It might be a simple truth that every bike is only as good as the person who’s riding it. And who better to ride this beautiful Harley than this beautiful Brazilian model, Alessandra Ambrosio.

While she may or may not be an actual rider, she definitely makes this image stick out. The Victoria’s Secret model knows how to get down and dirty with this bike, and takes a nice break from the company’s PINK line (of which she's the spokesperson), and the angel wings (and replaces them with devil horns, perhaps?).

9 This Heritage Classic Rolling Through The Countryside

via Total Motorcycle

We can’t get enough of the Heritage Classic in awesome settings, and this one of the bike rolling through the countryside is pretty stunning. We have everything here: a calm rider enjoying the scenic ride, mountains and greenery in the background, and an awesome cloudy landscape that helps showcase this bike in the perfect way. It doesn’t get much better than this for a daily ride.

8 This XG Street 750 By NCT Motorcycles

via Bike EXIF

Austria-based company NCT Motorcycles made this custom bike for its 20th annual European Bike Week. It’s made from a 2016 Harley Street 750, and BikeEXIF.com thinks it just might be the best-looking Harley Street in existence. It’s hard to disagree off the top of our heads, with its awesome green coloring on black, and an absolutely insane build.

It has a radically different visual vibe than other Streets, which is only showcased even further by the interesting, blurred out background.

7 This Fat Bob On The Streets

via Harley-Davidson Bowling Green

The 2020 Fat Bob from Harley-Davidson features dual disk front brakes and a bold, unapologetic style that's heightened by the background of this photo. It seems like it belongs in the streets, in a rough and tumble neighborhood with graffiti on the walls.

The bike has also gotten great reviews from Cycle Trader, Top Speed, and Cycle World, and this unique, drool-worthy bike can be yours for under $20,000.

6 This Street 500 In An Alley

via Paramoto

When we say “alley” it’s a bit of a misnomer, because we probably haven’t seen a more pristine, clean alley in our lives. This almost looks the entrance into some old Victorian neighborhood, and the Street 500 sitting in the foreground meshes perfectly with what’s going on in the background, somehow.

It probably took a long time to figure this photo-op out, and we’re still wondering who came up with it, because they hit it out of the park.

5 This Street 750 Under A Bridge With Trains

via Pinterest

One of the things we like most about pictures with motorcycles – and not just Harleys – are photos in motion. It gives us a better feel for what the ride might be like, even if the bike isn’t the thing in motion, as in this picture.

It’s a unique art piece that makes this Street 750 stand out in a big way. It might be sitting under a bridge, which typically has a bad connotation, but in this instance, it works.

4 This Sportster Iron 883 Against A Graffiti Wall

via Improb

The Iron 883 is a magnificent bike that sets the standard for raw, stripped-down, blacked-out Harleys. This is one awesome looking bike, and it’s really an icon of the Harley-Davidson Dark Custom style (according to Harley-Davidson, it’s the “original icon” of that style).

Set against this wall riddled with graffiti, we’re forced to focus not only on the bike, but everything that’s going on around it, though our eye keeps returning to the beautiful machine in the foreground.

3 This LiveWire In Its Natural Habitat

via Indian Autos Blog

The Harley-Davidson LiveWire is the company’s first real attempt at an electric motorcycle, and it looks stunning in this shot. The LiveWire fits perfectly in a city like San Francisco—what we consider its “natural habitat” – because of the hubbub of the streets, the constant motion of the city, and the technology that’s teeming out of every orifice of the place.

The LiveWire is completely at home here, as is the beautiful blonde rider, it seems.

2 This Vintage Sportster On The Road

via Petrolicious

This photo is taken from a behind-the-scenes look at Petrolicious.com’s glide around the winding, beautiful countryside roads of Madrid.

This bike, with its white covers and chrome sparkle, is truly a work of art. It was made by Efraon Triana of Madrid, who has made more than 100 bespoke bikes for special customers. This is a 1957 Sportster that just stands out from the crowd like none other, and it deserves to be the only bike in this epic picture.

1 This Vintage 1915 11F On The Lake

via WSJ

The 1915 Harley-Davidson 11F was ahead of its time, with its 11-horse F-head V-twin engine. It’s a bike that still goes the distance today, and is one of the most important (and often regarded as one of the best) Harleys of all time.

This beautifully restored bike is a perfect send-off for this set of images; it’s a complete contrast picture of where Harley is today, and where the company has come from. Add to it the beautiful background on the lake, and it doesn’t get much better than this.

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