"Heavenly Bodies": 20 Of Twitter's Funniest Reactions To The 2018 Met Gala

Some people have the Super Bowl, other people have the Country Music Awards, but there is one night that I look forward to (besides Eurovision) and that is the Met Gala. It's the one night of the year when everyone who's anyone comes to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a giant party and also everyone wears extreme outfits that fit a certain theme. This year the theme was Heavenly Bodies, and the guests of the Gala did not disappoint with the outfits.

Like with every celebrity event, there were obvious winners and losers. There was so much gold and some wings, but even more black suits from the guys who weren't into dressing up. Whatever the case, every celebrity at the event wasn't safe from the people watching at home and recording their thoughts about the Gala on Twitter. There's nothing quite like commenting on the lives of the social elite as a normal person who wears clothes off the sales rack and has to go to work at a nine-to-five job the next day. There needs to be someone out there to keep these celebrities humble while they try to recreate some godly looks, and that's what Twitter is for.

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20 The Resemblance Is Uncanny

Considering that the Met Gala's theme this year was Catholicism and art, I can tell that Jared Leto went in for the Jesus look, even though he really just ended up looking like the furry version of Prince John from Disney's Robin Hood. Even so, he still pretty much fits in with the theme since the time period of Prince John's existence was back when the Catholic Church was hoppin' and they were out crusading, trying to get everyone to believe in the same stuff they do.

It's pretty apparent with the Jesus look that Jared Leto was trying to go for that more holy/heroic look but like usual he just ends up looking like the villain. Let's not forget how he managed to ruin the entire reputation of the character of the Joker after Heath Ledger made it one of the most iconic characters in cinema of all time. Leto came in and took the Joker and made it some half-baked Hot Topic version of what it could be, which resulted in one of the worst DC movies that have come out in quite a while, which is pretty bad considering that there aren't many good DC movies. So yeah, like with everything else Jared Leto's just going to take a cool concept and make it worse than it should be.

19 All He Needs Is A Furry White Cat

Tom Brady, for being a football player, has had some pretty interesting looks recently. You don't really think about football players as very fashionable, since they're doing that sport thing, but Brady is not just every football player.

One of my favorites was at the Super Bowl this year, when he walked out with a coat, collars popped, and sunglasses on. Someone described this look as, "somebody from Zoolander 5," and if that wasn't the truth, I don't know what is. He's very fashion-forward but he also just looks like he dislikes literally everyone and is plotting some giant thing like a movie villain or something.

After being described as looking like he's about to evict people from their homes, you would think that he might try to soften his look up a little bit, but you would be wrong.

On Monday at the Met Gala, Brady instead decided to don an outfit that didn't look very Catholic at all, but it did make him look like either a street magician or a villain in a Nic Cage movie. All he really needed to complete the look was some playing cards or a nice, fluffy white cat to pet while saying, "Excellent," in a somewhat creepy voice.

18 Maybe Someday

As a teen I always wore a lot of weird clothing because I was trying to be cool and fashionable and a trendsetter, even though I was none of those things because I still had side bangs and bad eyeshadow. I did the best at haute couture that secondhand stores could buy, but it was gone unappreciated.

In college I lived for the themed party so I could put together some outrageous outfit that really fit in with the theme of the event, except nobody else ever did the same, so I would always look a bit out of place even though I was the one slaying the most out of everyone else. It's just that the Midwest doesn't understand me and I'm obviously meant for greater things.

For someone like me, the Met Gala is pretty much like the Super Bowl for other people.

There are a bunch of wild and crazy outfits out there on that red carpet and it's pretty much the only place where it's socially acceptable to wear clothes like that. There is pretty much no limit to how far you can go on your outfit at the Met Gala, but there's pretty much no other place on Earth where normal people like me can go all-out like that either. Of course I'd never look quite as good as everyone there since I wasn't sculpted from clay by angels and I'm not super rich but a girl can dream, right?

