High School Couple’s Prom Pictures Photobombed By Zombies

Zombie photo bomb

In a hilariously unique moment, blood-covered zombies photobombed a couple's high school prom photo shoot in Senoia, Georgia.

Recently, across the city and surrounding suburbs, a myriad of high school students  have been seen swarming to local parks and other scenic locations, hoping to immortalize the memories of their prom. Two of these high schoolers, elegantly dressed in evening wear, were having their photos taken when a group of zombie performers, who looked like they were coming straight out of the TV show The Walking Dead, walked by.

'They walked directly in front of the camera,' said photographer Stephanie Smith to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 'I kept shooting because it was so funny.'

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The pictures were being taken in the town, which actually doubles as Alexandria, Virginia where The Walking Dead is set. Smith was aware of this, and even said she had tried to carefully avoid any shots that faced the elements the show’s production had built for filming: “Senoia is a really popular place to take photos because it’s a pretty, almost Victorian-like town. I was actually trying not to get the [‘Walking Dead’] set in there because we wanted a pretty background.”

zombie photobomb
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Smith ended up sharing the photos on her Facebook page. She estimated as many as 15 to 20 zombies crept behind the prom photo shoot. However, the zombies weren't extras or actors on the hit TV show but performers who work in the town as part of Senoia's new zombie-themed tourist industry. According to Smith, the zombies did not break character even once and added that "they were playing around because they saw me shooting and walked right in front of me.”

'They circled back around a second time and we were like, "OK, we get it," Smith told Good Morning America. She explains that she kept clicking her camera because she thought the photos would be a funny memento for the students, a sophomore and junior at a high school in nearby Fayetteville, Georgia.

Season 9 of the American post-apocalyptic horror television series is currently airing on AMC and has been recently renewed for a 10th season.

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