Hats Off To These Folks - 15 Graduates Who Majored In Trolling

Graduation is a special time of the year for a lot of students. Seniors are getting ready to say goodbye to their teachers and friends before they  head out into the big world. Sure, it's a great moment, but it's also a time for certain graduates to show us what they've truly learned while in school: the art of trolling!

Trolling requires a special type of humor, and these graduates have definitely mastered it. Whether it's with the perfect yearbook quote or a senior prank that will leave the principal fired up, these youngsters definitely show us what they're made of. Any way you put it, these people have the art perfected and it makes us wonder if it should be a new major in colleges. For now, we all get to enjoy what some of these brilliantly smug students came up with.

15 The asking price is very cheap

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These seniors at Smith-Cotton High School in Sedalia, Missouri, took their senior prank to a whole new level. Since the seniors that took part in this prank were graduating, it seems like they thought the school should have some new owners and new residents, maybe?

Regardless, they decided to place a huge "For Sale" sign on the front of the building. It's a high school, so that's a very large building with a ton of rooms. However, these teenagers had a very low asking price for the school. For the low, low price of $20.18, anyone could be the new owner of Smith-Cotton High School! It's fitting, since that's the year that these teens are graduating. Hold on, though, because it gets even crazier.

Not only can someone earn the chance to become the owner of the school, but the seniors are willing to throw in the freshmen to spice up the offer. While they offered up the freshman class, another school took it a step further and placed their school for sale on Craiglist! Their asking price was higher, though. instead of a measly twenty dollars, they were selling it for $2,018. In addition, they also threw in the school's administrators as part of the deal. Needless to say, the administrators found the ad and it was removed almost immediately.

14 Subtlety goes far

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While William seemed to have a ton of confidence, sometimes it's better to be more subtle about some things. That's what Sarah did here when she totally nailed her yearbook quote and did it in a way that was not at all over-the-top. Regardless, it's downright funny!

As we can see here, Sarah is wearing a hijab, a square-shaped scarf that leaves the face clear, but covers the neck and head of the person wearing it. The hijab is worn for different reasons, but it's mainly worn for religious purposes.

Although Sarah wore one throughout her time in  high school, that doesn't mean that she can't have a sense of humor. For her senior quote, she decided to use the hijab as the focus of the joke. Since she wore the hijab on a daily basis, no one ever saw her actual hair! She could do whatever she wanted with it, but if she got a haircut, no one would actually know! She also wouldn't have to wash it for a week and no one would be the wiser. That is, unless, it would start to smell pretty bad. Also, on the upside, if the haircut that Sarah got turned out bad, it'd be hidden! So that's also pretty great!

13 A sad truth bomb here

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College graduation can be a bag of mixed emotions. On the one hand, you're beyond excited to be done with all of the studies and you just want to head out into the real world, maybe go to university or try to land a job. On the other hand, you're now done with school and reality is about to smack you right in the face! College isn't free, son. After that grace period ends, your life is about to be devoid of fun again. You may not realize it while you're in college, but those student loan bills can add up very quickly.

Those debt collectors don't mess around when it comes to collecting the money that you owe 'em!

As a response to this, a college graduate made the perfect topper for her graduation cap. The lady on the cap is a popular meme that has been blowing up on everyone's social media newsfeeds this year. It works perfectly in this situation, since the person is happy to graduate, but now they're seeing how much they owe to pay off their student loans! It can be a scary number for a lot of people, so it might make you do a double take which will lead to you bending over in exhaustion while squinting at that number. Too perfect not to share on graduation day!

12 Confidence is an amazing thing

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High school can be such a trying time for a lot of youngsters. The students are all going through puberty at one point and time during the four years that they're there, so it makes it awkward for everyone involved. Add in the fact that there are cliques and "mean girls" and no one wants to go to school in the morning.

However, William seemed to have no issues with waking up in the morning and heading to class. Why's that? Well, it seems like William has confidence for days! While other students may have been doubting their looks, William was going to class knowing full well that he looked good. How did he know? Well, the kid has mirrors in his house, duh!

He's absolutely owning the fact that he looks good, especially as he says goodbye to his fellow seniors with this yearbook quote. He may or may not be all that confident on the inside, but he's showing it to us all through this quote that'll remain on record forever. We love it and we think that William is going to grow up and own the world. If not, he'll have the confidence to tell everyone that he can, anyway!

11 When you think of it that way

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In the States, high school is four years of your life. Sometimes even 5-6 years for those living in Canada. Some say that they're the hardest years of your life, full of so many ups and downs along the way. However, have you ever truly stopped for a moment and thought about the amount of time you that you actually spend in high school? This girl did, and she recorded the number in her yearbook as her quote. Honestly, it's kind of a scary number. During her time in high school, this girl spent about 113,0880 hours of her life there.

