20 Hidden Locations No One Ever Found In Fortnite

Fortnite, everyone’s favorite multiplayer game, known for its Battle Royale mode, has taken the world by storm. Even the biggest multiplayer games have taken a backseat to this brawl for it all. With it being on every gaming platform imaginable, you can see why it has become one of the most popular games in years. From celebrities, YouTube personalities, and casual players alike – it has taken center stage as one of the go-to games over the past year.

With its seasons changing the game's mechanics, weapons, skins, daily and weekly challenges, collectibles, timed missions, and new locations on the map, it’s clear how this game can bring in new players, season after season. But with every new game, new mode, and new challenges comes secret locations. Here are 20 locations that you never found in Fortnite.

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20 Never Felt So Good To Be Dirty


You’ve struck gold when mining the main building in the junkyard of Paradise Palms. Consisting of a main building and piles of junk and scrapped cars, you'll find loot spread out among the rubble. Checking the grounds and tops of crushed cars will reveal a bevy of items for your collection. But to strike it big, enter the main building and go to town on the floor. Breaking through the floor will reveal a hidden undercroft with a chest and more loot.

19 Don't Be Salty In Salty Springs Underground Bunker

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All right, this gets tricky, but don't get salty. Entering a blue house on the grounds of Salty Springs and climbing into the attic will reveal loot and a shiny chest for you. Also check the basement as you’ll find ammo and more loot— but the real reason you’re here: the control room. Under the staircase on the second floor, destroying the junk under the staircase will reveal a hole in the floor.

Take a plunge in the hole and find ammo and loot on your way to a hidden control room. Once in, snag yourself that sweet, sweet loot and chest, and pat yourself on the back for this one.

18 Snobs Need Not Apply At Snobby Shores Underground Shelter

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Heading south in Snobby Shores, you’ll find a modern looking home. Entering the wide-open home, search the home for some useful loot. As you search, you may find that you are familiar with the location.

That’s okay, Epic games has changed this area and added something sweet. Enter the bedroom and locate the armorer in the corner of the room. Break through and enter the secret door hidden behind it. Here, you’ll find a doomsday bunker full of bountiful booty for you to loot.

17 I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghosts


This area was never a fan favorite, as in the earlier seasons, there was little to no reason to go there. But Epic has recognized this and turned this place into a goldmine. Make your way west on the map to get to Haunted Hills.

This location is filled with ammo, break-way floors, and chests. Make your way into the church and search it from top to bottom. In the basement, break through its floor to discover a hidden chest right under your feet. It pays to swing a heavy pickax.

16 No New York Rats In This Subway Tunnel


It’s easy to assume that, in Fortnite, every inch of the map will be used to hide good loot, and you’d be right. Deep within a tunnel in Tomato Town, you’ll find what you’ve been looking for.

Be careful, as enemies might also set traps by digging up the steps. Head down the tunnel and break down the two walls behind a dilapidated car. You’ll find a minimum of two chests and ammo just waiting to be snagged.

15 Looks Like Even Superheroes Are Rich


Who would of thought that there’d be loot in a mansion? Uh, everyone! That’s right, the main mansion on the east side of the map is a great place to find ammo, loot, and other necessities, but if those walls could talk, they’d tell you where its secrets were hidden.

Simply go through the front door of the mansion and to the staircase on the right. Destroy the bookcase next to the steps and make your way down. Not only is this a cool spot to bag some loot, but its also a secret hideout for superheroes. Maybe see what Batman has hiding in his utility belt.

14 Where Else Would You Expect Bad Guys To Live?


You may have been wondering, if there’s a hero’s hideout, wouldn’t there be an evil lair where all the dastardly deeds are thought up and planned?

Duh, of course. Head on over to the northern mountains of Snobby Shore and look out for a large structure sitting alone. Inside, you’ll find all types of evilness, from missiles, evil flags, and even the cars of the evil doers.

13 A Trip Back In Time


This one may be a bit of a head scratcher, but hey, we all love Easter eggs in games. What’s so special about this one is that you could easily walk through it or past it and never know what you’ve just missed.

Just east of Greasy Grove and South of Snobby Shores, you’ll find a battered shack, barely standing. If you build a ramp or find a way top stand just above the house, you’ll find a massive, dino-footprint. Does this mean there we will see the believed to be extinct species in seasons to come? I don't know, but your name better not be Dr. Ian Malcolm.

12 Extinction Level Event

Fortnite newz.co

Those of us who stayed far away from the fiery meteor because we thought it might just burn us alive were wrong. There’s plenty to see on the face of this planet crushing rock, and beneath its rocky surface.

