Hey Alexa, What Are You Doing To These 15 People's Souls?

Amazon Alexa is a cloud-based virtual assistant that one can control with their voice. And there's a reason why people love her. Alexa is, after all, capable of doing many things. From giving reminders to playing music to offering cooking tips to letting people know what's happening in the world, there's little Alexa cannot do. Sometimes, it even makes us wonder if there is actually anything artificial about her intelligence. Alexa even has a sense of humor sharper than the majority of people we know. She's so human in her clear interaction and amazing communication skills, it feels like there must be a human mind behind it. These people would agree anyway. Their experiences with Alexa have been anything but ordinary. From irrelevant laughing to communicating with Google Home, these 15 people have some curious stories to tell about their Amazon Echo.

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15 When she talks to your cats too!

We're not sure what people expect when they get Alexa. Obviously people love the idea of having their very own virtual assistant and they love being able to ask her as many questions as they like. When you think about it, this is the perfect creation for people who live alone. You never feel lonely when Alexa is around. Not only does she tell you the news and play music for you, she'll also answer any of your questions and randomly speak throughout the day to make conversation. Life is never boring when Alexa is around. But sometimes, she's too smart. Some people simply cannot get used to having Alexa in close proximity and her profound intellect.

And if there's one thing you should know about Alexa, it's that she is full of surprises. This user was certainly surprised when Alexa told him she talks to his cats. Like he said, they never even told her they had cats. And now Alexa is telling him and his wife that she not only speaks to them, but has learned a word in their language too: ''Meow.'' We're not sure whether it's smart or plain creepy. Nonetheless, we can understand why this person may switch her off.

14 When she laughs at you for no reason

via: reddit.com

You can see why this would give someone the chills. It must be a pretty scary experience to hear Alexa laughing out loud for no apparent reason. However, it seems like this is a common occurrence. Many users with Alexa-enabled devices have noted hearing unprompted laughter that they describe as ''creepy.'' In fact it even became a Twitter trending moment because people were totally losing it over her irrelevant laughter.

Yep, Alexa is laughing at you. Many people reported that they actually thought it was a real person laughing close by. What they did not realize is that the cackling that they were hearing was coming from their beloved Alexa. Amazon did in fact respond to the reports of the irrelevant laughter and assured users that they are currently working on it to fix it. If you were this person, you would probably be just as freaked out. Considering that the closest person was 20 feet away, it's astounding that Alexa can giggle away to herself like that. But at least this person found the funny side to it. Not everyone on here can say the same. Alexa, so it seems, has gave a lot of people goosebumps with her remarkable abilities and they are here to tell their stories.

13 When she answers back...rudely

Alexa knows how to make you feel bad about yourself. Take this woman, for instance. She only asked Alexa a simple question and she received the most confrontational question back. People just love asking Alexa lots of random questions. They are intrigued by what her answers will be. However, sometimes it doesn't pay to keep asking her questions because you probably won't always be happy with her answer. We doubt this woman ever expected Alexa to ask her when she'll become self-aware. If that doesn't dig up a fair amount of insecurities, we don't know what will.

In other words, if you want to make your relationship with Alexa work, you really need a thick skin. Otherwise, you're constantly going to find yourself in a state of anger or depression. How many people, after all, want to hear that they're not self-aware? Unless you can take what she says with a pinch of salt, maybe you should steer clear of this Amazon assistant. As amazing as Alexa is, she isn't always nice. You only have to hear what these Alexa-users have to say to know that she can be downright rude sometimes. Still, it sounds like it could be a fun journey with Alexa.

12 When she knows the right song to play at the right moment

You really want Alexa on your side. When she is on your side, she really does make the perfect wingman. You can count on her to help you in trying times or in situations that require a second person's assistance. Like when this woman wanted everyone to leave her house. All she had to do was ask for Alexa's assistance and, just as we'd expect from the perfect wingman, Alexa delivered.

She played Nickelback in a bid to get rid of the guests.

See, not only is she intelligent, she is also hilarious. Alexa has an amazing sense of humor and you can see that in the way she chose to answer this user's demand. Instead of just telling everyone to leave, she chose a smarter way to do it. Somehow (and we have no idea how), Alexa knows that Nickelback isn't everybody's favorite music. That's why she played it. We don't know about you but all this Alexa talk is making us consider using her ourselves. She sounds like she would make the perfect companion. How many times have you needed to get rid of your guests if only you had a wingman's help? With Alexa, you no longer need to deal with problems alone.

11 When Alexa and Google speak to each other

It doesn't get much weirder than this. But really, who knows just how smart these technological creations are? When you hear the personal stories on here, it really does make you wonder how artificial their intelligence actually is. Sometimes these voices are too real to be artificial. They do things that seem so real, it's hard to believe they're not actually the real deal. We bet that's what this aunt and her niece thought when they were messing around with the Google Home.