That's insane, right?

At first we thought that she was a genius for figuring this out and that she could perhaps pursue a career working with numbers. Then we actually took out a calculator and started to crunch some numbers ourselves. Either we're not that good at math (which is a strong possibility), or this girl is the one who's pretty bad at it (we're leaning towards her being the "bad at math" person). A person is in high school for about 4 years in the States. Even if you put them in high school every day for that amount of time, that works out to be about 35,000 hours, which is way off her number. unless she was including all of the hours she spent studying and doing homework.

10 Regrets are coming

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It's a common occurrence, but we all go through life with some regrets. It could be something like not going on a certain vacation or getting two job offers at and picking the wrong one. Some people regret having had the chance to date someone, but never going through with it.

That's what Jocelyn Madero thinks is going to happen to her when she graduates. She's expecting everyone in her high school to regret not having asked her out when they had the chance.

She must've gone through high school not having dated anyone, because she actually used her senior yearbook quote as a way to express her bitterness. Since no one dated her, apparently the entire school is going to regret not dating her later in life.

Jocelyn must have some big plans in life come post-graduation time. Maybe she's going to become someone famous and influential. Then her fellow classmates are going to wish that they'd swept her off her feet back in their high school days.

For now, she leaves them all with this message, trolling them and letting them know that they missed out on a good thing. Now we're very curious to know if this will be a missed opportunity for her fellow classmates. Jocelyn, you've gotta write us and let us know what's happening in your life that'll make your graduating year regret not being with you!

9 Not there anymore

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When students are going through high school, it's all about trying to find their individuality. They're trying to discover who they are as people and what makes them tick and stand out in a crowd. So imagine how hard it would be to go through all of those things while being a triplet! That's exactly what Kassidy, Keaton and Kylee Durham had to deal with in high school. They're triplets, and while there are perks to having siblings in the same grade, it has to be tiresome and hard, especially during those adolescent years.

Because of that, they're probably ready to be free of high school and shine bright in college as independent people.

As a parting gift to their high school, they came up with an amazing yearbook quote. They knew that they would be next to each other in the yearbook, so this was their time to come up with an epic joke. Clearly, they did not disappoint. They decided to go with an old-school knock-knock joke. they were probably well known around the school as "the Durham Triplets." Now that they're graduating, they won't be around anymore and they seem to be very excited about that! Who wouldn't be?

8 Gotta admire that stick-to-it attitude

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Can you imagine walking into your office and being smacked in the face with so much color? That's what happened to the faculty of this high school. Some of the seniors decided to grab way too many sticky notes and "decorate" their office as a goodbye message.

While we may be giving these students props for trolling their teachers big time with this one, we also have to wonder how they had this much time on their hands. Also, one of the other staff members had to be in on this one. How else would the students have gotten access to this room in order to complete this prank. So, that would mean that another faculty member had a little ax to grind with the rest of the staff, or they just had a great sense of humor.

After taking it all in, we're now wondering who had to clean up all of this work. You know the principal didn't go in there and clean up each individual sticky note, so it makes us wonder. Either the janitorial staff had a terrible shift that day, or the students were forced to do it themselves. Or maybe the teachers were just as good humored as the kids and just left it up for the remainder of the school year.

7 Never getting rid of these seniors

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Usually, when a class graduates high school, they get their diplomas and leave the school forever. Well, it's possible that some of them may come back as teachers or principals, but the majority will pretty much permanently peace out. Not some of the seniors in this Class of 2018 graduating class apparently, because they made sure that people would not forget them for a long time. How did they do that? Well, they decided that, as a senior prank, they'd go out and have 1,000 business cards made. As you cans see, the cards say "good luck getting rid of us."

From there, the seniors hid all 1,000 of them throughout the school.

While this is beyond funny to us, it's also an act of trolling that's reached an expert level. Just when the school officials think that they've found them all, you know there are going to be more and more hidden somewhere. Depending on how thorough of a search the school staff conducts, they could be finding these business cards for years to come. It's a very simple idea since they're just business cards with some simple writing on them. Nothing creative about that, right? Until they decided to go around and hide all 1,000 of them in the school. That must've been fun, though, so props to them!

6 Give him more characters

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Remember when Twitter had a shorter character limit that you could use to send out a tweet? That was always such a hard number to hit, so you would have to edit and rewrite until it was under the limit. Luckily, in 2017 they doubled the amount of characters from 140 to 280 and made it things so much easier.

We feel that Karl T. Manguine would have liked that same kind of treatment for his senior yearbook quote. They had given a small amount of characters for their quote, in order for it to fit under their yearbook photo. However, he has a really justifiable point. The senior quote is supposed to represent their time in high school, which is about four years of their life. Now you want them to sum up those years with a pre-2017 tweet-sized quote?