17 She Has Her Priorities Straight

There were a few key celebrities missing from the festivities, and Taylor Swift was among those who were presently absent. While she has been a frequent guest in the past few years, it looks like the schedule just wasn't going to work this time around considering that she was starting her tour in Arizona the very next day.

A direct flight from New York to Arizona would be four-and-a-half hours, and going back-and-forth for nine hours total would just be a bit of a waste of time right before the start of her first concert.

Instead of being decked out in some religion-inspired haute couture, she posted an Instagram picture of herself next to a very giant cactus. While all of her friends are out partying in New York, she might have felt a little left out so she might have felt compelled to share some of the big things happening out in Arizona. Since there aren't really like, any parties or a lot of people in Arizona, she had to go for the next best thing which is just a very large cactus. She might not be around glitz and glam the first Monday of May in 2018, but she is around some pretty big plants in the middle of the desert, which I guess is equally as cool.

16 Looking Like Something In A Fairy Tale

Every year there are some people who try hard with the theme, some who try hard and forget the theme, and some who don't try at all with their outfit. This year it looks like Kylie and the rest of her family didn't really get in with the theme, but just did some of their own thing.

Kim and Kris followed the theme the most — if you could consider a gold sequined dress with a few crosses in random places part of the theme. Kylie, on the other hand, decided to go with a black dress that made very little sense. It looked like it was a two-piece dress with a shiny black strapless bra kind of thing on the top, and then a long velvet skirt at the bottom. There's a spot in the front for skin to show and on the side there's a visible shiny zipper.

I don't know what kind of look Kylie was going for in that outfit, but I can't think of how it is anything remotely Catholic based.

I also know that Kylie probably wasn't trying to look like the fairy godmother from Shrek, but that's how it turned out in the end. On anyone, even a Kardashian, glasses like those are going to make you look like a middle-aged woman with a bad attitude.

15 Followed The Theme Before She Knew What It Was

Via Twitter

How could anyone forget how fresh the looks Ashley Tisdale used to serve were? Back in her prime of the mid-2000s, she was ready to come on any red carpet with only the hottest outfits of the time. This is probably the most iconic of all of her looks, and nobody has been able to do it better than her since that time.

Everything about this screams high fashion: the matching light blue all around, the knee-high socks, the hair, the scarf, the pale blue Ugg boots — it's all just so great. I know we all call Rihanna the fashion queen but I don't know, I feel like HSM-era Ashley Tisdale really takes the cake on being the most fashionable person in history.

I mean, she even kept up with the theme of this year without even knowing it. "Thou shalt spend," is such an early-2000s phrase to put on a shirt, back when the economy was good and people could spent a lot of money on clothes. With the Medieval font and the syntax of the phrase, it could very well be a part of the Ten Commandments, which is very on-theme for this year's Met Gala. She definitely would've won this year with that outfit.

14 Couple Of The Month

Who would have thought that Elon Musk and Grimes were going to be the couple debuting on the red carpet this year? It's such a strange pairing and it doesn't seem like they should have even met each other, but they've been dating for like a month and nothing makes sense anymore. I just have so many questions about this pairing, like how did they meet? What do they talk about? Elon Musk is this out-of-touch multi billionaire who spends all his time launching cars into space and digging holes underneath New York City. Grimes is a young musician that I don't really listen to but probably says some deep stuff every once in a while.

After a lot of these kinds of comparison tweets started coming up, I realized that the pairing of the older rich guy and the young goth girl is kind of, a thing.

Like it shouldn't really be a thing but it somehow is. Obviously being in a relationship with a guy who has that much money has its perks but also, like, it just doesn't really make sense and Grimes has enough money on her own. I wonder how long this will last when the two worlds of these people are very different.

13 It's Not That Hard!

Literally the whole point of the Met Gala is for rich people to show off a cool outfit that fits in with the theme, but every year it's a bunch of women who do the theme very well, while all the guys at the event are just wearing black tuxedos.

