Have Your Feet Sandal-Ready With These 15 Gorgeous Pedicure Ideas

Have Your Feet Sandal-Ready With These 15 Gorgeous Pedicure Ideas

OK, so winter was very long and I don’t know about you, but I have definitely been slacking in my pedicure game. The hot days of summer are finally upon us and it’s time to bring out those sandals and brush up on those toes! Let’s be honest here, we’re definitely not all talented nail art designers, but a little effort comes a long way and hard work pays off. From adorable to edgy, there are a seemingly infinite amount of pedicure designs to refresh the hot summer days. Here are 15 gorgeous pedicure ideas to have your feet sandal-ready for the summer!

Via: tumblr.com

Via: tumblr.com

15. Take a look at this dainty floral pedi design!

Spring pedi! Love or hate! Tag your Bff

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At first glance, this may seem like a difficult nail art design, but this pattern can be easily achieved. Start off by picking the colour palette you’d like to use for this design. You can combine the white flower petal design with beautiful corals or pastels.

Start off by applying a base coat to protect your natural nails. Then, apply two coats of the colour you’ve decided to go with. Here comes the seemingly challenging part. Once dry, use an orange wood stick to create the white petals. One thing about pedicures is that they’re much easier to DIY than manicures since you can use your dominant hand for both feet! Making this design just requires some controlled strokes of the hand and remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. As a final touch, add a few rhinestones alongside the bottom to really make the pedi stand out.

14. Here’s a pedi idea for a gorgeous hot pink design.

Do you love this?

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Silver line nail stickers and gems work really well with a hot pink nail polish colour. What’s great about this pedi is that you don’t have to make each toe extravagant—just focus on your big toes to start. Begin with applying a clear base coat of polish to protect the natural nail. Then, place tape alongside the base of the nail in the shape of a triangle. Cover the rest of the nail in hot pink polish and wait until it is entirely dry before you peel off the tape. Then, add silver line nail stickers alongside the edge of the pink polish and a silver gem in the middle to really pull together this gorgeous pedi design. Add a clear top coat to keep everything in place. Nail line stickers are a great nail accessory to have that will be sure to make your nail design pop!

13. This zig-zag pedi design is absolutely adorable!

How cute is this!

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Chevron nails are one of the hottest trends this summer and they look just as cute on your toenails! The black and white palette, combined with a salmon pink, makes for a match made in heaven. You can always mix it up and use another solid colour for the rest of the toes. The chevron print is actually easy to achieve. Start off by painting the toes you’ve decided to apply the chevron design to in white. You can make your own nail polish chevron stickers using scotch tape. Begin by painting 2-3 coats of nail polish on a piece of scotch tape. Once it’s completely dry, use zig-zag scissors (they are inexpensive and can be purchased in any craft store) and begin cutting thin strips of the tape covered in polish. Carefully place the chevron stickers on the dried white polish and trim the ends—et voilà! Check out the video below on more ways to create chevron nail art.

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12. Look at this stunning ombré sunset pedicure.

Mellow sunset vibes is what it’s all about with this pedicure. I have to say, it’s much easier to achieve a stunning nail art design when you’re doing it on your toes. For this ombré look, you’ll need a makeup sponge and two polishes of your choice (a combination of purple, pink, yellow, and orange can also create a beautiful sunset ombré).

Start off with painting your toes with a protective clear coat and two coats of white polish to create a base for your ombré design. I recently purchased a peel off base to apply around the nail you’re working on, which you can then easily peel off once you’re done to minimize mess. Then, apply 2-3 shades of the polish colours of your choice onto a makeup sponge and transfer the sponge and continue to dab it onto the nail. Then, peel of the peel off base and carefully clean up the ages with acetone. Check out the video below on a step-by-step process on how to achieve this nail design. Finish off with a clear top coat and there you have it—a gorgeous summer pedi look!

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11. Check out these fabulous pastel toes!

Pastels are always a great choice for a summer pedi. The beautiful colours remind me of delicious summer ice cream! This simple pedi idea uses a variety of colours on each toenail, creating a pastel rainbow or you can choose to go with a single colour. To further glam this look up, add rhinestones to the base of the big toes. Rhinestones can either be applied while the polish is still wet or with an additional layer of clear top coat to keep them in place.

