10 Riddikulus Harry Potter Puns

Over twenty years after its publication, Harry Potter remains a worldwide phenomenon. With two film franchises, theme park integrations, and a Durmstrang boatload of merchandise, Harry Potter will hold its rightful place at the top for years to come. Warner Bros. even redid the Wizarding World logo. They mean Sirius business.

Such widespread popularity includes memes of the highest caliber. That’s right. We’re talking puns.

Get ready for 10 riddikulus Harry Potter puns.

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10 Feeling a Bit Holey

How could we possibly leave the worst canon pun off the list? During the Battle of the Seven Potters, George Weasley has an unfortunate run-in run in with a Death Eater and had his ear blasted off. Upon his return to the Burrow, Fred rushes to his side (very obviously worried) and his mother asks how he’s doing. He replies that he feels 'saintlike'... which confuses his friends and family for a moment until he explains:

"You see, I'm holy. Holey, Fred, geddit?"

George, that was terrible. Relieved the tension? Somewhat. But come on, even Fred knows you can do better.

9 Super Sirius

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It’s almost too easy to make Sirius puns, like, it’s some Sirius-ly low-hanging fruit. But we get a double feature with this pun. In the Dark Knight trilogy, famous for the growly Christian-Bale-Approved-Bat-Voice, Gary Oldman plays Commissioner Gordon. Instead of being behind bars, doing his waiting for twelve years, he’s been cleaning up the streets of Gotham for... longer than that.

DC and Harry Potter in the same pun deserves a pardon from Azkaban. And Commissioner Gordon isn’t a bad substitute for Superman. Give him a raise.

8 Hairy Potter

via Reddit

You’ve seen Hairy Potter. You’ve seen Harry Otter. Now get ready for Shaved Potter!

In 2016, Daniel Radcliffe shaved his head for the thriller Imperium. Radcliffe plays a young FBI agent. In order to prove himself, he goes undercover and infiltrates a group of white supremacists.

Radcliffe actually shaved his own head in the film. According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, both the director (Daniel Ragussis) and Radcliffe wanted the moment to be on film. It serves as an emotional story beat for the character as well. Of course, everyone on set was stressed, but Radcliffe turned out to be a one take wonder.

Performance and impressive credentials outside of the Wizarding World aside, it didn’t stop the internet from cracking the joke.

7 Bing Bong Ginger Snapes

via Morris Less

Maybe this pun would’ve been better for the Weasleys. Fred and George are still apparating everywhere? Ginger snaps. Molly Weasley delivering the number one Mom Line defending Ginny from Bellatrix? Ginger snap. But maybe that’s too easy.

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The idea of a ginger Snape is good enough, not even counting the alternate universe fodder it holds. What if Snape was related to the Weasleys? What a weird family that would be. But as always, we do it for the pun. Enjoy your Ginger Snapes.

6 Ratting You Out

via Punpaadu

Peter Pettigrew was such a great plot twist. Established as Scabbers from the beginning, no reader thought twice about a hand-me-down rat in a wizarding family. This is a world of magic where drinking unicorn blood makes you immortal and dragons can be named Norbert. So what if a rat has a much longer than average lifespan?

Ron was pretty defensive when Lupin and Sirius made a move for Scabbers. No matter what animal it is or how infuriating, we all love our pets. So this pun is both accurate and way too relatable.

5 Planet of the Snapes

via YouTube

Inevitably, big blockbuster franchises collide. Rise of the Planet of the Apes spawns from the success of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes which in turn spawns from the success of the classic Planet of the Apes. Both films, and the third in the trilogy, serve as prequels to Planet of the Apes, which is kind of funny considering the original was made years earlier.

Then again, the Harry Potter movies came from the Harry Potter books, so really, what’s original content anymore? Regardless, this is Cagenado caliber memeage. And we’d all like a little more Snape content, given that he’s one of the most interesting characters in the series that toes the grey morality line. Planet of the Snapes? Always.

4 Watt’s Up?

via Know Your Meme

Easily one of the most iconic lines in the entire franchise, nobody can hold back a smile when Harry meets Hagrid for the first time. It continues building momentum, with Hagrid’s homemade yet misspelled cake, Harry finally opening his Hogwarts acceptance letter, Dudley’s pig tail, and the true power of a pink umbrella.

Naturally, the internet pounced on the famous exchange. “You’re a lizard, Harry,” seems to be the most common pun. Now get ready for the ultimate unit of power: the watt. What makes it better is the fact that Harry has a lightning-shaped scar. Double pun.

3 Everybody Do The Dumbledore!

Sure, it’s not a true pun, but it’s funny enough to count. One of the best parts about the Harry Potter movies is the behind the scenes pictures. It’s always nice to see the cast having fun, especially the younger grew. They basically grew up together and in an era of tragic child actor stories, it’s nice to see the main Harry Potter crew continue to be successful and live their best lives.

That’s not to say the adults don’t get great moments either. Voldemort and Dumbledore sharing a cup of coffee together? Classic. But since there haven’t been a lot of puns off of that one (Hogwarts Espresso. Boom), Dumbledore and Snape partying it up makes for a good second choice.

2 Harry Potter And The Deathly 4th Wallows

If we’ve learned anything from this list, it’s that Harry Potter puns are very easy to slip into any conversation. Got a wonderful significant other? They’re a Keeper. Harry and Ginny are kissing? Welcome to Snogwarts. Something amazing happened? You butterbeer-lieve it.

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So when the puns become self-a-werewolf? That’s almost too much to bear. In order to avoid any Chamber of Secrets jokes, we’ll go with the super relatable pun about puns. Slytherin is also way too easy to pun it up with. Try Hufflepuffs. They’re magically delicious!

1 The Ramsay Effect

Not even celebrity chefs are immune to the Hogwarts (Express) hype train. Gordon Ramsay’s insults are legendary, most becoming memes of the highest caliber. Idiot Sandwich is usually a particular favorite in fandoms, along with “Finally, some good [insert word of choice here] food.”

With four children and one on the way, he couldn’t have escaped the worldwide phenomenon that is Harry Potter. But he did probably read the first book with the correct title of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Even if his familiarity with the series is only surface level, he nailed this joke and we can all enjoy it for years to come.

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