15 Harry Potter Fan Projects That Are Absolutely Magical (And 10 Muggle Projects That Flopped)

We’ve covered a lot of fan stuff related to Harry Potter on TheGamer and with our sister sites as well. It has mostly focused on comic strips, fan art, and cosplay. While I too highlighted some of my favorite examples of these as well as some duds, I also expanded this concept. I wanted to look at all of the fan projects people have created over the years from the small to the tall. This was basically just an excuse for me to surf the Internet and look at Harry Potter stuff. Sounds like a pretty great day to me. Anyway, instead of talking around this stuff I’m just going to let it speak for itself. So instead let me give you some backstory on how my fandom started.

I did not start Harry Potter until the fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, was about to release back in 2000. I saw a newspaper clipping of some hype getting started for the book, which piqued my interest. I never heard of it before and I was big into books during this time period even more so than video games. Even before I could buy it my aunt just so happened to get the first book for me because she knew Mary GrandPré, the artist that drew the cover art, and wanted to pass it along. I will never forget how my aunt turned me onto the franchise and the rest is history. What is your history with Harry Potter? Whatever the case may be let’s look at some fun fan projects together!

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25 Magical: A Very Potter Musical


If you’ve never seen the trilogy of Harry Potter musicals then you can’t call yourself a fan of the franchise. It is THE best fan production out there put together by a group called StarKid. One of the founders, Darren Criss, who plays Harry Potter, later went on to play Blaine on Glee. So yeah, even Hollywood took notice of this show’s talent. The songs are good, there’s a lot of heart and comedy, and best of all you know they are fans that get the material. It’s so good!

24 Muggle: Harry Potter Pencilmation

Pencilmation YouTube

On the Pencilmation YouTube channel, you can view a quick summary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. They are short and well animated, but they’re so fast and random that I found little entertainment in them beyond an admiration for the animation style. It reminded me of that SpongeBob episode wherein he fights that doodle of himself. Just, you know, less funny. It doesn’t stack up next to some of the better animation videos on here.

23 Magical: The Aurors


Every year a bunch of companies put out fun April Fools Day jokes. In 2011 IGN ran a trailer for a show called The Aurors, presumably following the exploits of the wizarding world’s version of cops. I knew it was fake, but I still think back to that spoof often. What if it had been real? Forget the Fantastic Beasts movies. I’m done with those. Warner Bros. should sign a deal with HBO and make a TV series instead. They need something big after Game of Thrones, right?

22 Muggle: Real Life Quidditch


This “sport” apparently started in 2005 and has been going strong since with leagues and even championship matches. You can look at the handbook here, well, at least one of the editions to get a better understanding of how Quidditch works in the real world. That is to say, it doesn’t. Look. I love watching the sport in the movies and the idea is cool, but it simply looks lame to me with this real-life version. At least it promotes good health so that’s something.

21 Magical: Potter Puppet Pals


Neil Cicierega created his YouTube channel seemingly to make small, dumb, little skits that could appeal to all ages based on the Harry Potter series. I say dumb lovingly because they’re very silly, but heartwarming at the same time. Unfortunately, it stopped around 2014 in regularity with a few random episodes appearing since from time to time. It’s admirable to go out on a high note I suppose. Even if it is over, I’ll still have the memories and of course the archive to re-watch them all on repeat.

20 Muggle: The World Of Hogwarts


Who remembers Second Life? It might surprise you to know it is still going. For those unaware, this is basically a more grown-up version of The Sims. You can sign up for free, go around to exhibits, talk to people, and so on. The real point, I feel though, is to get down and dirty. There are a lot of explicit things about the game, but this Hogwarts section is not seedy. It is lame though, just like the entire game is.

19 Magical: LeakyCon


Every fandom needs a convention and LeakyCon, for Harry Potter, is by far the best for this franchise. This year marks its 10th anniversary as the first convention was held in 2009. If you want to go this year, you have two options. There’s one in Texas in August and the other is in Massachusetts in October. I first heard about LeakyCon via the third and final Harry Potter musical from StarKid. It was filmed live, kind of out of the blue, in 2013. It’s a beautiful send-off and should be proof enough that this convention is legit. Luna was there!