These are men of prominence, and there are plenty of times during the year when a black tux is perfect for the occasion. This is the one time when even guys can step out of their comfort zone and go all-out. Every year we hope that more men are going to try hard and do the theme, but every year we just get a whole bunch of black tuxedos next to women who are gorgeous, high fashion angels.

Sure, the black tuxedo looks good on everyone — even women, I mean especially on women. It's a classic, but it's also a safe choice.

There is no bravery going to the Met Gala in a black tux. That's not what the event is for. Men's fashion has been at a standstill for pretty much a century by now and it's time for men to try harder with their clothes. It's fun to dress like the theme, and everyone will be even more impressed by you if you just follow it even a little bit. Just mess with that tux idea a little bit, just like Nick Jonas. The bar is already set so low, guys.

12 Expectation Vs. Reality

Let's be real, Zendaya won the Met Gala with this chainmail Joan of Arc look. She's been serving looks ever since she started coming to the Gala, but this year she really served up the best look. That dress was expertly made and is totally stunning. It must have taken—whoever made that—a whole lot of time to get it all right.

That wig is also perfect and it makes Zendaya look exactly like Jeanne d'Arc herself.

There were a few other people who took Joan of Arc as their inspiration but it didn't seem to work quite as well in their favor. Probably the most unfortunate outfit was worn by Shailene Woodley, pictured above. It's quite unfortunate actually, since her hair and makeup is really, really good but that dress is just tragic. I can't tell what kind of material that dress is made out of but it seems to be some kind of shiny foam-like substance that you might see in a poorly made Halloween costume at the costume store. It's trying to resemble armor but it's just not doing a good job. It's really not Shailene's fault for this fashion faux pas, though, it's the designer's fault for this one.

11 Method Acting, Now Method Fashion

Monday night was all about the hairpieces, and I honestly loved it. Since the event was inspired by paintings that involved a lot of holy people, thus a lot of halos, it makes sense that a lot of people were wearing gold around their heads at the Met Gala. Not too many men wore headpieces, considering none of them really went out of their way at all, but Jared Leto really went all-out on his outfit.

Even though he inevitably looked like the lion form of Prince John from a Disney movie, he still looked better than pretty much every other male celebrity at the event.

The headpiece was a nice touch but after reading this tweet, I can't help but see a bunch of Ferrero Rocher wrappers instead. They're supposed to be flowers but who knows, it might just be a bunch of leftover candy foil. There were other people who made their own headpieces out of stuff you could find at home, but I don't think this one was handmade. If it was I would have to commend the skill of Jared Leto, but I also would probably end up being very annoyed with him. I don't think this guy does anything without being annoying about it first.

10 We Know Who The Real King Is

After watching Black Panther, it was really hard for me to choose whether Michael B. Jordan or Chadwick Boseman was better. I mean they're both extremely attractive and great actors. For a while Michael was winning the race for my heart since he's not only a total babe, but he also likes anime, which is something near and dear to my heart. Even so, the Met Gala really turned the tables for me and now I have to say that Chadwick is definitely better.

Just look at that outfit. Not only does it go well with the theme but the work on the clothes is really quite beautiful. On the other hand, there's Michael B. Jordan wearing what could possibly be the ugliest suit of the night.

Like, okay, if you're going to be boring and just wear a suit to a high fashion event then at least try to put in the most minimal amount of effort to make that suit look good. It's really not hard. I think it's harder to make a suit look bad on a guy but somehow Michael made that possible. What even is that orange band around one of the cuffs? Why is there a piece of cloth just hanging down on one side of him? It just looks very messy and even compared to every other bland suit at the gala, this one looks the worst.

9 Anyone Can Be A Critic

While I'm writing this article and sharing my thoughts on the outfits of the night, it feels a little absurd for me to do so because I really have no reason to give any opinions whatsoever.

What do I know about fashion? Absolutely nothing.

I still shop at Kohl's and secondhand stores because that's all my wallet can afford, if even that. I wear maybe three different outfits on my day-to-day, yet somehow I still find myself qualified to make jabs at people who have millions of dollars and the world's best designers at their side.

