Hawaiian Couple Designs Mobile Shower For Homeless People

Craig and Danica Shoji decided to create Revive + Refresh, a mobile shower service, after visiting an underprivileged community in San Fransisco. In an effort to make the world a better place, the couple hoped to help the homeless “feel like humans” again.

While in the Bay Area, the couple worked alongside San Francisco City Impact in June 2015. The organization serves homeless and low-income individuals in the Tenderloin, known as one of the toughest districts in San Francisco.

“I was walking down the street and there was a houseless individual there,” Craig told Good Morning America. “I just told him, ‘Good morning,’ and he was kind of surprised that I said that to him because no one ever says anything to him It’s important to just treat people like normal people.”

The couple, who lives in Hawaii, founded their organization in 2015. Named Laundry Love, they began providing fresh clothes to the homeless community, but have since expanded into other areas. Now, they operate Revive + Refresh, a mobile trailer with two showers, which they take to events around Honolulu, Hawaii. The company believes that “everyone has a story,” which is why they hope to learn from the homeless.

Revive + Refresh has a city contract for $400,000 over five years. $150,000 was used to purchase the truck and trailer, which left $50,000 a year for the next five years. The couple must additionally raise money to cover the costs of taking the truck and trailer out on the road. They will need to raise $150,000 a year to fund the project since Revive + Refresh is a non-profit organization.

So far, the couple has provided shower service to more than 250 people. Guests have 15 minutes to use the bathroom and take a shower. They are provided with toilet paper, shower gel and hand gel. They also strive to give guests a hot meal during their visit. The couple says the reward is “to see their faces when they come out, it’s like a different person.”

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Craig was born and raised in Hilo and Honolulu, Hawaii, while Danica was born and raised in Singapore. Craig graduated from Honolulu Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Occupational and Environmental Safety Management and is currently a safety manager with Nan, Inc. Danica Fong-Shoji graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) and attained a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license with the State of Hawaii. The couple has two children, who are regular volunteers at FPC Laundry Love.

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