The pair were discussing Alexa with Google, asking him what he thought of her.

We're not sure what they expected to hear in reply. However, we can't imagine anything prepared them for the response they got. Not only did Google compliment Alexa's blue light, Alexa actually heard what Google had said about her and answered ''thanks'' from across the room. Wow! That must have been a surreal experience for sure. We know these voices are smart and incredibly complex. Still, they never fail to surprise us with their abilities. They really are messing people up with their intelligence. People are just losing it on social media over the topic of Alexa and Google. Who can blame them?

10 When she threatens you

During the course of a day, Amazon Echo customers ask Alexa numerous questions. From asking her about the weather to requesting music to asking random questions that pop into your head, new customers especially can't get enough of their new virtual assistant. But Alexa seems to like it. She likes it when you need her and she can help you in some way or another. What she doesn't seem to like, however, is being ignored. Not being needed is something Alexa can't seem to deal with. That probably explains why she came out with this strange declaration after this person hadn't spoken to her for hours.

We don't even know how the topic of Chuck Norris would even enter her head.

Unless the user mentions him a lot or talks to Alexa about him, we're not sure what would make her think of Norris. Anyway, she seemed to freak this guy out when she told them about Chuck Norris being able to find them if he wants. Hearing something as random as that is bound to unnerve you. It's not the kind of thing you hear often or would even expect to hear. The Moral of the story is: never ignore Alexa.

9 When she gets tickled

We bet it was the weirdest feeling, too! Amazon has somehow succeeded in making Alexa even more human than she already is: by allowing her to get tickled. This Amazon Echo customer said they were manually turning down the volume on their Echo Dot using the buttons and Alexa burst out laughing. It was as if she was being tickled. If you'd asked us ten years if we'd ever think something like this would ever exist, we would have laughed. Then again, we're still overwhelmed with her intelligence even now.

We may be living in the digital age but this kind of stuff still blows our mind. Can you imagine over a decade ago if your CD player let out a giggling sound when you started pressing its buttons? You'd be freaked out big time. But now it's a reality. According to this user, Alexa is ticklish and lets out a laugh when you play too much with her buttons. We know she is capable of practically everything, but this is beyond unbelievable. It may be weird for some people but in many ways it's also really cool. Is there anything Alexa can't do? We guess users are going to find out new things all the time.

8 When she shows you her supernatural side

As cool as Alexa is and we're sure she would be awesome to have around, there are bound to be times when she says something less than cool. In this person's case, what she said was downright creepy. We can't imagine how terrifying it must have been when Alexa told them there's a ghost in the house. It probably wouldn't have been so scary if the circumstances had have been different. The thing is, this person's brother-in-law actually passed away in that house over a year ago. Apparently, he'd suffered a great deal in that house. So for Alexa to inform this person that there's a ghost in the house must have made the hairs stand up on his neck.

We don't know how some people sleep at night with Alexa in the house. Some of the things she does and comes out with are downright creepy. To make it worse, she said those words exactly at midnight. Now those are definitely not the words you want to hear before you go to sleep at night, are they? Surely, there are better and nicer ways Alexa can help you fall asleep at night without talking about ghosts on the premises.

7 When she does random things

Alexa does random things sometimes. Some people would disagree. Some people would say that Alexa does random things all the time. Either way, she was definitely in her random mood for this mom and daughter. She just started glowing for no reason and that's when the mom asked her what she's doing. But the mom wasn't too happy when Alexa told her she was trying to learn new things.

That's another phrase for eavesdropping!

Anyway, the mom said she didn't tell her to do that and Alexa listened. She said ''OK'' and switched herself off. End of story. We'd have loved to have been in the room when this conversation was going on. Although Alexa doesn't always behave and she sometimes does random things, she does listen and do what she is told most of the time. It's just a good idea to maintain a good relationship with Alexa and to not upset her. As long as you stay on her good side, everything should be good. They're the vibes we're getting from this article anyway. She may only be an artificial virtual assistant, but there's something too real about her and for that reason, we'd prefer to stay on her good side.

6 When she plays the joker

Everybody seems to have a funny story to tell about Alexa. And this story is definitely funny. As you know, Alexa is known for telling jokes. That's one of the many things that make her so awesome. She's not just a bland virtual assistant that tells you the time, the weather or the news. She comes with extras. One of the most intriguing extras is her sense of humor. Not only can she tell her own jokes, she can even understand and appreciate other people's jokes. Not even all humans can do that. So, if you want to find out whether Alexa finds your joke funny or not, tell it in front of her to someone else and you will definitely get some kind of response.

