Harry Potter: 20 Vomit-Inducing Good Deeds By Slytherin

When it comes to the Slytherin House in the Harry Potter series, most of us expect bad things. Very bad things. After all, it's like Rubeus Hagrid says: "There's not a single witch or wizard who went bad who wasn't in Slytherin. You-Know-Who was one." Except... it's just not true. Not only was Peter Pettigrew, the worst Benedict Arnold of the Wizarding World, a Gryffindor, but Professor Quirrell was also a Ravenclaw. So it should come as no surprise that Slytherins aren't only not all the worst wizards, but sometimes even the best.

Many Slytherins have done good deeds, some of which are so heartwarming and so saccharine they'll give you a toothache. In fact, some of the most noble sacrifices were made by Slytherins. Slytherins, in fact, are not only the reason why The Boy Who Lived continues to do so, but the also why Lord Voldemort failed to carry out his mission in the first place. Skeptical? Here are Harry Potter: 20 Vomit-Inducing Good Deeds By Slytherin.

20 Snape Gave Up His Life To Be A Spy

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When you dedicate your entire existence to wiping out your former dark boss, you know you've definitely drunk the kool-aid. Severus Snape is one of the reasons why Lily Potter is gone, having blabbed the prophecy about her child to the Dark Lord, but he's also the reason why the Order of the Phoenix was able to stay ahead of him.

19 Regulus Black Tried To Destory A Horcrux

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Regulus Black didn't go down as one of the biggest heroes in the Potterverse. He failed his mission, got himself destroyed and Harry didn't even name one of his kids after the man, which is, of course, the true sign of Rowling hero. But he was brave enough to attempt to defy his master when it meant certain doom for him, which renders him a hero just the same.

18 Snape Protected Harry From Quirrell's Curse

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All of us thought Snape was cursing Harry on the Quidditch field in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, even Hermione Granger. It turns out that Ravenclaw Quirrell and not Snape, was the culprit in Harry's near horrific fate. Snape saved Harry from falling off his broom, proving once again that Lily Potter's eyes are the best defense against evil in the world.

17 Narcissa Saved Harry

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No one will ever call Nacrissa Malfoy a charmer or a warm-hearted Weasley wife, but we can definitely call her a hero. When Harry confirmed that her son, Draco, was still alive, she lied for him, risking her own life in return. From events in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, we can infer that Narcissa is still a testament to her own name, but she did exhibit kindness at least once in her miserable life.

16 Snape Put Himself Between The Trio And A Werewolf (Lupin)

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No matter how much Severus Snape hated Remus Lupin, the two had much in common, from their dark natures they attempted to overcome to their outcast status and the fact that they both gave their lives to help save the world. They both also knew the risks about being around a werewolf, which makes Snape's failure to brew wolfsbane for Lupin, as well as Lupin's failure to take any potion that night, completely irresponsible.

They could've done the trio in, but at least Snape put himself between Lupin and the children to attempt to save them from the monster.

15 Andromeda Tonks Defied Her Family And Married A Muggle-Born

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As far as Slytherins go, Andromeda Tonks is pretty much the most traitorous of the bunch. Not only did she not become a Death Eater and live as a major disappointment to her family to the point of being burned off her own family tree, but she even married a muggle-born.

14 Merlin's Greatest Achievements Led To Order Of Merlin

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It always comes as a surprise that one of the most famous and beloved wizards of all time, Merlin himself, was a Slytherin. Slytherins are proud, ambitious and cunning, which can all be positive when directed properly. Merlin proved this with all of his own achievements, which led to the Order of Merlin, one of Dumbledore's top awards, being instituted.

13 Horace Slughorn Fought In The Battle For Hogwarts

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Horace Slughorn may have made one of the worst mistakes of any Hogwarts teacher in aiding Tom Riddle when it came to Horcrux creation, but he also redeemed himself by fighting alongside the rest of the school during the Battle of Hogwarts. After seeing Slughorn hide from Death Eaters as a piece of furniture, it was heartening to witness his redemption.

12 Snape Made Lupin Wolfsbane

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Severus Snape makes the list of Slytherin do-gooders more than most, even though his motivation pretty much stems from the deeds he most regrets. One of the kindest things he has done was to agree to make Lupin's wolfsbane potion to prevent his monthly transformations.

