Here Are The 24 Winners Of The "Not My Job" Awards

When doing a job, someone might come across something that they feel like they should fix, but at the same time, if they're not going to get paid for it, so why bother? I'm sure a lot of you were responsible and did it anyway, but there are definitely a lot of people in the world who look at situations like that and go "That's not my job". That often results in the most hilarious situations where you could say that at least there was an attempt.

So why not hand out awards for the people who put in their heart and soul into doing something that was obviously not their job? There was an attempt made, and the fact that it was has made the situation all the funnier. From potholes getting fixed by being stuffed with rocks, or a plaque/slogan becoming too long for the wall they were supposed to be placed on, so they end up hanging off halfway through. Either way, for people who like things in a certain way and can't handle a broken pattern, this is an absolute nightmare. But honestly, I think it's an art-form to be able to pull off something like this so casually.

24 When photoshop isn't a strong suit

There's no shame in not being great at photoshop. Not everyone can do everything, but the AS Roma team embraced their lack of ability. They overlayed a badly cropped image of the new gear the football team would wear on top of one of the players who would wear it, and made an attempt to pass it on as something genuine. This wasn't the first time either, in fact, they did the same exact stunt a few tweets before this one, and that was even more badly done.

23 There are alternative methods of bypassing a lock

This one looks a lot more fun. Because it makes us wonder, whose job here was neglected? Was it the locksmith? No, he made the lock perfectly. Was it the lock itself? No, I think the person who looked at this lock and said "that's not my job" was the thief. He decided that it wasn't up to him to get rid of the lock, so he got rid of the handle. We should always work smart, not work hard.

22 This one is hard to look at

Nothing like a pattern that's going along so perfectly to be ruined all of a sudden by something that could potentially be fixed so easily. Take this brick path for example. How hard do you think it'd be for the guy who was making this to go, "Hmm, if I put this panel here like this, it'll mess up the pattern, so I should probably not use this panel here."? Not hard, but you know what? He decided that it wasn't his job, and now we've got this travesty.

21 Maybe the guy who painted this should have paid more attention in "Sohool"

There's so much irony to unpack here. For one thing, there's the fact that the person who handled this was an adult man or woman who did not have the schooling necessary to spell school correctly. Then there's the fact that they misspelled school in front of a school! A part of me wants to give the person who worked this the benefit of the doubt and pretend that maybe, just maybe, the machine they were using to print the letters had a broken "c" and gave them an "o" instead.

20 If it's silly, but it works, it's not silly

One of the things you learn early on in adulthood is that if something merely looks silly, that doesn't mean it is in actual practice silly. This electrical line post is a wonderful example of this rule. Does it look absolutely ridiculous to just slap on duct tape on a problem until it's holding itself together? Yes, but more importantly, does it work? Also yes, therefore it's silliness is overruled by the fact that there is, in actuality, not a problem out there that can't be fixed with duct tape.

19 It ended up... Exactly as you'd imagine it ended up

The person who was tasked with painting the yellow line in the subway was not tasked with telling people who would be coming later that the paint was wet. It was not his job, and therefore not his responsibility. He simply laid on the paint on the station, and left. The result was as you would expect. People stood on the wet paint waiting for their train to arrive, then climbed onboard leaving footprints all over the place. How wonderful.

18 When you don't get paid enough for accuracy

One of the things you learn when you just get into art and drawing is how to draw a straight line, followed by how to draw multiple, parallel straight lines, then a circle, and then things gradually start getting more and more complicated. But this guy was paid to draw a line, and his job does not involve emulating artists in any degree. His job involves him doing his thing, and making a line, as wonky and curvy as he wants it to be.

17 Set up the advert he did, just not in the way he should have

Pugs are one of the strangest breeds of dog ever created. They came from wolves, pack hunters that devour and destroy prey with alarming prejudice, and became pugs, which look like dogs that had their faces smushed against the wall one too many times, and are often easily scared and rattled. So with that kind of strangeness, if you put their faces on upside down, have you really added (or taken away) anything from the creature in the first place? I don't think so.

16 An eloquent sign

A man was tasked to create a sign. The sign was to detail that the patio was closed, but the man given this duty also incorrectly assumed that he was supposed to explain why the patio was closed. And since he didn't know why it was closed, he opted for the intelligent suggestion that it was closed because it was closed. He was paid to make a sign, he wasn't paid to think up some excuse to justify why the sign was needed.

15 The joys of getting lost in translation, or lack thereof

I always feel bad about things that get lost in translation, because there's no way around it. You can be the smartest person in the world, but you will be incapable of showing it simply because you don't speak the language. So when I see signs like this, where someone tried to make a translated version to appeal to foreigners, but don't know that they're not actually translating anything. After all, they don't speak English! How were they to know they were seeing an error?!

