Hero Bystanders Save Blind Man Who Fell Onto Subway Tracks

Three men jumped onto the Toronto subway tracks at the Broadview Station to help a man they did not know. The incident occurred last week in the early afternoon as other station goers watched the heroic and terrifying event.

24-year-old Kyle Busquine was the first to spring into action when he heard a faint yell coming from the train tracks. When he looked, he saw a man with his cane on the tracks and without thinking jumped to save him. Unbeknownst to Busquine, two other men followed his lead. He told the local news that he did not get the names of the other two men who helped him, but he is grateful that they did. There is no way he could have pulled the blind man to safety alone. Paramedics took the fellow-in-need, whose name has not been revealed, to a nearby hospital.

The rescue was about a minute long, but to Busquine it seemed much longer. He was afraid they would not make it off of the track before another train came, but he could not give into his fear. Instead, the men worked together and what could have been a tragedy became a celebration. All four men are alive, and this truly shows that there are good, kind people looking out for and helping others.

Although the identities of the other two men remain a mystery, their heroic actions have gone viral. Julie Caniglias watched the entire scary, but extremely brave, act of kindness unfold. She managed to snap a photo of all three men after the rescue and shared the story on social media. Her post has been liked almost 60, 000 times, and has likely been seen by far more people than that.

this afternoon I had the fright of my life. when my subway car pulled up at Broadview station I heard a faint voice call...

Posted by Julie Caniglia on Thursday, June 28, 2018

As for Busquine, he is overwhelmed by all of the media attention and praising words. However, he told the local news that he was only doing the right thing, or the "human" thing, as he put it, and he shared how glad he was to have been able to help.

Kyle Busquine and the men who helped him save a life are real inspirations. Their story is a reminder to us all that doing the right thing is always important and to help out another person is never wrong. Two lessons we should all practice on a daily basis.


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