8 Harry Potter Home Decor Inspirations That Will Enchant Your Home

One of the worst home design trends to have ever graced the front page of Pinterest has got to have been the “all white minimalistic” design trend. These homescapes are bland, empty, and evoke an aesthetic similar to the set of a science fiction movie created to show the dangers the future and technology holds for us. The best home design trend, in this writer's opinion, is to fill one’s home with kitschy and quirky items that reflect the owners personality and interests. Covering every single wall and available surface of one’s home with colourful, bright, and geeky decor creates a cozy and welcoming home filled with items that brings its residents joy. And the sheer abundance of geeky paraphernalia available online makes such things readily available for all who seek to spice up their living space.

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The greatest form of geeky home decor comes from the Wizarding World. This article is filled with quirky Potter decor that will bring a touch of magic into the muggle world.

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8 Show Off Your House Pride With a Custom Banner

Though it should be noted that the Hufflepuff banner was chosen for this piece to reflect the house of the Potterhead writing it, there are countless types and forms of house banners available in all colours both online and in retail stores for the Potter aficionados of the world. The benefit of the above banner is that it is made of a slightly transparent and flexible material which makes it a versatile piece. It can be hung on a wall, used as a curtain for a small or narrow window, or even worn as a cape to a Quidditch game or trivia night.


Show some house pride and hang up a lovely banner with your house’s crest for all to see.

7 Turn Your Wall Into The Quibbler

If anyone is looking for inspiration in order to create the perfect Potter-filled home, they need only search up Content Creator “Tessa Netting” on YouTube. Famous Potterhead Tessa Netting has made being a fangirl into a career and we love her for it. Each and everyone of her videos is filmed in front of a background which is utterly brimming with Potter related merchandise and decor. One of her most notable pieces of Potter-centric decor is a huge tapestry which covers an entire wall. This tapestry is actually a blown up version of the infamous Quibbler cover beloved Ravenclaw Luna Lovegood is often seen carrying around. A perfect fit for any bubbly and lively witch and/or wizard.

6 Litter Your Bookshelf With Funko Pops

Note: The funko pop figures need not be restrained to one’s bookshelf. It was merely a suggestion based upon how this writer has chosen to display her lovely little bug eyed friends. Funko Pops come in all Potter related shapes and sizes and their compact size allows them to easily rest pretty much anywhere in one's home.


Cheap, durable, adorable, and available in countless physical and online retailers, Funkos are a relatively essential piece of decor in the modern geek’s home.

5 Cover Your Walls In Potter Themed Posters

A classic poster will always be in style. There is just something so appealing about posters. Cheap, portable, easy to hang, and reusable. There is a reason why posters have stood the test of time. Trends come and go but posters are forever. If one is worried about tearing or damaging the poster then one only needs to buy a nice frame for said poster.

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Most retailers (online and physical) that provide customers with affordable posters also offer cheap and basic frames that can protect said posters from the wear and tear that occurs over time. Geeks not only love their stuff but they also protect their stuff.

4 Display Your Wands With Pride

Most of the items on this list are inspired by items in this writer’s own home, save for this one. And this writer can guarantee that a wand rack will be purchased shortly after this article has been submitted. Wands are one of the more basic yet fun Potter inspired merchandise items that a fan can buy. Few things are as fun as becoming the owner of one’s most beloved characters wand and embodying them for the following few minutes. But after a while, the wands add up and their shape makes them relatively awkward to store on their own.


One does not want to keep them in a box or else their home will resemble Ollivander's shop in no time. But a simple wand rack will keep them displayed and safe with ease.

3 Drape A Tapestry Blanket Across Your Couch

If one wants to create a cozy home which is both welcoming to guests and residents, then a living room filled with blankets is a must. When combined, plants, pillows, candles, rugs, blankets, and geeky paraphernalia create the coziest and joy filled homes of all. But regular blankets can be boring. Everyone has blankets. But does everyone have a tapestry style blanket emblazoned with their hogwarts house crest?

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Available from a variety of retailers (online and in person) at a variety of prices, dozens of Harry Potter Hogwarts House Crest tapestry and throw blankets can be found for the geek of every age, size, and income

2 Light Character Inspired Candles

Have you ever wondered what your favourite Harry Potter character would smell like? Well wonder no longer with the new character related candles which can be found on many online geek paraphernalia oriented websites.


Browse between familiar characters and scent descriptions filled with references to both the characters personality and the books themselves. Light up a candle that smells like the combination of Hermione Granger’s favourite scents while writing a very important term paper in order to channel a bit of her hardworking and brilliant nature into your own writing for luck.

1 Cozy Up With Potter Themed Throw Pillows

Finally are these adorable pillows, which you can get to suit your Hogwarts house. Or just get one of each and make sure your home is equally welcoming to everyone who enters! They include


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