I'm so poor that I wouldn't ever be able to touch even the ugliest of those dresses without first being turned into dust at just the sheer lavishness of these outfits.

Yet every year, we common people sit down on our couches with the Twitter app open ready to roast these people whose lives are infinitely better than ours could ever be. I guess you could say that the only way to cope with the fact that none of us will ever be as rich, talented, or attractive as anyone at the Met Gala is to roast them on social media. It's not like us plebeians have anything better to do, anyways.

8 What Is Variation?

I'm pretty sure the whole point of having a theme for the Met Gala each year is to try and be as creative as possible, always trying to be better and more extravagant than the year before.

For some people like Rihanna and Zendaya, they love taking their outfits to the next level, but for other people, they just like to stay the same, like Kylie Jenner. I guess if it isn't broke she shouldn't fix it, but this kind of "classic" Kylie look is just a little bland to me. Of course she's going to look good in a two-piece dress because she's Kylie and she looks good always, but why not try and get out of her comfort zone a little bit?

She doesn't even try with the theme at all. At least Michael B. Jordan and his sad suit had a little cross pin on the lapel — she had nothing of the sort. It's like she didn't really understand what the Met Gala is and just picked her regular black dress out of her closet like it's any old event. No! You're supposed to have fun with it, this is what high fashion is all about! Honestly if you want to see more creativity in an outfit they should just invite me next year instead of Kylie.

7 Ease Off The Self-Tanner, Guys

Tanning isn't good for your skin, as we all know, but while spray tanner may not be cancerous, it's still a pretty bad alternative. Sure there are some good spray tans out there but there are more bad ones, and Selena Gomez was the victim to some interesting self-tanner this year. Selena normally has very nice and glowing skin, so when she rolled up with skin resembling a burnt orange to the Gala it was pretty obvious that this was the work of a bad spray tan.

I don't know why anyone gets spray tans anymore since it's so easy to tell when it's a spray. Real tans don't make people look orange after all. 

Even so, Selena looks good as always because she's pretty much a flawless human being and even on her worst day she looks better than most of us on our best days. I don't really know what she was trying to do with this look for the Gala, since her dress really wasn't all that interesting either, but whatever the case, she's rocking it as always. While the tan was a bit much, though, her gold eyeshadow did pack quite the punch. Next year, Selena's going to serve a really great look, I know it.

6 Where Is She?

Even sadder than Taylor Swift not being at the Met Gala this year was the absence of both Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. You would think that both of them would show up to the event considering wearing big outfits in gold and somewhat religious imagery is kind of both their thing, but I guess since they've done it before, they don't need to do it again. I feel like everyone, myself included, were waiting for what Beyoncé had to offer on the red carpet, but she never arrived. Or did she?

Maybe the fact that she wasn't there in human form was her planned outfit for the Gala this year. Everyone was out there trying to recreate biblical figures but in fact, Beyoncé recreated the holiest of looks by not being visible at all.

After all, Queen Bey is basically God, so it would make sense for her to try to embody herself as God by being the Holy Ghost herself.

She doesn't even need to be seen to have a presence at the Gala — I mean we are talking about her even though she wasn't even at the event, let alone wearing anything of note. That's true power right there.

5 May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

After the Hunger Games came out, pretty much every time we see someone on TV wearing a highly fashionable and kind of futuristic outfit, we immediately start making memes about the Capitol and the Hunger Games.

It makes sense, since it feels like every year society is closer and closer to making that young adult fiction novel a reality, especially when it comes to the fashion.

Back in 2012 nobody dressed the way that they did in the movie, but now we're seeing fiction become reality and everyone who is anyone now wears dresses with giant trains, capes, and very large headdresses.

Not to mention all of the extra glitter and colorful hair that's been trending recently.

