Harry Potter: 20 Wild Revelations About Dobby's Anatomy

When it comes to house-elves in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, the creatures seem like any other magical creature at first. They have distinctive features, special abilities and they are even servants to the witches and wizards in J.K. Rowling's books. That said, they are quite different from, say, a Blast-Ended Skrewt or even a Hippogriff. House-elves are sentient enough for them to have non-human person hood. They are capable of reasoning, speaking perfect English and making decisions, which is why Hermione Granger is so appalled by their treatment and forms the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare, or S.P.E.W., on their behalf.

Likewise, the anatomy of a house-elf differs from other magical creatures, often resulting in a cross between wizard-like features and magical creature-ish ones. Many of these variations are evident in these Harry Potter: 20 Wild Revelations About Dobby's Anatomy.

20 He's Taller Than The Average House Elf

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Dobby has a few special features that differ from the other house-elves, such as the fact that he's taller than his peers. House-elves are generally two- to three-feet tall, but Dobby stands at three-feet, six inches tall. This means that the actress who played Dobby in the films, Diane Gibbons, was actually shorter than the character in the books.

19 He's Capable Of More Work Than Average Elves

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Most house-elves only do the work that their wizarding family assigns them, and for many, this is restricted to general cooking and cleaning. Dobby does much more since he not only worked for Hogwarts, but he also did random errands for Harry and took care of his friend Winky.

18 He Shares A Birthday With Rowling's Sister

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The birth of a house-elf may not seem like a big cause for celebration among wizards, but Dobby must have been a pretty special house-elf to J.K. Rowling in order to warrant the same birthday as the author's sister. Both of them were born on June 28th.

17 His First And Last Words Were "Harry Potter"

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The fact that the first words that audiences heard Dobby utter were the same as his last words in the series is a sobering realization for many fans. That cute, if creaky, voice was stilled after he selflessly saved his friends and said "Harry Potter" one final time in Harry's arms.

16 He Uses His Body To Get Harry In Trouble

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One of the most curious facts about Dobby's body is that he uses it to get Harry Potter into trouble in whimsical ways that other house-elves might not dream of doing. Even when under Malfoy family orders, Dobby acts in a mischievous manner, and he utilizes his body in an attempt to impede Harry from returning to school.

15 He Has A New Look In The Picture Editions

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Fans who have read the new picture editions of the Harry Potter series have likely realized that Dobby, among other characters, has been given a new look. Artist Jim Kay says that he had a tough time with these illustrations in particular. Since the house-elf is so beloved among fans, he wanted to be sure to do the character justice while still portraying him a bit differently.

14 His Body Has Been Used For A Studio Tour In London

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One of the strangest things about Dobby's body is that it has been used for a studio tour for Harry Potter fans in London. Having your body on display sounds a bit morbid, particularly since Dobby was offed in the final book of the series, but some fans say that he is honored in this way.

13 He's Able To Apparate And Levitate Objects

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Unlike many other magical creatures, Dobby's body has magical powers. The house-elf is able to Apparate, which is convenient when Harry needs his help. He is also able to utilize magic in order to make objects levitate off surfaces into the air, as he demonstrated while attempting to sabotage Harry's return to Hogwarts.

12 His Skin Changed Texture Between The Movies

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One of the things about Dobby's body that doesn't make much sense is the way that his skin changed appearance, most notably in texture, between the Harry Potter movies. Most viewers chalk smooth-skinned Dobby versus wrinkled Dobby up to a matter of directional preference rather than anything plot-worthy.

11 He Can Use Wandless Magic And Dark Spells

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Potter fans who've seen the films may not be aware how rare the ability to utilize wandless magic is, but Dobby is fully capable of doing so, which means that he is more impressive than many wizards. He is also known to use Dark Magic when needed, and has hexed Harry on multiple occasions while still under the servitude of the Malfoy family.

10 His Body Is On Display For Fans

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Dobby's body is not currently resting in peace, but is on display for fans to see, complete with stains from his final moments on Earth. While this may seem gross to many people, other fans find comfort in being able to seek Dobby out and leave socks for the house-elf as a final tribute.

9 He Was Buried At Shell Cottage As A Free Elf

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In the real world, poor Dobby's corpse might still be on view for the world to see, but in Harry Potter's universe, his body is resting at peace at Shell Cottage. Harry refused to use magic to create the house-elf's proper grave, and he left his friend with a tombstone that read, "Here Lies Dobby, A Free Elf."

8 He Wore Fancier Clothes In The Books

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In the Harry Potter films, Dobby is known for wearing pitiful rags, which makes sense for a house-elf that no one cares about. But once he's free in the books, he chooses to wear lots of fun, and often funny, clothes, including a tea cozy, a bunch of hats, a red jumper and multiple pairs of socks. Dobby is a fashionista who loves to adorn his body and it's too bad viewers missed out on this book fact.

7 He Gave His Life To Save His Friends

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Many characters who give their lives in the Harry Potter world succumb to magic and spells, but poor Dobby found himself impaled with a non-magical knife that nonetheless ended his existence. Dobby bravely used his body to save his friends and he will always be remembered for his sacrifice.

6 Toby Jones Provided His Voice

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Fans of actor Toby Jones may not know that he provided the voice of Dobby for the Harry Potter films. Jones's voice is much higher in the role than it is in life, so it's easy to mistake the voice for another actor. While Jones never appears on screen, he is very much a part of the movies through Dobby.

5 His Eyes Changed Colors Between Movies

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Like Dobby's skin and other features, his eyes also changed color throughout the films. They went from bright green in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to a darker blue-green in Deathly Hallows Part 1. It's a nice little trivia bit to know for Harry Potter trivia competitions.

4 He Was A Model

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The fact that Dobby was actually a model that actors worked with and carried around surprises many fans, since the Dobby we see on screen is a CGI creation. It's funny for us to imagine Radcliffe, Watson and Grint talking to and interacting with a dummy, but that's what they did to make the movie magic happen.

3 Many People Claim Their Pets Look Like Him

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Pets that look like Dobby are something of a phenomenon. From the famous cat "Teddy," the Oriental short hair from New Jersey with the bat-like ears, to many a dog with floppy ears, the Internet is rife with Dobby with Dobby lookalikes. Along with Crookshanks, Dobby just seems to have one of those faces that often gets compared with fan companion animals.

2 He Was Able To Come And Go As He Pleased

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Most House Elves have to be instructed on where they may go by their masters, but as a free elf Dobby was able to move his body wherever he wanted to go, even while working for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This freedom is ultimately what allowed him to help Harry Potter up until the end of his life.

1 He's Been Spotted In Real Life

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Okay, so Dobby isn't real, but some recent security footage caught by Vivian Gomez of La Junta, CO has people questioning that fact. A person, likely a child, who looks quite like Dobby was spotted moving in Gomez's driveway. Surely it's someone playing a prank, but it brought the house-elf back into the spotlight once again.

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