18 Muggle: Harry And The Potters

SLUG Magazine

Harry and the Potters is a band that started in 2002. If you couldn’t tell from my gushing about A Very Potter Musical, I’m not against Harry Potter related songs. It’s just that I couldn’t get into the band. I’ve checked back over the years and I just don’t get it. Well, I mean I do. Music is very hard to rate more so than I think any other entertainment medium. People like what they like and that’s great. For me though, this band is a dud.

17 Magical: Wizard People, Dear Reader


Are you familiar with Brad Neely? He’s a writer, comic, artist, and entertainer abroad let’s say. I first learned about his work via the short skits in-between Adult Swim shows back in the early 2000s like The Professor Brothers take on the Bible. History aside, in 2004 he recorded a sort of audio commentary to coincide with the first Harry Potter film. I say commentary, but it’s more like he’s narrating a new movie. It’s hard to explain, but entertaining.

16 Muggle: The Potter Games


The Potter Games Is a text-based adventure you can play in your web browser. You can choose a character and follow the adventure as you survive the trials of the wizarding world. If the name wasn’t explicit enough, this is also a parody of The Hunger Games. If you like choose your own adventure games then this might appeal to you. I fancy them occasionally, as well, but this one just didn’t do it for me. I choose to not adventure.

15 Magical: Hogwarts Minecraft Mods

Minecraft Forum

When I was a kid building with LEGO kits and buckets were THE thing for creative kids. While they’re still around today, just as cool and as expensive as ever, I think this generation’s LEGO is Minecraft. That’s part of the reason why I think it exploded so big. Whenever a game comes out with the ability to craft stuff, you know players are going to recreate their favorite things and Harry Potter is no exception. There are tons of cool representations of the wizarding world in Minecraft. There are too many to highlight here.

14 Muggle: Harry Potter RPG


This basically looks like a mod of The Sims wherein players can create their own Hogwarts student, and live a school life. They can also defend the wizarding world with the Order of the Phoenix, or conquer it via the Death Eaters. It looks about as cruddy as that Second Life mod albeit with a lot more to do. If you want to play a real Harry Potter RPG, the Game Boy versions of the first three movie tie-ins are pretty neat. You can check those out on my YouTube channel.

13 Magical: Nintendo Hacks


I call these hacks, but let’s be honest here. These are bootlegs. I took a look at five of the many out there and they are something to behold. One is a bootleg of a bootleg called Harry’s Legend, which is based on Titenic. No, I spelled that right and yes it is supposed to be Titanic. It’s a terrible brawler where rats are Harry’s worst enemy. There’s another called Harry Wrestle, which unfortunately has nothing to do with the sport. You can learn more about them in this accompanying video.

12 Muggle: How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

th3videoed YouTube

Here is another hot take on time travel. The video begins in the third book, pointing out how important, and lore breaking the Time Turner Hermione gets is. Like what if she held on to it so that Snape, not anyone else, could go back in time and destroy Tom Riddle while he was young? You know, the old Hitler question. Would you go back in time and eliminate him as a baby? It’s that sentiment all over again. Boring.

11 Magical: Fan Art

Tiearius DeviantArt

This next entry is a bit broader. I just want to take the opportunity and sing the praises of fan art out there. There are so many great drawings and we have highlighted quite a few of them on TheGamer and our other sister sites. This one is a personal favorite of mine. It’s not explicitly a Persona crossover, but it kind of looks like one. It has me drooling at the mouth for that possibility. Let’s make it happen J.K.!

10 Magical: Harry Potter Cyber Punk Adventures


What if Harry Potter was an anime? No, wait. What if Harry Potter was an anime and was also set in a cyberpunk universe? This video teases that possibility. It’s like Harry Potter meets Akira. I believe in my lifetime there will be a reboot of the film franchise. If that happens I hope it gets super weird and puts a whole new take on the norm. By that point, we may already be living in an Akira-like world.

