How To Help A Motion Sick Dog

Travel sickness in pets may not be a top priority for some, but anyone who is about to travel with a dog should be thinking about this concern.

If you're reading this article then it's highly likely that you love dogs and probably have one or more of your own. As a dog owner, you will know that one of the most painstaking and frustrating things is not knowing how your pooch is feeling. They have certain ways of letting you know that something is up but for the most part, it is almost impossible to tell exactly what's wrong short of taking them to the vet.

One place you definitely don't want your dog feeling under the weather is in the back of your car. Anyone who has suffered from travel sickness knows how horrible and annoying an occurrence it can be. Lucky for humans, we can simply pull over and take a break or even be sick if we have reached that breaking point. Dogs can't communicate that feeling and you may not know something is up until it's too late, if you get what we mean.


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With the help of Life Hacker, we have some handy tips to prevent your pup from ruining the interior of your car on a long trip.

For starters, there are a number of signs to look out for. If your dog is shaking, dry heaving, whining, drooling, or excessively licking its lips, then it might be time to pull over and let them out for a while. Apparently the closer they are to the front of the car, the better when it comes to travel sickness as well.

If letting a pooch ride up front hasn't improved matters, and a doggo is still not feeling well even after being let out, then there is a Dramamine-style drug that vets can prescribe. That is really a last resort though and is only a good option if your pup suffers from travel sickness on a regular basis. Also be sure to take a break every couple of hours on long trips, for both the dogs and the humans in your car.

Most dog owners won't need to be told twice to keep a close eye on their pets if they think they're not well since animals can't specifically vocalize how they are feeling. If a pup does demonstrate any of the symptoms above then most people would likely pull their car over right away. Especially if the dog was shaking or dry heaving for the sake of the pet and the car. Just remember that dogs can suffer from most of the same things that we do, they just can't tell us about it!


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