High School Students Are Using Cupcakes For Big College-Decision Reveals

High school students are now turning to sweet confections in order to help reveal their college choices. Welcome to Cupcake U, the newest trend among the college-bound set!

In a time when documenting everything from eating breakfast to bedtime routines is popular with the Generation Z crowd, why leave college reveals out of the mix? With expectant parents getting competitively creative in order to attain viral status with their gender reveal videos, it seems only natural that even those who aren't expecting a tiny human would also want in on the excitement.

According to Pure Wow, several high school students have recently started a college reveal trend that sends them (or their supportive mothers) into the kitchen for some good old-fashioned baking. Going to college is exciting stuff so why not add some extra delicious fun into it? It seems to be that the only purpose of whipping up a cupcake college reveal is for those Instagram stories or YouTube likes but it would definitely work for a family party as well.


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The reveal can work in a couple of different ways. The baker can bake individual food-safe letters spelling out the name of the chosen university into the cupcake, as one YouTuber chose to do. Since so many universities share their color combos, even if you wanted to decorate the cupcakes with the collegial colors, it shouldn't be a giveaway until after everyone tears into their tiny treat, reveals the letter hidden within and the entire puzzle is solved.

Now, we won't lie to you. College cupcake reveals do not seem to hold the same excitement and wonder as gender reveals (unless, of course, the one revealing their choice of college is your baby) but they are cute and fun nonetheless.

That being said, in all fairness to the college cupcake reveal, it is an entirely different circumstance than a baby gender reveal. After all, the guest of honor, in this case, has already chosen their college of choice while expectant parents don't have the power of choosing the gender of their baby. The cupcake reveal is ALL about surprising your party guests or online followers/viewers.

via: youtube.com


A much simpler (and perhaps less fun) reveal idea is to bake as many cupcakes as the student was accepted into and either decorate the individual cakes with the appropriate colors, names or both (it would be fairly easy and fun to create tiny banners to stick into the cupcakes using cardstock, markers, and popsicle sticks). Then, all the student has to do is move each cupcake aside until the chosen college is standing alone. If the cupcake reveal is being done at a party, it would be fun to let the guests have a chance to cast their vote before the reveal is done.

Can you think of another way to incorporate the college cupcake reveal? What would you do? Let us know in the comments!

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