14 When your neighbours are petty

Their neighbour is meticulous with their gardening. They mow their lawn, they look after the flowers, they keep their grass in line, and they have an overall wonderful look to their house. Except for one thing. They don't like their neighbours. So when they mow their lawn, they stop right at the property line and refuse to cut the grass that is just a few inches in their neighbours' property. Nothing like some pettiness to keep your neighbourhood entertaining. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

13 Extreme wheelchair sports

Being disabled in some way does not mean you aren't as capable as everyone else. Nor does it mean that you aren't a thrill-seeker or an adrenaline junkie. That's probably the thought process behind the man who decided that it was a good idea to create a wheelchair ramp, but have it end a meter off the floor. Nothing like the thrill of flying through the air to help you forget that you're confined to a wheelchair. The sky's the limi

12 Allan, you had one job

Allan, the man you go to when you want an advertisement added to your forum posts. Allan, the man who makes sure you've got revenue coming in, so that you have money coming into your business. Allan, the guy who forgot to put in the advertisement because his job was to post threads, not find adverts. The people who ran into this post probably had a field day. The adblock everyone had installed on their browsers wouldn't help with this kind of not-ad, would it?

11 Locking a window a few stories off the ground

via: Reddit

When the locksmith was called in because of someone on a higher floor being too scared of a potential burglary to sleep at night, the solution was not well thought-out. They wanted a lock on their door. Now, the locksmith was peeved. It didn't make sense to be afraid of a theft when you lived on the third or fourth floor. There was no way someone was going to be able to climb that high. At least, that's what I imagine the locksmith thought of when he installed this lock.

10 The sale is more expensive than the original

The point of a sale is to get more for your dollar than you would usually. Like if there's a TV on sale, it's like it's 20% off if you buy two of them. But it's a trick too, because you don't really need two TVs, and yet when we see that they're 20% off, we become almost unreasonable. It's almost an art form. Something the guy in charge of making the sale signs was not aware of because he made a three for $9, which costs 57 cents more than if you bought them individually.

9 The pothole is fixed. Kinda

Potholes are annoying craters in the road that are caused by wear and tear, and often cause damage to the cars that drive over them. It can damage the suspension or the tires, or anything else. So people are hired to fill in the potholes so that cars can drive over them without an issue. It seems that this time the person they hired didn't think it was his job to fill it in with tarmac, so he just filled it in with the rocks he had lying around.

8 Printing the "Best Before" date

We often look at how fresh something is before we buy it, and for that, we look at the best before date. So when you look at a drink to check if it's expired or not, and you're faced with something like this, you can't help but laugh. There was a guy who designed all the things that go on the bottle, but decided that it was just not his job to find out and print on when the drink expired.

7 Sacarmneto instead of Sacramento

Sacremento is the capital city of the Californian state. As the capital, t is one of the quickest growing cities the state has. The city has a rich and diverse history, and must not be confused with Sacarmneto, which is the very definition of being good enough for the government. Nothing wrong with a bit of spelling error, just make sure no one looks too closely. They had someone engrave the name, but they couldn't double check the spelling?

6 The N and G are inverted. All of them

It's one thing to misspell something by accident, it's quite another to invert the letters you're painting. And only two of them too. The person who did this knew what they were doing, and it seems almost like it was intentional. Or maybe he thought he was being clever and figured that if people could read it from over and under, that they'll be twice as likely to listen. All he ended up doing was make people unsure of whether or not they should park there at all.

5 Someone didn't paint them right

SpongeBob SquarePants has had its fair share of controversies, a lot of which, to this day still don't make any sense. But what happened here is a lot different, with what looks like toys being painted completely inaccurately. I assume the guy doing the painting or putting on the stickers just didn't have any outside of Gary the Snail and Squidward Tentacles, and decide that it wasn't his job to go out and find the other character stickers to put on. So he made do.

4 Bethesda Support's job was to thank people for their patience, not provide an unusable link

Bethesda has recently been gaining a lot of traction from E3 where they announced games like Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls: 6. While they may be great developers of legendary games that people from all corners of the world can enjoy, they're certainly not the best website programmers or Twitter users. Especially since they created a page to check the status of the website on which they created that page. But hey, maybe they knew, and said, "I handle the Tweets, this just isn't my job."

3 I would actively take a path that would help me avoid seeing this.

This is a travesty. This is an insult to my eyes, and if I had to work in this building, I would slowly go insane. The guy was given some room to engrave the year into the wall, and the digits to do it with. The problem? The letters were too big and the area he was given too small. So he improvised, because fixing that was not his job, and he created this. Schrodinger's disaster, which is both a travesty and yet somehow a work of art at once.

2 Salt and pepper provided. Open the packets yourself

Working in customer service, especially in restaurants, can be a real headache. The customer is always right, and you have to be on their beck and call so you can fix things for them and complete the transaction. But every now and then, you slowly stop caring. It happens with every job. You start chipper and on the nose, but after a year or so, you're just daring them to try and fire you. This person who got the salt and pepper is daring to be fired.

1 Nothing more Hawaiian than Chinese Fried Rice

When you think Hawaii, you think piña colada, beach time relaxation, pineapple pizza, and Chinese food. Except maybe not Chinese food, and certainly not Chinese fried rice. But nope, the person in charge of handling the packaging for this stuff decided that maybe, just maybe, that wasn't his responsibility. So he sealed it up as is, and figured that maybe one day we'll start associating Chinese food with Hawaii, and then this all-natural dish would be ahead of the curve. Maybe.

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