20 Harmless Video Games That Are Banned Around The World

For decades now, video games have been a fixture in the mainstream, and while things seem to be relatively smooth now, there were periods in which this wasn't the case. Games have come a long way in terms of pleasing people and keeping their content mild enough to get inside people's homes. Rare is it to see a game that is banned in many places, but there are still some games out there that can't quite make the cut abroad. Even though these games are completely fine almost everywhere else, certain countries have flagged them and have banned them.

Today, we want to take a look at 20 video games that have been banned in countries around the world. These games are sure to come as a huge surprise to many!

20 X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Germany)

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In this day and age, it is hard to imagine a video game based on a comic book character being banned somewhere, but Germany feels a little differently about this. This game was banned in the country for violence, which comes as quite a surprise considering it isn't exactly a secret that superheroes need to use force to save the day. Either way, don't plan on picking this up in Berlin.

19 Grand Theft Auto V (North Korea)

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Over the years, there has been quite a polarizing reaction to this franchise, but it seems that most places have come to realize that this game is completely harmless. North Korea decided to slap a ban on this game when it was released, and the people wanting to play it there are going to have to make their way elsewhere to see what all the fuss is about.

18 Assassin's Creed: Odyssey (Saudi Arabia)

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Even though this franchise is one that allows people to navigate their way throughout certain historical periods, Saudi Arabia decided to make sure this franchise never sees the light of day within their borders. They aren't overly fond of how their people are portrayed, making this game one that cannot be found in the area.

17 South Park: The Stick Of Truth/ The Fractured But Whole (Saudi Arabia)

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Based on the popular franchise, these games were able to catch on with fans everywhere in no time. Unfortunately for the fans in Saudi Arabia, these two RPGs quickly ended up on the banned side of things due to their offensive content. Too bad for them, because both games represent South Park at its best.

16 Mortal Kombat (South Korea)

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Those of us that grew up in the 90s remember when there was a certain amount of controversy with this franchise— but things smoothed out and it went on to revolutionize the industry. South Korea decided to ban this game due to its violent content, which was already heavily implied by the game's title.

15 EverQuest (Brazil)

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In one of the more unique entries on this list, Brazil decided to slap a ban on this game due to certain references that it makes. While Everquest can be played in certain areas in the country, there is still one state in particular that has kept the ban on the game in full effect, Minas Gerais, and it looks like it won't be lifting anytime soon.

14 Battlefield 4 (China)

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This popular series has been a fixture in the gaming community for quite some time, but its fourth installment found itself banned in China when it was released. It is said that the game discredits the national image of the country, making it a prime candidate for banishment by the people in charge.

13 EA Sports MMA (Denmark)

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MMA games have come a long way over the years, with the UFC having a sizable control over them. Years ago, EA Sports decided to use fighters from another promotion for this game, but the violence isn't what caused its ban. It was its use of advertisements for energy drinks. Yes, energy drinks.

12 The Godfather (Germany)

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Fans of The Godfather were looking forward to this game being released, as it gave them a chance to get fully immersed in one of their favorite cinematic worlds. Unfortunately for fans in Germany, this game was banned due to its imitation of brutality and extortion. That's too bad, because this game was pretty fun.

11 Reservoir Dogs (Germany)

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Yet again, we find another game based on a film that wound up being banned in Germany. The film itself is a classic, but most people seem to have forgotten about the game. People that have seen the movie knew that violence was on the way, and this is why it is banned in Germany.

10 The Warriors (Germany)

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Based on the classic 70s film, The Warriors sought to bring people out to New York City and have them bop their way back to Coney Island. Being revolved around gangs in the city, there was simply no way that this game wasn't getting banned in Germany when it was released. A shame considering the video game adaptation was actually developed by Rockstar.

9 Pokemon GO (Iran)

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A few years back, this game came along and took the world by storm. People everywhere were glued to their phones trying to catch 'em all and fill their Pokedex in no time. People in Iran, however, were unable to do so because the game was banned for security reasons.

8 Dante's Inferno (Malaysia)

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Based on the classic story, this game's previews alone caused quite a stir in a number of places, but most people were excited to see how the game would eventually play out. Malaysia was not fond of a number of elements within the game, namely its hellish visions, which caused the area to ban it entirely.

7 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (Mexico)

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Stereotypes don't always go over well in certain areas, and in Mexico, the state of Chihuahua took exception to the stereotypes that were perpetrated in this game. While it is available in other areas of Mexico, the locals in Chihuahua were unable to get themselves a copy when this game hit shelves.

6 Dota (Philippines)

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Instead of having an outright ban throughout the entire country, this fan-favorite is banned in a certain area of the Philippines. The game grew too popular and physical conflicts arose in no time. Because of this, the area decided to make sure that fans of the game would have to go elsewhere to enjoy it.

5 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (Nepal)

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As is stands now, this is the only game that is banned in Nepal, making the area as a whole rather lenient when compared to some of the others on this list. The country banned PUBG because of the younger characters in the game being involved with delinquency. Good thing the locals have plenty of other games to play.

4 Mass Effect 3 (United Arab Emirates)

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As a premier franchise in the gaming community, many people have played at least one entry in the Mass Effect franchise. For those living in the United Arab Emirates, however, there have been multiple games within the franchise that have been banned, and this is due to a certain relationship within the game. However, PC gamers can scoop up a digital copy comfortably.

3 Blitz: The League (Australia)

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A football game being banned? But how? Well, fans of this series know that this isn't quite like other football games, and the story mode features certain incentives that would make Charlie Sheen blush. Australia decided that the game crossed the line and dropped the hammer on it when it was initially released.

2 L.A. Noire (Saudi Arabia)

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When this game first hit the shelves, it wound up being a pretty big success. People loved playing through each mission and getting the feeling that they were part of a growing detective story. However, the violence and racier moments in the game made it perfect for the banned list in Saudi Arabia.

1 Tropico 5 (Thailand)

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While not as popular as other games on this list, there is still a good amount of people that play this game regularly. It may seem innocent enough from the outside looking in, but Thailand decided to ban this game, believing that it could affect peace and order. Strong words for a normal game.

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