Another way you can make your pastel toes eye-catching is by adding gold french pedicure tips! Once you’ve applied the protective base coat to your nails, add two coats of the desired colour of pastel polish. Once completely dry, use either french nail tip guide stickers or the curved end of a band-aid to create the edges of your gold tips.

Via: youtube.com/user/MissJenFABULOUS

10. Take a look at how to create this rhinestone bling pedicure.

Sometimes, all you need is a little bling-bling to make a pedi stand out. Rhinestones beautifully reflect the sun rays and can be arranged in endless varieties. Different sizes of rhinestones can also be mixed and matched to achieve a simple or intricate nail art design.

Start off by applying a protective base coat to your toes in order to protect your natural nails. Then, apply two coats of the colour of your choice on your nails. Once that has dried, it is time to apply the rhinestones! There are several ways to apply rhinestones. I find that the easiest way is to paint one coat of clear polish over the two coats of colour and carefully place each stone onto the clear polish while it’s still wet. You can use a nail dotting tool to transfer the rhinestones by applying a small amount of clear polish to the tip of the tool so that you can easily pick up the stone (see GIF below). It’s also possible to use an orange wood stick using the same technique. After you’ve finished, apply a final top coat of clear polish to keep that rhinestone art in place and enjoy your new eye-catching pedi!

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9. Here’s a fluorescent sailor-themed pedicure that’s perfect for summer!

DIY pedicures don’t have to be stressful. There are plenty of ways you can achieve a beautiful nail art design without putting in too much effort. This design only focuses on the detailing of one nail, which makes your job a lot easier!

Before starting, cut about 14 thin strips of masking tape in preparation for your striped nail design. As always, apply a base coat to protect your natural nail. It’s best to do the stripe design on your big toes, since there’s a lot more nail surface to work with. Paint your big toes with 2-3 coats of white polish. Once completely dry, apply the thin strips of masking tape diagonally onto the nail. Then, paint a coat of navy blue polish over the masking tape. Go ahead and peel off the masking tape strips slowly before the polish dries. Finally, put a clear top coat over the design to preserve it for longer. Take a look at the video below on step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this striped design!

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8. Look at these gorgeous metallic floral print toes!

Metallics are an extremely trendy choice of polish for this summer. They give off an eye-catching shimmer and go very well with many colours. In this nail art design, a sky blue polish was combined with a palette of white and silver colours. Again, you can focus on a few toes for nail art design and it would still pull the overall look of your pedicure together, especially with the right choice of colour palette. Here’s how to achieve pretty metallic flowers on your toes.

Begin with a clear protective base coat. Then, cover your nail with 2-3 coats of the chosen colour to go with your metallic floral design. Once dry, use a nail dotting tool to easily create the petals. If you don’t own a dotting tool, fear not! You can easily DIY a dotting tool by using a ball point pin inserted into the eraser of a pencil! Check out the video below on how to create a nail dotting tool from everyday household items.

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7. Check out this adorable minimalist pedicure art.

Look at this classy minimalist pedi design! The colour combination of pink and red are a dreamy match. I love designs like these because they are incredibly easy to achieve on your own and definitely don’t take up much of your time. In fact, I tried to this pedicure on a quiet night whilst enjoying a glass of wine—it’s that easy!

Start off with a clear base coat to protect your natural nails. Then, apply 2-3 coats of a combination of red and pink on each toe. Make sure you apply the pink polish first once you get to your big toes because it’s a lighter colour. As soon as they’re completely dry, apply masking or scotch tape onto half of your nail. Paint one half of the nail in red and peel off the tape (don’t worry about it drying first). Finally, apply a clear top coat to preserve your newly painted nails and you’re ready to take on the hot summer days!

6. Take a look at this edgy orange burst and sparkly diamond pedi!

How fashion-forward do these nails look? They have all the elements of an edgy runway look combining bright coral orange and a boldly outlined sparkly diamond.