Exploring the surface, you’ll find chests and other items to loot. But that’s not all. On the slopes of the northwest side, in a crevice of the meteor, you’ll find some floor loot and even the old capsule that you may have seen at the center of dusty divot. Leave it to Epic to bring the world of Fortnite full circle for us.

11 Maybe There Is A Story To Fortnite

reddit.com (u/Trioxin33)

Some say this is a reference to Season four’s rocket launch. I say it’s just a big bucket of water shaped like a rocket. Either way, it’s cool to see Epic connecting the seasons together. To see this amazingly detailed pond, skip your way over to Neo Tilted, just south of Loot Lake. Make sure you toss in a penny for good luck.

10 Looks Like You'll Miss This Ride


The sky looks a bit less crowded these days. You may have noticed that those Dyson-like wind turbines are missing in the center of the map. No more shooting missiles into them just to watch them go round-and-round. At least at this location. Epic has shaken up the world a tad bit. The main slipstream rings of the map have been removed completely, leaving behind select rings in the small towns around the map.

With such a game-mechanic change-up, many players will have to rethink how to traverse the world and use the stream as a tactical advantage.

9 Not Even Time Stands A Chance Here

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Time appears to have halted at this location. Maybe it has to do with the “somewhat” non-existent story. Nevertheless, there’s some great look in the area. Smashing cars and rubble will expose chests and many other items of great need.

Be warned, because time is slowed in the bubble, traversing the area will take more time. What’s even better about this location is that, stepping into the rift will teleport you high in the sky for you to glide you way back down, but at normal speed.

8 Keen Eye For The Adventurous Guy


For many of us hoarders and collectors, we love to snag the latest and greatest items in-game. In Season 10, there are new Fortbytes hidden in every nook and cranny of the game. Hustle your way to Lonely Lodge, just north of Paradise Palms, and hug the western edge of the town.

Inside a small hut, you’ll find one of Season ten’s Fortbytes. For the sake of ease, peering through the windows of huts makes it easier to spot. Sometimes it pays to be a peeper.

7 We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat


In the past seasons, we’ve come to find many wooden structures taking the shapes of rabbits, crabs, and now a whale. Head north-east on the map to a discolored area that looks a bit burned and discolored. In the middle of the small lake, like Noah’s ark, you’ll find another wooden animal. I’m pretty sure it tastes nothing like the gold fish from the supermarket.

6 Bag 'Em and Tag 'Em


When playing a game like Fortnite, one likes to stand out, get the upper hand, and do so while looking stylishly cool. A good way to do this is by completing the Spray & Pay objectives in Battle Royale mode. Now that it’s unlocked, grab your spray can and getta’ taggin.’

Searching Pleasant Park, South Pleasant Park, West of Tilted Town, Salty Springs, North of Lucky Landing, and South East of Fatal Fields will net you some sweet cosmetics and more.

5 Pack Your Snow Gear, We're Heading South


This location has started a lot of rumors since the meteor hit it a few seasons ago, causing the ice around the castle to melt. Heading west into frozen tundra, you’ll find a castle on Polar Peak. You’ll find that the ice continues to crack around it, but why? Rumor is, with the time orbs now in play, a monstrous being may be making his return.

4 A Door That Leads Nowhere... Yet


Who isn’t intrigued by a mysterious door in the middle of the woods? Especially in Fortnite— who knows what hides behind it? Well, that’s why you’re going to find it. Head to Wailing Woods, just north of Lovely Lodge. Between some trees, you will find the hatch. But how do you open it, and what’s inside?

3 Shop 'Till You Drop


Remember when hanging at the mall was the cool thing to do? When packing into a hot, smelly arcade on a Friday night meant you had something to do? Regardless, head on over to the Mega Mall to find some amazing stores that have nothing to do with the game but have great humor in their name. Stores like, ‘Sew What’ and ‘Totally Tunage’ litter the emporium.

2 Things Have Never Looked Stranger


Visiting the Mega Mall, you'll find some strange things happening all around you. If you’re anything like me, anything that has to do with the Stranger Things series, you’ll take. Head on over to everyone’s favorite ice cream shop. You know, the one from Stranger Things, and find yourself a golden chest in the back room. Snag yourself a scoop of cow patty ice cream while you’re at it.

1 I Don't Think This Came From Build-A-Bear


For many seasons, we’ve found small gestures of love and kindness spread around the map in the form of a brown, huggable Teddy. I guess as a sentimental gesture, Epic games has given us the daddy of all gifts.

Head North-West in the desert of Paradise Palms and keep an eye out for a massive  box sitting atop a sand dune. Crack that bad-boy open to reveal a gigantic Teddy for you to smash to pieces – like everything else in the game, to reveal a golden chest, or you can simply marvel at its size.

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