10 Healthy Vegetarian Lunch Ideas To Prep For Work

People become vegetarians for a variety of reasons. Some can’t bear the thought of eating another animal that was basically tortured in order to make it a meal. Other individuals do it as a part of their healthy lifestyle, while others join this movement in order to help the planet. Whatever your reason (or reasons) may be, everyone who decides to become a vegetarian will run into the problem of trying to figure out what to eat when you’re not at home. Some cities cater to vegetarians more than others as far as restaurant options are concerned, but sometimes you just want to have a taste of home even when you’re not there, and that’s where meal prep comes in. If you’re heading into the office and want to bring a healthy vegetarian option with you then you should definitely try some of the recipes on this list!

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10 Mexican Bean Salad

Beans are a staple of many vegetarian dishes out there, that’s why this Mexican bean salad made it on the list. If you like your salads with a kick and you also enjoy the taste of Mexican food, then this recipe is perfect for you. If you can’t stomach spicy foods, then you can just go ahead and remove the hot ingredients from the salad so that you can enjoy this too.

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9 Spiralized Sweet Potato And Black Bean Quesadillas

We didn’t even have to look at the ingredients in order to see that this would be a tasty treat. The picture alone makes us want to eat it! If you do decide to bring this with you for lunch then just make sure that your office has a microwave available so that you can heat it up and enjoy it in all of its glory!

8 Butternut Squash Buddha Bowl

Buddha bowls are a nice treat if you’re a vegetarian who just so happens to be craving some Chinese food. There are a wide range of ingredients that you can use if you decide to eat this dish, but this specific recipe uses butternut squash. As an added bonus, it’ll also provide you with enough food to last you a few days. Four servings come from these guidelines, so as long as you eat one serving a day, you’ll be set for most of the work week!

7 Apple And Cheddar Kale Salad

If you’re a fan of sweet and savory dishes then this apple and cheddar kale salad is perfect for you! The apples will give you the sweet that you desire, and the cheese will give you the savory aspect. The recipe even gives you a couple of options for some add-ons. If you prefer almonds, then you can throw them in there. But, if pine nuts are more your style then you can use those instead!

6 Kale And Cucumber Salad With Roasted Ginger Dressing

Kale has become pretty popular in recent years, which is why another kale salad was added to this list. If you really like the leafy dish then you can try the apple and cheddar one day and then try the kale and cucumber salad on a different day. By using both, you won’t get bored by having the same type of meal every day. Variety is key if you want to avoid getting tired of your healthy lifestyle!

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5 Sweet Potato And Black Bean Veggie Burger

You can’t go wrong with a veggie burger. This one is particularly interesting because it’s made with sweet potatoes. We're curious to try it because of the ingredients that were listed in the recipe. The fact that it has a sweet ingredient leads me to believe that it would probably have a sweet and savory taste to it.

4 Grilled Kale Salad With Paprika Breadcrumbs

Here's another kale salad recipe. We've never had grilled kale before, so this is something else that would be pretty interesting to try. Sometimes you want to eat kale, but you just don’t want to consume it in the regular way that you’re used to, and if that’s the case then this would be a pretty good alternative to go with!

3 Chili Roasted Sweet Potato Sandwich

Since this list is all about vegetarian lunches, it wouldn’t be complete without a signature lunch item— the sandwich. Instead of making a plain old PB & J sandwich, why not try something new. Like this chili roasted sweet potato sandwich. We haven’t tried it yet, but we’d be willing to bet that it tastes a whole lot better than a PB&J.

2 Cuban Cauliflower Rice Buddha Bowl

As other parts of the world come into contact with Buddha bowls, they add their own flavor to it. This version of the dish is a perfect example. Whoever came up with this recipe decided that they would make it with some ingredients that would make you think that you’re eating a Cuban dish instead of a Chinese one. If you want to chow down on a Buddha bowl that is reminiscent of Cuban dishes, then you should definitely try this recipe on for size!

1 Vegetarian Bean Salad With Bell Peppers

If you love bell peppers, this recipe is for you! The best part about this recipe is that it uses three different types of bell peppers, so it’s guaranteed to give your mouth an explosion of taste! Since it’s a bean salad, it will leave you feeling fuller than some of the other salads that are on this list.

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