18 Hearthstone Cards That Make Absolutely No Sense

Hearthstone has become one of the most popular free-to-play games in recent memory. Created by Blizzard Entertainment, it is set in the same universe as their famous Warcraft franchise. Releasing in 2013, the title is a card collecting game where players must build decks and then use them to battle other players on a huge variety of platforms.

One of the things that sets Hearthstone apart from many other games by Blizzard is that it doesn’t always take itself too seriously. In fact, it has garnered a reputation for being a bit quirky and wacky at times. Even in that context, though, there are plenty of cards that don’t make much sense.

It might be that they totally go against the lore from the rest of the Warcraft games or that some are illogical when you really think about them. In other cases, it is clear that several cards are just bizarre and have a dash of stupidity to them. One thing that is clear is that the developers don’t always put too much thought into the cards they are creating.

18 Millhouse Manastorm

Millhouse Manastorm
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Although Millhouse Manastorm does have some good stats and high health, it has garnered a reputation for being one of the worst cards in the game, simply because no amount of early game board strength can make up for an ENTIRE TURN of free spells for your opponent.

17 Majordomo Executus

Majordomo Executus
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Out of all of the legendary cards available to players, Majordomo Executus might be the one that makes the least amount of sense. Sure, it gives you the power of Ragnaros the Firelord (an ability now granted by numerous other, better cards) but it also lowers your hero's max HP to 8. That's next-turn lethal against almost any deck.

16 Angry Chicken

Angry Chicken
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Angry Chicken was originally created to be a joke card and was included largely so that players would be able to mark it out as the worst card in the game. Although this makes it pretty useless, its core mechanic allows buffs that perhaps weren't all that obvious at first, meaning that it can become a powerful card if a player can use the right strategy with it.

15 Lorewalker Cho

Lorewalker Cho
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Lorewalker Cho is one of the silliest cards in Hearthstone. Not only does it have very poor stats with no attack, but it also has a strange ability that hardly anyone would ever want to use. Why on earth would you ever want to give your opponent the ability to cast spells from your deck after you've cast them?

14 Flame Leviathan

Flame Leviathan
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Although Flame Leviathan has a decent aoe effect when it is drawn, it is most effective only when a player knows it is going to be the next card they get. Of course, this is not possible during normal gameplay and so is largely useless when compared to most of the legendary cards.

13 Renounce Darkness

Renounce Darkness
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The idea that a warlock would give up their magical powers and turn their back on the Darkness is something that has never been explored in Warcraft. Having a card that takes a carefully crafted Warlock deck and replaces it with random cards from another class, then, doesn’t really make much sense when under scrutiny: why would any such devotee of the Darkness renounce their magical powers?

12 Forbidden Ritual

Forbidden Ritual
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The name Forbidden Ritual suggests that this card would summon some terrible creature. After all, it would only need to be forbidden if it was something truly horrifying or awful. The truth is that Forbidden Ritual just spends all your mana and gives you a bunch of tokens. There are much more frightening cards available for the zoolock archetype.

11 Glacial Mysteries

Glacial Mysteries
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While Glacial Mysteries can be useful for thinning out of your deck and getting unique secrets into play, it doesn’t make sense due to the fact it costs so much and has the ability to make you do nothing for entire turns. This is because it has no body and is usually too slow to use in games alongside Mage Secrets.

10 Kidnapper

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The kidnapper is probably one of the most nonsensical cards in Hearthstone. It is very rarely used because of its low defense. At 6 mana, it's a little too costly for any real use in quest rogue decks, the only archetype where it would realistically find any sort of synergy.

9 Nightmare Amalgam

Nightmare Amalgam
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Although it might not look particularly good at first glance, Nightmare Amalgam can become an incredibly important card in a player’s deck. This card is almost unfair in how well it works with nearly any and every other archetype in the game. A minion that counts a Murloc, Beast, Dragon, Mech, Pirate, AND Totem at the same time? This card will always see play.

8 Ogre Ninja

Ogre Ninja
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Ninjas are famed for their stealth and ability to remain in the shadows. They take out their enemies silently, striking without warning and leaving no trace behind. One creature that you would never expect to be a ninja, then, would be an Ogre. Especially one that is almost twice the height of a human and far heavier than almost any other character...and one that attacks the wrong target half the time.

7 Cursed Blade

Cursed Blade
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You expect cursed weapons to have their drawbacks. Although they may have great powers or abilities, they will also have some element to them that would make you reconsider using it. Although this card is cheap and offers a strong weapon early game, it also means that all damage against you is doubled. It makes no sense why such a card would even exist.

6 Toki, Time-Tinker

Toki, Time-Tinker
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Toki, Time-Tinker doesn’t make any sense in normal Hearthstone gameplay because of how random it is. The card itself has decent if not amazing stats for its cost, but with the ability to randomly draw a wild legendary minion, it could either prove useless or be completely overpowered.

5 Bear Trap

Bear Trap
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The first thing you will think of when hearing that there is a card known as bear trap is that it would work in the same way as the real-life object of the same name. That is not the case in the world of Hearthstone though. Instead, this bear trap summons an Ironfur Grizzly only after an attack has already been carried out.

4 Ragnaros, Lightlord

Ragnaros, Lightlord
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Ragnaros, Lightlord took Hearthstone’s ever stretching of the Warcraft lore to its natural breaking point. It transformed Ragnaros the Firelord from an evil elemental lord into a being of pure good in the form of Ragnaros, Lightlord. Its static ability is slightly less imposing than its fiery counterpart and not nearly as versatile since it is exclusive to paladins, but it is just as big a target when played.

3 Warsong Commander

Warsong Commander
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No other card has been nerfed as many times as Warsong Commander. This card is one of the purest examples of how easy it is to make warrior decks far too terrifying. Its current iteration doesn't see much competitive play, but it would only take one or two powerful charge minions in the future to make Warsong Commander a candidate for nerfing once again.

2 Deadly Fork

Deadly Fork
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If there’s one thing that Jason Bourne showed us, it is that you can improvise to create a weapon out of almost any item. Although this card has seen some really solid play in discard decks, a magical deadly knife would probably be better suited to fighting the hordes of powerful creatures and characters in Hearthstone.

1 Magma Rager

Magma Rager
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Magma Rager is widely regarded by fans and seasoned players to be one of the worst cards in the game. It makes little sense for the developers to have created such a weak and pointless card, as it has almost no real uses or strategies that are effective. Its low health means it can be taken out almost instantly every time it is drawn.

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