Here's What These 16 Former NWO Members Look Like Today

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall joining WCW completely changed the playing field. At Bash at the Beach in 1996, WCW threw a wild curveball with Hulk Hogan, the greatest babyface at the time joining the dark side alongside Hall and Nash. It led to a compelling product and one that would wipe the floor with WWE for a little while.

The same faction would ultimately also lead to their undoing. It just got so out of hand with NWO Elite, NWO B-Team, and NWO 2000, just to name a few.

Nonetheless, in this article, we choose to remember the good times only. We’ll flashback at their accomplishments with factions while taking a look at how they are today.

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16 Sting

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Who can forget Sting nearly joining the NWO but then going back on it and attacking the stable? What a moment; he would ultimately join the NWO Wolfpac, comprised of babyfaces.

Who could have predicted but two decades later, he’s with WWE appearing at the inaugural SmackDown on FOX episode.

15 Great Muta

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According to Eric Bischoff, having Muta join the NWO was all part of a strategic plan. Here’s what he told the PW Podcasts;

“I wanted to have a Japanese influence and presence on our show, and I wanted Nitro to have an international appeal, much like WWE recently did with Jinder Mahal. It just made a tremendous amount of sense to bring Muta into the NWO and have him be part of the most important thing we were doing.”

14 Vincent

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He wasn’t the most useful NWO member and he was usually used to put others over back in the day.

These days, Virgil is still trying to bank off his wrestling success, attending conventions and basically creating booths in the middle of nowhere in order to earn a little bit more of an income. He even started a campaign to make him a millionaire... it failed.

13 Konnan

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Konnan joined both the NWO and later, NWO Wolfpac alongside Kevin Nash and Sting. He was very popular in the ‘90s, especially with the audience over in Mexico. According to various wrestling pundits, he was at one point viewed as the Mexican Hulk Hogan.

He is still in the business today, whether it be with MLW or AAA.

12 Scott Steiner

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At the age of 57, we still get a glimpse of Scott Steiner every now and then with Impact Wrestling. He also takes part in wrestling conventions – Steiner has quite the following even to this day.

He was a major part of WCW, especially during the company’s final days. Scott was one of the few bright spots at that point, as well as Booker T.

11 Booker T/Buff Bagwell

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Speaking of Booker T, here he is alongside Buff Bagwell. Booker joined the NWO during his WWE days, though it was short-lived as HBK super-kicked Booker out of the group.

As for Bagwell, he didn’t have the greatest WWE run – it only lasted one match, getting the boot shortly after.

10 Stevie Ray

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Stevie also joined the NWO back in the day – though we can all agree, he is best remembered for his time alongside Booker in Harlem Heat – what a tag team.

He was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame. Stevie is also up-to-date with the current product, running his own podcast.

9 Jeff Farmer/Scott Norton/Nick Patrick

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We get three for the price of one in the picture above. We can tell what type of impact this stable made with the background players still banking off the success to this day at wrestling conventions.

Norton himself was still wrestling just a couple of years back with the likes of New Japan.

8 Lex Luger

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The Total Package wasn’t as advertised with WWE and he struggled with becoming the top dog.

Moving over to WCW was a good call – not only did he change the landscape of pro wrestling forever but he also had great success with both the black and white and red and black.

7 Big Show

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Talk about pressure, his first match as a rookie was against Hulk Hogan. Not long after, Show would join the NWO under the name of, The Giant.

We don’t see him as much these days – Big Show is more of an ambassador for WWE rather than actual talent. He’s a sure Hall of Famer; what a career for the big ma,n both with WWE and WCW.

6 Disco Inferno

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Talk about loyalty, this guy stayed with WCW all the way till its final days. Despite the longevity, WWE elected not to bring him in.

Disco is completely out of the business these days residing in Las Vegas. He’s the manager of a gentlemen’s club; the likes of Braun Strowman paid him a visit in the past.

5 Jeff Jarrett

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Jarrett enjoyed major success during WCW’s final days. He was the champion for a while – of course given all the controversy, he wasn’t brought back to WWE.

The wrestling business is a crazy world and these days, he’s back with WWE working alongside Vince at the gorilla position as a producer.

4 Eric Bischoff

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He was the creator of the WWE behind the scenes. Eric’s gamble certainly paid off as the stable propelled WCW to remarkable ratings.

Eric was recently let go by WWE, though rumors are already swirling that he’ll return to the wrestling business sooner rather than later.

3 Sean Waltman

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Underrated is a big way to describe Sean Waltman. He wasn’t doing much with WCW and the NWO during the early stages – WWE took note and snagged him from WCW. He had huge success working alongside Triple H in Degeneration-X.

He entered the Hall of Fame with DX in 2019.

2 Shawn Michaels/Kevin Nash/Scott Hall

Hunter is the only person that never joined. HBK was a member during the faction’s WWE days. It could have worked had it not been for Nash’s injury, which ultimately would lead to Shawn’s in-ring return.

Nash and Hall’s accomplishments speak for themselves with the stable – they are the reason as to how it all worked out.

1 Hulk Hogan

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Years after the fact, Hulk continues to rock his former black and white colors. In fact, this is a recent shot posted to his IG account – pumping some iron out in Florida.

Hulk continues on with WWE as an ambassador though according to the Hulkster, he would love a final run in the ring.

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