This Cat Is Better At Pokémon GO Than You

Next time you're struggling to catch a Pokémon in Pokémon GO, remember that Hela the cat managed to do it without much trouble at all.

During the summer of 2016, the world was hit with Pokémon GO fever. Never has a video game had quite the hold on as many people as Pokémon GO did three years ago. While it might feel as if the hype died down, and to an extent that is certainly true, Pokémon GO definitely did not disappear. In fact, earlier this year, the app was downloaded for the billionth time.

That's a staggering number of downloads, and can probably be attributed to animals now getting in on the fun too. That's right, even people's pets are hooked on Pokémon GO. Most notably, Hela the cat. A video of the feline is currently going viral as it not only shows Hela playing Pokémon GO but actually catching a Pokémon without any human assistance.

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You can check out the video for yourself above as Hela bags herself a Weedle. It takes her a couple of attempts but eventually, she manages to use her paw to send a Pokéball through the air and onto the unsuspecting Weedle's head. Hela then sits backs and waits for those three telling wobbles followed up with a double paw celebration when the "Gotcha" message appears.

Hela's antics have been shared far and wide and while the original YouTube video of her Pokémon GO exploits are yet to break the 1000 view mark, the Twitter version doing the rounds has surpassed the 400k barrier. Owner Hillaria clearly wasn't expecting the reaction she and Hela have received to the video but has been sharing more entertaining clips and pics of her now internet-famous cat.

Those pics include Hela coming face-to-face with a Pokémon, and also eagerly hugging her smartphone as she waits for more creatures to venture too close. Before this video, we didn't even know a smartphone screen could detect a cat paw. Cue countless people trying to get their pets playing Pokémon GO, and perhaps even training them to be more adept at using a phone in general.

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