No One Has Ever Made It Round This Haunted House Despite The $20,000 Prize

This haunted house offers up a $20,000 prize to anyone who can make it around the whole thing, yet nobody ever has.

There's something deep down inside us that makes us enjoy being scared and frightened. It's why movies such as Saw and Paranormal Activity have been spun into full-blown franchises, and also why we have an entire holiday dedicated to everything spooky. Since today is Halloween, we thought we'd introduce you to what is probably the scariest thing we have ever seen.

A haunted house in Summertown, Tennessee called McKamey Manor. The establishment is so scary that not one of its visitors has made it around the entire thing. That's despite its owner offering up a cool $20,000 prize to anyone who can last the entire eight hours. And yes, that does say eight hours. Plus, all you have to pay to get in is a bag of dog food to help feed the owner's five pups.

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Although it won't cost you anything more than pet food financially, it could cost you in other ways. There are a few hoops potential visitors need to jump through should they want to give the house a try. A letter from their doctor for one, as the tour will take a mental and physical toll on your body. There's also a 40-page waiver that will need to be read and signed before entry, reports dlmag.

There's also a two-hour documentary visitors will need to watch before entering which is on YouTube should you want to take a peek. It features footage from past failed attempts to complete the tour, hammering home that the house's next visitor is no better than those who have come before.

But why is it so scary? Well, its owner claims hypnosis has a lot to do with it. Apparently, he can sit a guest in a few inches of water in the dark and convince them a great white shark is circling them. He films every visit to prove to people that he doesn't actually have that sort of thing locked up in the house, and it's simply a trick of the mind. It might be too late to book the house for this Halloween, but if you think you're up to the task, why not book a visit? We'll be right behind you, we swear.

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