18 Hidden Areas We Never Found In Tony Hawk

No matter how times we played it, there were always new things waiting to be discovered, including unlockable characters and plenty of hidden areas.

Classic has a rather strong connotation to it and doesn't deserve to be a term thrown around loosely. When it comes to the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater games, however, it's more than fitting. For the kids who grew up around the turn of the century, THPS was not only a sick game, but a way of life. It inspired sales of real-life decks, stacks of merch, and made us all want to learn how to ollie (and probably comically fail at doing so)

It doesn't matter if you skated as Tony himself or preferred one of the lesser-likes of Bob Burnquist, Kareem Campbell, Rune Glifberg, Bucky Lasek, or Chad Muska, because the endless thrills of this game were unreal. No matter how times we played it, there were always new things waiting to be discovered, including unlockable characters and plenty of hidden areas.

18 Mullet Falls Hangar - Get to the chopper!

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Over in the Mullet Falls Hanger, take Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, Chad Muska, or whoever your skater of choice might by over to the helicopter. If you can grind the blades, the chopper takes off, without a pilot! This will open up a secret area behind the chopper that's full of skating opportunities and a bit of cash.

17 School 2 Southern Cali - hidden money on the roof

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There are actually a few hidden gems over in THPS2's Southern California school map. One of those is full to the brim with hidden cash - so, how do we money-hungry gamers actually find it?  Well, find the quarterpipe with the K of skate on it and make sure to get a lot of sweet air. When you land, head down the brown ramp and ollie from the planter to the roof, and then again to the next roof.  Cha-ching! You've found the cash.

16 Marseille, France - knock down the lamp

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Over in the baguette-crunching, beret-wearing, skate-tastic land of Marseille, France, there's another sneaky hidden gem that only the most deserving (or, perhaps, lucky) of THPS2 players have uncovered. To find it, track down the stick holding up the lamp post - knock it down and you'll find the hidden area.

15 New York - ride the subway rails

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Over in the Big Apple, the Tony Hawk version of the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there's an undiscovered locale just waiting to be found. To get there, gamers need to catch all five of the subway tokens, then find the escalator, ascend it, then go down the subway rails. What is it exactly? Well, you'll just have to wait and see.

14 Venice Beach - look out for Venice Ledge

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Venice Beach in sunny California may be loaded with surf, sand, sun, and skaters, but there's also a sneaky secret area - you just need to know where to look. If you head to the quarterpipe with the spray can and the second homeless person, then ollie forward, you'll be transported to the secret Venice Ledge, which boasts a $100 bill for reward.

13 Philadelphia - Find Phillyside

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Over in the Tony Hawk's version of the City of Brotherly Love, there's a sneaky Phillyside area just begging to be found. So, how exactly do we do it? Well, when in Philly, find the telephone line that has the $50 bill on it and the letter E (of skate), and grind along it. If executed properly, you should wind up in Phillyside.

12 Bullring - more hidden money!

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This one isn't so much a sneakily hidden area, but a little bonus cash if you know what you're doing (or if you're an overly-talented fluker). Over at the Bullring, if you can head to the quarterpipe that tracks its perimeter and then ollie into the bullring, you'll see some gross stuff on the floor. Run over it and cha-ching, you'll be as rich as Tony himself.

11 Skate Heaven

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If you're down to check out Skate Heaven, then find "Time to feed the volcano" and grind on it - it's located on the roof behind the Tony Ramp. Although you'll probably be required to kick a few ollies and grinds until you get it right, if you can do it in exactly the right spot, with fly mode activated, you'll soar up into the volcano. Rad.

10 A KISS concert.

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In Tony Hawk Underground, if you can complete the story mode on normal difficulty, then you'll unlock Gene Simmons from KISS and the "Hotter than Hell" level. On that level, collecting the K-I-S-S letters once unlocks a video of a concert, and collecting them twice will unlock a live concert, long tongues, facepaint and all.

9 Hawaii - Getting Old-Skool Venice vibes

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In the Tony Hawk Underground installment, gamers can actually unlock some of the classic old-skool maps, they just have to be in the know. To get access to Old Skool Venice, skate through the Hawaii level and find the tiki statue. If you can jump into its mouth and ride down its throat tunnel to the end, you'll stumble across the item that unlocks Venice.

8 Moscow - Getting old-skool hanger vibes

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We've got ourselves another sneaky hack in Tony Hawk Underground. If you want to unlock an additional classic level - Hanger - head to Moscow and search for the brown building next to the tanks. If you can find where the building is connected to Chrismas lights, you'll be able to climb up to the ledge, grind on it, and then jump through a window. If all done correctly, you'll find an item inside that unlocks the old-skool Hanger level.

7 Jersey - Getting old-skool School II vibes

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As the third unlockable old-skool level (from THPS2) in Tony Hawk Underground, gamers can skate through the classic School II, with a touch of guidance to unlock it, of course. To get access, skate over to the train station in the New Jersey map, on the other side of the large bridge. As you're facing the brick wall, work up some speed and jump for the middle ramp to the wall to snatch the Icon.

6 Skater Island - pirate ship

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In Tony Hawk: Pro Skater 3, there's a Jack Sparrow-esque pirate ship over in Skater Island - but how exactly do we get to it? Well, once you've discovered where the pirate flag is, grind on it by ollieing from the side that isn't attached to the fence. Assuming it's all done correctly, you should find the ship with ease.

5 School II - hidden tape and cash

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There's a small area with a couple of caps over in the School II map with a pair of cash icons just waiting for you. To get to it, at the beginning of the level take a right and skate down the ramp. After hitting the quarter pipe to gain some speed, head down a wooden plank toward a little ramp. Ollie, then grind of one of the flags and you'll discover the secret tape!

4 Philadelphia - sneaky balcony

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While this Tony Hawk area isn't exactly hidden, it's allure comes from the fact that it's simply so tricky and annoying to actually get to. But as the saying goes, practice makes perfect - hold a grind on the banner at the start of the Philadelphia level, or try an ollie when grinding down the rails.

3 Marseille - cash room, cha-ching!

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Over in Marseilles, there's a little area behind a wall that's stacked to the brim with cash just waiting to be collected. However, it's not out there in the skaters' field of vision - it needs to be triggered. Skate around the grassy area until you skate over a piece of glass, then then a hole in the wall will appear and voila!

2 Zoo - Swim with the fishies

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In Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, a secret area within the popular zoo level awaits. Finding it requires moon gravity to be on and for Jango Fett to be the character of choice. Ride toward the bridge, away from the lion cage, then ollie and press left, right, X in the air to activate Jango's jet pack flames. If timed well, you'll land in the aquarium!

1 Alcatraz - Hidden halfpipes

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In the GameCube version of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, the Alcatraz level offers up a few hidden halfpipes, nestled away right under our noses. To get to them, go to the bulldozer location where there's a set of stairs. On the side of the downward stairs, there's a quarterpipe - if you can  Spine Transfer up it and you'll notice a couple of breakable glass windows, behind which are the secret halfpipes.

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