Harvard Astronomers Think Mysterious Interstellar Object Could Be An Alien Spacecraft

Ever since the mysterious space object, which scientists have named Oumuamua, was seen passing by the sun late last year, they’ve been trying to figure out what exactly it may be. Considering that it’s very fast and has an unusual trajectory, this reddish, stadium-sized object definitely hails from outside of our own solar system and has scientists completely stumped. However, due to its elongated and flattened shape, as well as the way it’s speeded up on its way through our solar system, it has set itself apart from any conventional comets and asteroids, which has only made it even more mysterious.

And now, a couple of researchers from Harvard seem to think that Oumuamua may even be an alien spacecraft. According to a paper they published earlier this month, in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, this object may actually be a completely operational probe, that was intentionally sent near our planet, by some sort of an alien civilization. However, these two researchers aren’t outright claiming that some aliens sent a space probe in our vicinity. However, after some detailed mathematical analyses, specifically, of how this object managed to speed up as it was going beside the sun, they do believe that the object may be a spacecraft that was pushed forward by the light that fell on its surface. However, Avi Loeb, one of the researchers and co-authors of the paper has clearly stated that any results will be inconclusive because, at this time, there isn’t enough data surrounding the object.

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Even we have launched our own, very simple, solar-powered light sails. Furthermore, the researcher, Loeb, who is an adviser to Breakthrough Starshot, which is an initiative that is planning to send an entire fleet of tiny, laser-powered light sail craft, all the way to our nearest star system. However, the technology, at least the one we have, on Earth, is still being developed, before we’re even able to reach another star system.

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Other scientists find the claim that Oumuamua is an alien spacecraft that was sent into our solar system from an alien civilization a bit “exotic”. They believe that we shouldn’t overlook that the object may just carry the simplest and most mundane explanation, that it is just an asteroid or a comet from afar.

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