Heartwarming Message & $5 Left For Paramedics By Grateful Stranger

One stranger left a heartwarming message and $5 on the window of an ambulance to thank paramedics for all their hard work. It is a thankless job sometimes full of parking tickets, getting things thrown at the ambulance, and, of course, cars refusing to get out of the way as paramedics attempt to help someone in need.

But finally, paramedics who work for Welsh Ambulance Service in Wales finally got the appreciation they deserved thanks to a note left by a stranger. It quickly went viral after Twitter user Dewi Lloyd captured the letter, as well as $5 bill attached to the message. Dewi Lloyd shared it with the social media world.

In the note, the stranger, whose identity has not been revealed, thanked the hard-working paramedics for blocking his or her driveway to save a life. It went on to say that the paramedics should get some refreshments on the person who wrote the note. The kind message did not go unnoticed as it has been shared over 300 times. The initial tweet has received over 1400 likes.

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A spokesperson for the Welsh Ambulance Service responded to Lloyd's tweet. They shared how remarkable it is the paramedics got some recognition for their hard work. The spokesperson went on to explain that there is no financial incentive needed for the paramedics to do their job. However, both the money and the heartfelt words were a nice boost to the company.

It is so refreshing to see such positive words for people who devote their lives to helping others. Instead of getting angry for their driveway being blocked, the kind stranger gave a shoutout to the paramedics. Those who choose that profession put their life on the line every day to save other people. They get so much flak, but not enough credit. Especially, when they go into dangerous situations every day and let's be honest, they do not make hardly enough money for the job that they do.

The next time you see an ambulance barreling down the street with the lights on, get out of the way. Don't get mad when paramedics block the road, the driveway or even make you late. Be thankful because you never know when you will need those hard workers to help you out. Kudos to the stranger for being so positive!

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