HGTV Wins Rights To Restore Brady Bunch House 'To Its Former 1970s Glory'

The Hollywood bigwig who outbid former *NSYNC member Lance Bass for possession of the iconic Brady Bunch house has been revealed.

It is none other than HGTV! The Discovery Inc. owned network is up and ready to restore the famed television home to all of its former seventies glory.

As Discovery CEO David Zaslav noted earlier this week, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the home improvement channel has uber huge plans for the Studio City, California home located at 11222 Dilling Street. He added that most of the plans will definitely “speak to” a plethora of Brady Bunch fans all around the world.

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Used frequently for so many years in exterior shots on the beloved family sitcom, the almost 2,500-square-foot house, according to a listing on Zillow, was put up for sale at a whopping $1.89 million.

To this day, it not only remains a true Hollywood architectural icon but also proudly carries the title of being the second-most photographed home in the United States just behind the White House. Plus, it has two bedrooms, three bathrooms, and “generous entertaining spaces.”

An official description on selling agent Ernie Carswell’s website additionally reads that the “perfectly preserved” and delightfully decorated home features “one of the largest lots in the neighborhood — over 12,500 square feet,” with enormously lush lawns and backyard gardens that are private, quiet, and totally serene. It also bears “a unique street-to-river orientation” because the property borders the famed Los Angeles River.

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Talk about the ultimate dream home indeed! It’s probably why even bad boy Bass himself was so totally “heartbroken” after learning that he lost out on the house. He immediately took to social media to express his deep and utter disappointment.

According to the former *NSYNC member, he had actually been initially told that his offer had been the winning one and had truly been “super excited” – especially following initial concerns that the house might have been bought and torn down by developers.


As for now, it still remains unclear on what the network’s exact plans are for the beloved Sherwood Schwartz sitcom home, but be sure to expect something that will at least provide the public with some fabulously fun feelings – something just special enough to honor the marvelous “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.”

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