It seems like an impossible task, but at least Karl tried his best, right? This is an epic quote where he rants and raves about the short amount of characters allowed. Obviously, his statement gets cut off once he reached the limit! We're pretty sure that he did this on purpose, and thank God he did because this is an amazing way to say goodbye to your school.

5 Some people just don't like coffee

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The whole process of coming out is such an emotional rollercoaster. However, more and more people are doing it at an earlier age than ever before. Some people are using their senior yearbook quotes to do it, which always makes for a pretty memorable moment. You have to be creative when it comes to doing it this way because you don't want some lame quote that everyone uses. Andrew Michael Thomas came up with that creative way. It's way too clever and way too cute not to share.

Of course, he used a very familiar quote, but with his own little twist on it.

Normally, the quote would be "I like my women like I like my coffee: black." Which is just... so problematic on so many levels that we're not even going to touch that. However, Andrew Michael decided to change it up for the better. He went with the same style for the first part wherein he mentioned that he likes his women like he likes his coffee. However, he didn't have the same response as the familiar quote. Instead, he opted to say that he doesn't like coffee! So obviously that means that he doesn't like women, if you're following along here! Was this his coming out quote? We'll never know, but he was brave for putting that in his senior yearbook! So good for you, Andrew Michael!

4 More coffee for you

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It looks like we're serving up more coffee with this entry, because that familiar quote made its way into another yearbook. Simbiat Oyewoga decided to put her own little twist on the popular quote as well. No coming out story for Simbiat, though, but she's bringing on the snark big time.

Unlike Andrew Michael from earlier, Simbiat happens to like coffee. She likes her coffee how she likes herself, which happens to be "dark, bitter, and too hot for you." Is it what you were expecting her to say? No, which is why it threw us off when we first read it.

How amazing is this girl, though, huh? In life, we have to own who we are as people. Some of us are either too nice, too mean, or just right, kind of like Goldilocks. However, Simbiat is going to own the fact that she may be bitter in life, but she happens to be okay with that. She's bitter and she loves it, but she also happens to be too hot for you to handle! That is some strong and hot coffee that she's serving up, which is why we're loving her yearbook quote! We definitely hope she keeps that kind of outlook in the coming years.

3 It's a wrap

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All things have to come to an end, right? That's what happens when it comes to high school. Some of us really hated high school. Maybe you were picked on or just didn't fit in with any of the cliques in school. Others may have truly loved high school and didn't want it to end. But alas graduation came and went and so did the seniors of that graduating class. So, to put an end to the latest school year, these seniors decided to wrap things up.

While the actual prank is great, the sign is what does it for us.

This must've taken up a lot of time. They decided to go into a classroom and use plastic wrap to connect all of the items in the classroom! Yes, everything in that classroom is connected by the same plastic wrap that we use on our leftovers. They didn't mess around either, because they even included the legs of the chairs and made sure to get the basket on the table. Even the television in the corner of the room! The cherry on top is the note that they left on the whiteboard. "Wrapping up the year." More truer words couldn't have been written!

2 Group projects are the worst

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Whether it's high school or college, we've never met a person that actually enjoys doing group assignments. However, your teacher is definitely going to assign them one way or another. Why? Well, they're supposed to improve your team-building skills. What it usually improves is your ability to determine which people are going to put in the effort to be successful, and which people are going to float on by for doing the bare minimum!

This kid feels our pain. He decided to use his yearbook quote to address the turmoil he felt whenever he was forced to take part in a group project. He seems to have some major issues with the groups that he's worked with in school, because they must've disappointed him so much that he had to make his yearbook quote about them! That's understandable. We were usually the ones who ended up doing the majority of work in the group, only to have everyone else take all of the credit.

So, for his yearbook quote, he wanted to put one final request in. When he passes on, he wants to put those former group project members to work for once. He asked that they would be the people that would lower him into the ground. Why? Well, it would be one last time that this group of people could let him down. On that note, all we can say is that we hope this guy did a mic drop in the afterlife.

1 Absolutely no relation

When you attend a school with a lot of students, you will often have other people in your grade that might have the same last name as you. That doesn't mean that you're related though. A lot of the time it may just be a really common last name, like Smith or Jones. Other times, you're questioning how they have the same last name but aren't related. That's what happened for Bethany, Brian and Jaden Hubbard. To be honest, Hubbard isn't a very common last name. So, it's a little odd to see not two, but three people all with Hubbard as a last name.

Coincidentally, all three of these Hubbard's are graduating in the same year! 

You would only assume that they might be triplets, like the ones from earlier in this list. However, these Hubbards don't share the same bloodline. They aren't related at all, so they took the time in their senior yearbook quote to let everyone know. Can you imagine how many times during their days in school together that they were asked if they were related? It's probably too many to possibly count, which is why they felt the need to address the topic one last time in their yearbooks!

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