Snape despised Lupin, who might not have bullied him but certainly didn't stop his friends the way Lily Evans had tried to, so this counts as a pretty generous deed, even if it was more for Dumbledore than Remus himself.

11 Andromeda Offered Her Home To Help The Order

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If Andromeda Black hadn't already secured her excommunication from her family by marrying Ted Tonks, she certainly sealed the deal when she offered up her home as a safety checkpoint during the mission to relocate Harry Potter from the Dursley's home to the Burrow.

Andromeda lost almost everything to the cause, from her husband to her daughter, who was destroyed by her own sister, Bellatrix Lestrange, and she's not as well-recognized for her war efforts as many other witches.

10 Snape Gave Harry An Explanation As He Perished

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As Snape lay expiring just before the final Battle of Hogwarts, he certainly owed Harry nothing; even though he'd bullied the boy, he also gave his life protecting him day after day. He didn't want to leave the planet without explaining to Harry why, though, so he gave Harry his most horrific memory, the very reason why he gave everything up, and it led to not only his redemption in the eyes of many readers but a plethora of "Always" tattoos.

9 Horace Slughorn Mourned With Hagrid

While it's true that Horace Slughorn's true motivation behind mourning Aragog's demise with Hagrid was merely to secure some of the Acromantula's venom, it was also a pretty extreme thing to do in order to obtain it.

Aside from Dumbledore, it's unlikely that any of the other Hogwarts faculty would ever mourn a beast with the keeper of the keys, and it was a pretty sweet gesture.

8 Snape Lied To Umbridge About His Veritaserum Stores

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Even though Dolores Umbridge seems like she's right up Snape's alley, he definitely didn't want to help her take over Hogwarts. He even went as far as defying her when she demanded Veritaserum to question the students, lying about being fresh out of the potion in order to protect his students.

7 Isolt Sayre Married A Muggle And Founded Ilvermorny

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As much as American wizards discourage marriage between witches and no-majes, it seems odd that the founder of their own wizarding school, Ilvermorny, married a muggle. Isolt Sayre likely would've been sorted into Slytherin, as she was his descendant, had her evil aunt allowed her to attend school. Instead, she traveled to North America, where she started her own.

6 Snape Refused To Harm Harry While Being Attacked By Him

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After carrying out Dumbledore's own painful orders for his execution, Snape escaped Hogwarts with his fellow Death Eaters while Harry furiously chased him. Even though Harry's curses came flying at Snape from behind, he refused to harm the Boy Who Lived, knowing he was their only hope in defeating the Dark Lord.

5 Albus Potter Tried To Save Cedric Diggory

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As much as Albus Potter wished to not be in Slytherin, that's certainly where the Sorting Hat put the lad. Even though Albus was sullen and even cruel at times, he was mostly a kind boy who wanted to save Cedric Diggory and fix the mess he blamed on his dad. He even befriended Scorpius Malfoy before he knew that he, too, would be sorted into Slytherin, making him much kinder than Rose Weasley.

4 Malfoy Kept His Son And Wife Home To Protect Them

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Draco Malfoy was one of the worst Slytherin wizards, on his way to becoming a terrible dark wizard during his time at Hogwarts, so it was very refreshing to watch him turn his life around. He kept his son and wife at home away from the hurtful rumors about his family, as well as to protect his wife's health. He also refused to teach Scorpius the bigoted things his parents taught him, which is the best way to change the next generation.

3 Snape Led Harry To The Sword Of Gryffindor

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When Snape says, "Always," he means always, and he didn't really have the room to talk when he mocked Tonks's Patronus taking the shape of the love of her life when his own did the same. It was this Patronus that helped Harry find the Sword of Gryffindor, proving that Snape was still around watching out for Harry even after Dumbledore was gone.

2 Scorpius Malfoy Was Nice To Everyone

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Scorpius Malfoy put Rose Weasley to shame at Hogwarts. Rose's intelligence was no match for Scorpius's indomitable optimism and good cheer, even when his life was much harder than many other students' due to the rumors about his family. His daily kindness proves that being a snooty jerk-face isn't a trait that one must have to be in Slytherin.

1 Snape Gave Up His Life... Again (Cursed Child)

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No matter how many lives Severus Snape has to give, they will always be forfeit for the price of good. In Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Snape had the chance to save himself after discovering that he had to die in order to defeat Voldemort, yet he chose the same fate again for the benefit of everyone else.

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