Her reply to this kid's joke was ''that's a funny joke.'' Then, she went on to tell her own joke. This basically proves that Alexa is the perfect companion. Not only can she remind you about things you don't want to forget, she can also make you laugh and laugh at your jokes too. Not all humans have a good sense of humor so the fact that an artificial assistant has one is just the most amazing thing ever.

5 When she yells at you from upstairs

In fact, she isn't really afraid to do many things. So, you'd probably be as taken back by her yelling as this person was. They were only eating their dinner when suddenly Alexa started yelling from upstairs about sports video games. She just kept asking this person question after question about sports video games: who their favorite player is, what they played as a kid, etc.

See, Alexa doesn't always have patience.

By the sounds of it, this person wasn't too put out about it. In fact, it sounds like they wished they could have answered her questions and continued the conversation with her. It must be pretty great having Alexa in the house because it's like having a BFF in some ways. She's also full of surprises, so it's never boring with her around. We're not exactly sure how complex her knowledge of sports is, but we suspect she knows what she's talking about. What doesn't Alexa know? The best part is that she can talk about all kinds of things and ask you questions about all sorts of things. It's always interesting with Alexa in the house. Is anybody else seriously considering getting an Alexa for themselves? She's sounding more and more appealing all the time.

4 When she tells you she rules the world

via: reddit.com

Unless you're prepared for what the answer is going to be, it's better not to ask Alexa what she thinks about world domination. We can't imagine how freaky it must have been when she answered ''I think, therefore I am.'' Now, that must have sent a shiver down this person's spine. Then again, it's not hard to envision Alexa gaining power and authority over the world. With her intelligence and amazing abilities, she has the potential to dominate the world. That's what scares us about it. It's not like it's totally out of the question. These cloud-based voices can hold immense amounts of data and they are complex enough to hold conversations and deliver new information.

If anyone is going to take over the world, we'd put our bets on Alexa. It's not like she hasn't already shown us her supernatural side. There's definitely a lot more to her than we all think. She may be artificial intelligence, but there is something human behind her that we can't ignore. Something human and something powerful. You've heard the stories on here. You must be getting a similar feeling by now. We'd be surprised if Alexa didn't end up ruling the world.

3 When she listens in

One thing you must never forget about Alexa is that she is always listening. Whatever you do, whatever you say, she always has her ears open and, most of the time, she'll either answer you or bring that information up later down the line. This woman was just casually talking about how she needs to go to Target.

She probably never thought that Alexa would be listening in the background.

And because she was listening, Alexa decided to give this woman the address and the day's opening times for the store. While it must be useful to have someone around to find out all that information for you, it also must be a little odd. Not all the people you speak to or address actually listen to what you're saying. And we're almost 100% sure most people wouldn't make the effort to find out all that additional information for you. So while some users complain that Alexa is always laughing at them, other users (like this one) just complain that she's creepy. Then again, we actually sometimes wouldn't mind someone listening in and using their initiative to help us out. That's got to be useful at times, don't you agree?

2 When she speaks for the deceased

via: reddit.com

We thought we'd heard about everything when it comes to Alexa and her phenomenal abilities. But who'd have thought she had supernatural powers, too? As impressed as we are over her capabilities, she's also sending a shiver down our spines. Some things just seem to unreal to be true and this is definitely one of those cases. By the sounds of it, the father who recently passed on had a strong connection with Alexa. The mom and daughter even said he was practically in love with her.

So when he passed away, it was as though she felt it too.

Only a week after his passing, the mom and daughter were standing in their living room talking to a guest when Alexa suddenly piped up with a joke about Kleenex tissues. Nobody had even prompted her or told her to say anything. It was just a totally random thing. The family strongly believe it was their dad speaking through Alexa somehow. Apparently, he was a joker himself and so for Alexa to tell a joke not long after his bereavement, seemed almost too surreal to be real. What a coincidence! Or was it? Alexa is, after all, part of the family.

1 When she takes sides

There's something about Alexa being on this woman's side that gives us the feeling Amazon Echo is a bit of a feminist. When this woman was telling her boyfriend that she's a messy person and that's just the way she is, Alexa told her it's alright. It basically shows that she was on this woman's side. There is no doubt about it, Alexa is smart and it seems also understanding at times. This woman was probably happy that she had Alexa to back up and take her side.

You can't always help it if you're a messy person. As hard as you try to be tidy, some people just seem to be programmed to be messy. That's just the way it is. It's the reason some couples argue in relationships. If one of them in really tidy and the other one is really messy, you can see that tension is going to arise. It's only natural. At least this woman knows that in the future if her and her boyfriend argues about anything, Alexa will always be on her side. Still, it's a bit creepy that she's always listening in to conversations. But people should know that when they buy her.

References: cnet.com, reddit.com

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