High School Seniors Shovel Neighbour's Driveway At 4:30 a.m. To Get Her To Her Dialysis Appointment

A group of senior high school students volunteered to shovel their neighbour’s driveway early in the morning so that she can get to her dialysis appointment without delay. The “snow angels” went viral on Twitter when their father tweeted photos of them, and Twitter users’ hearts were warmed due to this story despite the cold of the winter.

Dialysis is a vital process needed by those who no longer have properly-functioning kidneys. It’s usually required once a patient loses about 85 to 90% of their working kidneys. The procedure of dialysis does what the kidneys should be doing through external processes: removing waste, salt, and extra water; controlling blood pressure; and keeping a certain level of essential chemicals in the blood like potassium. Usually, a patient will have to undergo dialysis three times a week for about four hours at a time. A missed appointment could have some dire consequences.

Luckily for Natalie Blair, she has some healthy and kind neighbours who are willing to shovel her driveway after a snowstorm. Patrick Lanigan and his four friends (Justin, Chris, Tyler, and Amon) shovelled Blair’s driveway at 4:30 in the morning to make sure the path was clear for her to safely get to her dialysis appointment. Lanigan’s older brother, Brian, would usually clear their neighbour’s driveway, but he was on shift as a local EMT during that time. The brothers’ proud father, Peter, gladly shared a photo of the snow angels on Twitter to show his appreciation for them.

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Patrick also serves as a “peer buddy” at a school—teaching others about the autism spectrum. The boys truly have a big heart, and they’re glad to just help out. Patrick said he was humbled by all the attention his father’s tweet got, but he was just happy to help his neighbour get to her appointment on time.

Via: Pexels, Kue Lee

Shovelling a driveway for someone else may seem like something trivial, but the high school students’ act of kindness potentially saved a neighbour’s life. Blair didn’t have to worry about being late for a life-saving appointment all thanks to some big-hearted high school students. It goes to show that even with just some elbow grease and an alarm clock, you can make an impact on others’ lives.

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