Here’s How You Can Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle

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Here’s how you can build your own electric motorcycle in the comfort of your own home. So long as your home includes a fabrication workshop and a paint shop.

So there is a bit of a question surrounding the legality of this. Not the building part--you can build an electric motorcycle just fine with a bit of know-how and commercially available parts. The legal question is whether or not you need a motorcycle license.

In New Brunswick, the Canadian province this particular electric motorcycle was built, you need to have what is called a Class 9 license which requires a written and road test before you can legally drive. However, other states and provinces have limits based on engine size and power output. This electric motorcycle only produces about 16 hp, which due to its size is more than enough to get it to 75 mph on an open road. However, some places require a motor with over 20 hp before you need government approval. Check local laws before you start building something you can’t drive.

As for the build itself, a lot of it comes from off-the-shelf commercial parts, such as the fork, the battery, electric motor, the ECU, and the rear shock. That said, you’ll need some welding knowledge, know how to creature fiberglass molds, and also some light fabric-stitching in order to create the seat.

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Making the steel frame seems to be the toughest job as it involves some precisely cut square steel tubing that gets welded together. This guy makes it all look easy by simply eye-balling everything, but we're sure that the careful measurements have been edited out of the video.

Then there's assembly of the fork, the rear swing-arm suspension, and battery and wiring. Some fiberglass molds to contain the bike and make it look all spiffy leaves our intrepid creator with just a single piece of vinyl to turn into a seat cushion. Finally, it's all done and ready for the open road.

The whole thing weighs around 200 lbs, has a maximum range of 100 km (about 60 miles), and a top speed of 75 mph (or 120 kph). Best of all, you can buy the blueprints for just $10.

So if you’ve got a lot of know-how, some steel-tubing, and some free time, then this might be your next project.

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