To create the diamond shape, begin with a layer of clear base coat polish. Then, roughly apply a diamond shape onto your nails. It doesn’t have to be perfect since you will later shape it using a black polish outline. Once dry, use a nail striper to carefully outline the rough diamond shape like in the image above. If you don’t own a nail striper, there are several ways you can DIY your own (take a look at the video below). This design does require more controlled strokes of the hands, but the end result is definitely worth all the hard work and effort!

5. Here’s a sweet and elegant pedi design!

This adorable and dainty pedi nail art is definitely a conversation starter. The combination of red and black colours is a classic. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try a different colour palette for this design, but keep in mind that black polish is the best option to achieve the bold lashes and beauty mark!

To start off this design, all you need to start off this design is a clear red and black polish, an orange wood stick to achieve the detailing, and a steady hand! Instead of an orange wood stick, it is also possible to use a toothpick for small strokes while creating the eyes, lips, and beauty mark. A little goes a long way with this design and it is always reassuring to remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect!

4. Check out this preppy plaid pedi art.

This preppy plaid nail art design can be combined with any colour combination, making this an extremely versatile design! Not only is it versatile, but extremely easy to recreate.

Begin with a clear base coat to protect your natural nails. Then, apply 2-3 layers of white polish to create your plaid design on a visible surface. After choosing your colour palette and once the white polish has completely dried, use a nail striper to carefully recreate the plaid pattern, alternating from thicker to thinner strokes. If you do not own a striper, there are many ways to DIY your own (refer to entry six). Always make sure to start off with the lighter colours in your palette first and overlay the darker colours last. This allows for all the colours to stand out! Take a look at more plaid nail art designs below for colour palette inspiration.

3. You’ll be an all-star with this pedi design.

This design uses negative space to create a fantastic star pedicure design. The colour combination of black and white boldly emphasizes the outline of the stars!

Always begin with a layer of clear base coat polish to protect your natural nails. While the base coat is drying, start creating the outline for the stars. You can print out a star shape and adjust the size to fit the nail on your big toe. Then, carefully cut the star out of the printout and use it to draw the outline on a piece of masking tape. If you’re feeling brave, you can skip the printout step and freehand the star design directly onto the masking tape! Once the outline is completed, cut the star shape out of the masking tape and place it onto your dried clear base coat. Using black or white polish, apply 1-2 layers of polish. Before the polish completely dries, go ahead and carefully peel off the star-shaped masking tape cutout (it’s best to use pointed tweezers to achieve this). Finally, cover the nail with a clear top coat to preserve the design for longer and there you have it—a pedicure fit for an all-star!

2. Get ready for some mix and match summer pedi art!

From window pane striping to using stickers, this design applies a lot of mix and match techniques to create an overall fun summer pedi design. Not to mention the unique colour palette emphasizes the particular designs on each toe!

To create the window pane stripes, apply a clear base coat and 2-3 layers of white polish. Next is the challenging part—the striping! For this step, it’s best to use a nail striper tool to carefully create the thin lines. Complete the design by applying a clear top coat for a protective shine! The navy blue polish with a gold sticker embellishment is fairly easy to create. Make sure you have a gold nail sticker embellishment to bring this look together. Start off with a clear base coat to protect your natural nail, following two coats of navy blue polish. Once dry, apply the gold nail sticker, keeping it in place with a final clear top coat of polish. Let this inspire your creative side to combine different techniques for the ultimate pedicure!

1. Try out this holographic pedi design that is the hottest summer trend!

Holographic nail art is definitely what it’s all about in the world of fashion this summer! As always, begin with a protective clear base coat. Once dry, use scotch tape to create a triangle outline. The holographic effect is achieved through small pieces of cellophane wrap that can be purchased at your local craft store. To get this green/orange holographic glow, make sure you purchase red cellophane wrap. Cut up the cellophane wrap into tiny asymmetrical pieces. Continue by applying two coats of red polish. Before the polish is completely dry, remove the scotch tape and carefully apply parts of the holographic wrap onto the polish. Using an orange wood stick or toothpick, gently position the holograph, making sure not to push down so that you don’t ruin the fresh coat of red polish. Keep the design in place by applying a clear top coat. There you have it—an edgy nail art design to keep those toes looking cool for the summer! Take a look at the video below for further tips and tricks on how to achieve this fun design.

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