High School Students Build Power Wheelchair for 2-Year-Old Boy In Need

High school students have come to the aid of a disabled 2-year-old boy by building him his very own motorized scooter.

According to the Good News Network, Cillian Jackson has a genetic defect that impacts his motor functions, leaving him unable to move around by himself. The toddler previously relied on his parents to either carry him or push him in a stroller, but Tyler Jackson and his wife wanted to give their son more freedom.

They began looking into motorized wheelchairs, which seemed like the perfect solution. However, the couple was left downcast when their insurance wouldn't cover the cost as Cillian was deemed too young. In a lightbulb moment, Tyler decided to reach out to the robotics department at Farmington High School in Minnesota. As an Alum, Tyler knew the school well and thought they may be able to help.


It wasn't long before a group of kindhearted students in The Rogue Robotics team learned of the Jackson family and Cillian's dilemma. They didn't hesitate in getting to work, pouring in hours of their own time after classes to put together something truly magical. The award-winning group took a Power Wheels riding toy bought by Cillian's parents and made it the heart of the youngster's new ride.

By adding a more functional joystick and re-wiring the device, they were able to create a fly new set of wheels for Cillian. For safety, they inserted a child's bicycle seat complete with straps and safety bumpers. The result was better than Cillian or his parents could've ever imagined, and cost just a fraction of the price of store-bought models.

The Jackson family couldn't thank the high school students enough. Now little Cillian has the freedom to control his own movement. Despite having won numerous awards at competitions, the teenagers have all agreed that this is their biggest victory to date. We bet Cillian feels the same way.

You can watch the full story in the video above from KARE11. It's worth every moment of your time - and then some! It just goes to show how much of a difference a little kindness makes.

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