9 Muggle: Halo 5 Quidditch

Game Rant

This is actually a mod of a mod. Starting in Halo 3, fans could create their own maps for multiplayer. Rooster Teeth, the Halo fan site that has now become a huge deal in the gaming world, created a mod called Grifball. This Quidditch mod is similar only the gravity is turned low so it looks like you can fly around. If it were up to me I would rather play the traditional Grifball. It’s a lot more fun and less complicated.

8 Magical: Cosplay


Along with fan art, the Internet is filled with a lot of great cosplay. One of the coolest tributes I found not only pays homage to Harry Potter but classic pinup posters from the 1930s. Ginny Di released a calendar, recreating these popular replicas, dressing up as all of the ladies from the wizarding world from Hermione to Luna. Now, this may be because I’m a guy, but I think these turned out great. Take that, as you will.

7 Magical: Fan Comics

Via: Buzzfeed

There are a lot of great videos out there as sort of skits based on things that don’t make sense about Harry Potter and or just humorous takes on the wizarding world. I found quite a few great ones for this list, but for my money, you can’t go wrong with a comic strip. I can laugh just as hard at a crude drawing accompanied by some great text. Comics can also be sweet and more robust, like fanfic. There are so many options!

6 Muggle: Say The Magic Word

BartolainsDUB YouTube

Harry Podder: Say The Magic Word is a quick video drawn in the style of Don Bluth. You know like from An American Tail and Dragon’s Lair? Animation wise, I love it, but the content is lacking. There are three scenes, all of which could have been handled better in comic strips. The first imagines Harry clumsily cutting off his own head by summoning a sword to himself. Then we see Hermione hitting herself with a desk. The finale shows Voldemort transforming Harry into a rabbit. It’s fine, but not really funny.

5 Magical: The Magical World Of Baking


If there is one thing we can all agree on, reading about food is tough. Well, that is unless it sounds disgusting, but whenever something edible is described in Harry Potter, my mouth starts to water. Some fans have gone off to try and recreate recipes while others just bake inspired pieces. Take this cake for example. It’s not something defined in the wizarding world. It’s more like an art piece and a tasty one at that. I could go for a Butterbeer right now.

4 Magical: Harry Potter Fashion


So the cosplay community is great. Cool, we covered that already, but not everyone can do it. It can get pretty expensive and designing your own costume isn’t for everyone. That’s why I wanted to highlight some clothing options. Yes, you could go out to Target and buy a shirt to showcase your fandom, but wouldn’t you rather get something handcrafted by a fellow fan? Just look at these shoes! I’m not one for footwear, but I would sport a pair of these.

3 Muggle: Snogfiction


This is the playful term I have come up with for Harry Potter fan fiction involving a lot of kissing. We’ll just leave it PG at that. Yes, there are some legitimately great pieces of fan work out there. You could call A Very Potter Musical fan fiction. I have no problems with the concept, but Snogfiction is just kind of gross to me. Yes, it would be more realistic, wizards, or not, if these teenagers act d like real hormonal kids, but it isn’t necessary to enjoy the work. So stop writing about it!

2 Magical: Snitch Engagement Box


Paul Pape makes custom figures for his clients. The work looks good on his website, but the price, eh, is a little much. I’m not here to talk about the cost though because his work speaks for itself. For example, he made a ring box made to look like a Golden Snitch. Do you want to propose to your fellow Harry Potter boyfriend, or girlfriend in the nerdiest way possible? Here you go. This is a great idea, but a bit too late for me.

1 Magical: Wingardium Leviosa


We started out with high art, aka A Very Potter Musical, and now we’re ending with some lowbrow comedy that makes me giggle like a little schoolgirl every time I see it. There really isn’t much to the cartoon either, but dang it, Wingardium Leviosa gets me every time. All of the cartoons on OneyNG’s YouTube channel crack me up. I would recommend the Dragon Ball Z and Final Fantasy VII one as well. I don’t really want to say anything else about this one because it’s so short and you really have to see it in order to enjoy it to its fullest.

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