While this will actually never happen in real life, and it would frankly be disturbing and very upsetting if it was real, this would be a great pitch for a movie. Just imagine, it's like Hunger Games but it's actually the rich and famous people that need to fight and all of the normal people are just watching it like a sporting event. It would be a very interesting commentary on society probably. Any movie people if you're interested in that idea, hit me up please.

4 The Church Of Rihanna

I've never been much of the religious type, but after seeing Rihanna's look at the Met Gala, I might have just converted to whatever religion she's leading. Papal fashion honestly has always looked really good, with all of the beautiful embroidery and fine jewels, but since Pope clothes have only ever been worn by withered old men, I haven't taken much notice.

Rihanna though took that concept and made it so fashion, that she will probably be able to take over the world someday. There is nobody other than Rihanna who could pull off this look so well because it takes a certain fierceness that only Rihanna has to really make this outfit punch as much as it does.

There are few people who get me as excited as Rihanna does; it feels like everything that she's done, especially in the past few years, is amazing and she's just so full of creativity. The Met Gala is really her event and every year she just keeps outshining herself. Even if she's not the leader of a new religion, she's still the god of the Met Gala. I can't wait to see what she has in store for next year and the years to come.

3 Life Imitates Art

In simple terms, the Met Gala theme this year was Catholicism, but it's more like the influence of Catholicism in old art. Since the Catholics pretty much ran all the culture in Europe for centuries, it's more like old art is Catholic art because that was the only kind of art that was allowed to be made back then.

It turns out that Darren Criss looks just like a piece of Renaissance art that he put on his own jacket.

Was this just a coincidence or did he plan to put his classical art doppelgänger on the sleeve of his blazer?

This truly is a case of how life manages to resemble art and vis versa. Human beings are very different but there's only so many ways people can look like so there's a good chance that someone out there in the world looks just like you, and there's an even greater chance that someone in history looked like you do right now.

What I find so funny about this jacket is that it had to have been a choice. There's only like, one of these jackets made and during the process of making it there's no way that someone didn't point out the resemblance between the person on the jacket and the person wearing the jacket.

2 Do You Wanna Do Something Fun? Do You Want To Go To Church?

Amanda Seyfried is a very well-rounded and talented actress and singer yet anytime I see her, I immediately just think about her role as Karen in Mean Girls, which is arguably her best performance to date (step aside, Les Miserables).

Even if she wanted to separate herself from being Karen Smith, I don't know why she would want to since Karen is literally the best. Sure, Karen may be a little dense and she doesn't know how to properly make a Halloween costume, but looking at the outfits at the Met Gala, it seems like celebrities don't know how to do that either.

Just like Karen's mouse costume was hard to decipher since the mouse influence was barely there, Amanda Seyfried's Gala outfit was nice, but also a little weak in following the theme.

Don't get me wrong, she looks great in that dress but as far as the dress looking Catholic, it lacks a little bit. I like the gold color, I feel like it really works with Amanda and the style of dress looks a little bit like a dress found in a Renaissance painting. It's just a little tamer than some of the other outfits of the night, which is totally fine.

1 A Bland Snack

Even less interesting than Kylie Jenner's Met Gala outfit was her sister, Kendall's outfit.

Most people—when looking at this fairly uninteresting off-white outfit—are confused with how it could possibly fit in with the Catholic theme of the night, but Jessie LaFea on Twitter managed to find the correlation between the two.

There are a lot of aspects of Catholicism, especially in art, that are very lavish, gilded, and beautiful but behind all the gold there is one part of church service that is very important, while also extremely bland. Who would've thought that Kendall Jenner put that much thought into her outfit?

All jokes aside, I really want to know what her thought process was when deciding that this outfit would be a good choice.

It's not a bad outfit per se, but it's definitely not something that you would want to wear to fashion's biggest night of the year.

There's no dress, no cape, nothing that really makes the outfit very interesting. She doesn't even have a train, which I feel is almost essential, but the bottom of her pants are so wide that they just look like she'll trip at any moment. Boring and impractical: what was she thinking?

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